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Laura Cosgrove Lorenzana
Bringing the world of Archives & Genealogy together in The Archivist's Notebook
Bringing the world of Archives & Genealogy together in The Archivist's Notebook

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Amazing Archives Search Resource: ArchiveGrid
There are so many wonderful repositories that hold primary material; material that you'd otherwise might never get to see or use in your research. One of my favorite ways to track down new information is by looking for Archives in the area where I'm doing r...

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October is American Archives (and Family History) Month!!
Wait...What?! She's writing a blog post? Yes, I'm writing posts this month. Life has kept me so very busy that I haven't done any genealogical research for the last six months or so. I DID help a prospective DAR member with her application, which was quite ...

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Motivation Monday - Connections, Skills, Cousins and...?
What’s not to love about a Monday celebrating the Presidents
of our Great Country? Even though it’s REALLY cold and I have to go to work, it’s
still a great day. I woke up on the right side of the dirt. Heh. I have been really fortunate to be working on a n...

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Caribbean Genealogy Library Schedules Annual Membership Meeting

January in the Caribbean? And there's a cool program too? I'm putting this on my travel list for next year, but if you're in the neighborhood (St. Thomas) be sure to stop by!!

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"Priva partner Heatherose has completed the control system for the recently extended Nottinghamshire Archives building using Priva Blue to control the indoor climate within strict tolerances to preserve historic documents dating back centuries..."

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Blog Caroling 2015: The Boar's Head Carol
Thanks to Pat Richley-Erickson for posting to the Friends of fM page: "THE GREAT BLOG CAROLING SONGBOOK - December 2015. Our beloved colleague and editor/publisher of Shades of the Departed, the divine fM, came up with the marvelous idea on a winter's eve, ...

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Wordless Wednesday - Agnes Doecker Wersel (1845 - 1882)
Agnes Doecker Wersel c. 1864 (1845 - 1882) Courtesy Collection of Carrie Farmer

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Sentimental Sunday – Saviors of “The Stuff”
On this nearly last day of November, I feel compelled to
ensure that thanks goes where thanks belongs. That means that I say a heartfelt
“thank you” to Steve and Nancy Baer (Strubbe). Nan, as she was known to her friends, lovingly kept family
materials give...
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