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Marie Southard Ospina
Manchester-based journalist, fashion blogger and lover of cream cheese.
Manchester-based journalist, fashion blogger and lover of cream cheese.

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How I Got My Incredible Post Baby Body
Almost six months ago, I had a baby. A little girl called Luna. Her embryonic existence went undetected throughout the first five months of pregnancy , largely because I'd been hearing all about my sterility for over a decade beforehand. My Polycystic Ovari...

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Ready To Stare x Migg Mag: The Importance Of Fat Friendship
My first best friend was fat. We met in the fourth grade, and I still wonder whether we would've clicked as much had our body types not given us something to relate to one another with straight off the bat. Two young women who'd later become some of my clos...

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Time, As A Symptom
I've been finding it difficult to "dress up" as of late. Not even dress up, per se. Just getting dressed in anything that isn't leggings, a striped tee, and my go-to Dr. Marten boots can feel like a challenge. This isn't particularly unusual for me. If ever...

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Standing In The Way Of Control
Musician and designer Beth Ditto was one of the first fat women I ever saw naked besides myself. Her now-legendary covers for NME and LOVE Magazine presented me, and who knows how many others, with images of an unapologetic fat babe who wasn’t ashamed of he...

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There You Stood On The Edge Of Your Feather, Expecting To Fly
As someone who loves glitter, sequins, trippy prints, and a good slogan T-shirt , "basics" have always translated to "boring" in my mind. I mean, why would you wear a plain denim dress when you could wear an all-over sequin jumpsuit? But since working full ...

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I Don't Know What We're Afraid Of Now
For most of 2015, I neglected this blog; my little corner of the Internet, but I'm hoping to jump back in, if that's cool. Late in 2015, I sat in a body positive panel with Ushshi of Dress Carcass . There, she urged the audience to remember that their dolla...

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My Poetry Was Lousy You Said
I remember browsing the "husky" section as a kid, and the "women's" (rather than "ladies" — make what assumptions you will about that choice in labeling) section as a teen, and always being met by absolute drab. Everywhere I turned there were baggy, bootcut...

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Rows And Flows Of Angel Hair And Ice Cream Castles In The Air
As a lot of you probably know by now, I've been a huge supporter of Unique Vintage's #IAmUnique Campaign since the brand first started working on it. The simple message that uniqueness is cause for celebration rather than scorn is one I try to live by in my...

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Monif C. Beach Chic Blogger Giveaway
If there's a rare fine in the world of plus-size swimwear, it's a bathing suit that's mean to support your curves without hiding them. By that I mean, something that isn't designed with the idea of "slimming down fat girls," but rather, giving their bodies ...

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If I Fall In Love To The Sound Of Birds On The Wing
Everyone has different ways of dealing with things, and subsequently, everyone's "journey" (for lack of a less cheesy word) when it comes to body positivity will be different. It's never easy, but it's also never the same. Since Unique Vintage launched its ...
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