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Craig Barker
Just your average, run-of-the-mill, married 35 year-old suburbanite father of one, tied to the 90s and stuck somewhere between Gen X and Gen Y.
Just your average, run-of-the-mill, married 35 year-old suburbanite father of one, tied to the 90s and stuck somewhere between Gen X and Gen Y.

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Photo by Michael Caples/MiHockey Roughly ten years ago, as I was writing this post , I told Geoff that I did not know what I was going to do when it was time to do the same for Red.  I suspected it would come along sooner rather than later, but like so many...

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Moe Weasley, No Problems
Let's go, Moe!  ( AP Photo/Tony Ding ) As many of you know, I am not, first and foremost, a basketball fan.  It's not that I don't enjoy it, as much as it's just not my favorite sport.  But my son loves it.  He started playing this year, and his love for th...

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Let That Be Your Last Battlefield
All aboard the Chris Evans hype train.  Human Torch indeed. (Credit: AP / Lynne Sladky ) Having a McCray Day! ( Credit: AP / Alan Diaz ) They could have quit.  They could have packed it in, failed to make adjustments (looking at you, 2007 Rose Bowl ).  But ...

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I'm moving forward because there's only two choices: wallow in bitterness or accept the whims of cruel fate and hope the universe sees fit to balance them out in the long run. But it is better to take action than just to say you're moving forward.  Thankful...

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Wrongs Darker Then Death or Night
Hope dies last.   (Credit: Getty Images / Gregory Shamus) In retrospect, they should have gone for two.  Speight wanted it.  It would have met with widespread approbation, win or lose, like a similar decision three years ago .  The defense was gassed becaus...

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Cold Front
A beautiful sight, we're happy tonight... (Photo by Isaiah Hole ) Chaos, we must be reminded, disguises itself as normal, but just ever so askew.  It does not walk up to you as a manic street preacher, foretelling the end times and calling for your repentan...

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All Good Things...
And now, a symbolic moment from the evening's proceedings.  (Credit: AP / Charlie Neibergall) There's no great lesson in this one, because this is, virtually, a textbook loss.  So I suppose that it is ironic, that there is no lesson.  Michigan had any numbe...

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Concerning Flight
They just spent like two or three weeks out the country  / Them boys up to something, they just not just bluffing (AP Photo) It is joyful.  It may not be joyful in the future, there may be rough sledding yet to come.  Joyful does not mean perfect, there are...

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Heart of Glory
And every Michigan fan exhaled.  Finally. ( Michigan Athletics ) I wanted to believe.  I wanted to tell myself that the numbers were right and I was being needlessly scarred by the waning seconds of last year's game and that the computers had everything sor...

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The Homecoming
One of the many heads of Michigan's running back hydra.  No, not that Hyrda.  Even if we share the whole "Hail" thing. ( AP/ Tony Ding ) Some random notes from the second half of a blowout win. Issue #1: Why isn't Illinois better at football? Illinois is 4t...
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