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I've seen a couple of these Wordpress LMS type developments recently the other one is at
I think I may have said this before but couldn't a few of us in the UK using Wordpress as an alternative to the more traditional VLEs work together to get some JISC funding to develop some useful WP educational plugins and functionality?
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Lincoln Uni have done a lot in this area with things like jiscpress (commentable documents) and bebop which is building on the existing wordpress social add-in (buddypress). Then you've got people like Dumfries and Galloway using WP as an e-Portfolio platform, Jim Groom using it as some of the infrastructure behind ds106 and the list goes on...

There is a jiscmail wordpress list (very quiet) where you might marshal some more troops to batter down the funder's doors?
Thanks for this Mark, I know about the work at Lincoln etc and Jim Groom was part of the inspiration for our initial work with Wordpress.
As you say the JISC mailing list is very quiet.  Maybe I should send a note round to see if there'd be interest in an event to show case what people are doing with Wordpress in the UK and perhaps a hack day.  Wonder if we could invite Jim Groom over as a keynote!
Hello. You're right, I certainly would be interested :-) Sure they'd be interest in the education community too and no shortage of stuff to showcase and explore. Just the logistics of event organisation to contend with. Happy to help out if this does look like going anywhere.
Super.  I've got experience of organising events the key I think is to see if we could get funding and that's what I have less knowledge of.  Any ideas of who we could approach to try and sell the idea and see if they might bite at it?
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