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Peter Chrisp
Writer and James Joyce obsessive, living in Brighton, UK
Writer and James Joyce obsessive, living in Brighton, UK

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Travesties: The Henry Carr Trouser Saga
Joyce lovers have an absolute treat on offer right now in the West End of London. Yer man hims elf is being beautifull y brought to life by the Dublin actor Peter McDonald (right), who looks like a more handsome ver si on of Joyce. This is Patrick Marber's ...

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A damn good one about comets' tails
' To me, this ch apter of Ulysses has been a substantial part of the novel's attraction. I love the movement of the characters around the city. I love that
Joyce put actual people in actual places. I love the ordinary momentum
of an ordinary afternoon. An...

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Frank Delaney
  The final episode Like Joyceans everywhere, I was shocked and saddened to learn yesterday of the sudden death of Frank Delaney. Since 2010, his weekly Ulysses podcast has been our regular Saturday morning lie-in listening. After seven years, Frank was alm...

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Last Memories of Joyce
Here's another quotation from Nino Frank, describing the last bleak period in Joyce's life: Joyce in 1938 by Gisele Freund 'Harnessed
to an inhuman task, this man had been leading an hallucinatory and
raw-nerved life for a long time. By a supreme effort d...

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Anna Livia Plurabella Part 2
The story of the Italian translation of Anna Livia Plurabelle has a villain – the journalist Ettore Settanni, who stole the co-authorship credit from Nino Frank and mutilated the text.   'Settanni writes me from Capri that he thought it well to soften certa...

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The Italian Anna Livia Plurabelle
Edna O'Brien has a lovely piece in the Guardian about 'Anna Livia Plurabelle' , which Faber is republishing this week in book form. Joyce was more proud of this chapter than any other part of Finnegans Wake . He made a recording of its final pages , publish...

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Waywords and Meansigns Strikes Again!
'It ' s all so simple. If anyone doesn't understand a passage, all he need do is read it aloud.'   Joyce to Claude Sykes (recalled in a 1954 interview with Richard Ellmann) ' It's
often said Finnegans Wake is a book for the ear but it's also a book for the...

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The Joyce Trail in Pula
C ont i nuing the Joyce trail in Istria , which we visited last Sep tember ... From Trieste, we travelled by bus south to Pula in Croatia, where Joyce lived from 1904-5. He hated Pula , then called Pola, describing it as 'a back-of-God-speed place - a

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Clive Hart
Clive Hart from flickr I was s ad to learn recently that the great Joycean Clive Hart died this summer. There's a beautifully written tribute to him by his stepson, the anthro pologist, Jed Steve nson , on his blog . He writes that Hart ' had one of the mos...

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The Joyce Trail in Trieste Part 4: Looking for the Beach at Fontana
Here's a photograph of Joyce with his son Giorgio from Joyce Images (edited by Bob Cato and Greg Vitiello).  It was taken in 1914, the year that Joyce wrote a poem about taking Giorgio to the beach in Trieste. On the Beach at Fontana Wind whines and whines ...
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