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Beautiful story.

“Shirley Johnson, my high school sweetheart, has forever been the love of my life. During my seven years as a POW in Hanoi, Vietnam, she never once gave up on me. She never stopped caring, praying, and loving. Her courage and strength held my family together in some of the darkest days of our lives. Some people have called me an American hero, but all I can say, is that Shirley is the real hero. My beautiful wife truly is my better half, and I am just as in love with her today as I was when I first married her nearly 63 years ago.”
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Dear Everyone Who Sends Me 50 "So & So Has Shared A Post With You" Notifications A Day:
Google+ Etiquette

If you're new to Google+, understanding what people would and would not prefer that you do is a good place to start! These aren't rules - just tips and ideas to help you get the most out of your account and time and relationships.

#GooglePlus #GooglePlusTips
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Stephen Kruiser

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Nuke 'em all. NOW.
Are you guilty of any of these?
We asked 12 entrepreneurs which website features small businesses should avoid (or get rid of) at all costs.
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Stephen Kruiser

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I live and die with Yahoo Fantasy Football.
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Stephen Kruiser

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This one I don't get. One of the most boring things I saw on television last year. I gave up after four episodes when there still wasn't a single character I cared about one way or the other.

Netflix Reveals 'Orange Is the New Black' Season 2 Premiere Date
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You made it one episode further than I did.
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Stephen Kruiser

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This is an interesting take on the Ezra Klein-to-Volokh switch by WaPo from my buddy James Poulos: 
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Poulos nailed it. Wham!
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  • Stand-up. Writing. Politics. Perhaps some attention needs. Look out your window.
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