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Have things changed for Indian migrant workers since the 19th century?
When I wrote this essay for my module SN2277 Indian Communities in Southeast Asia, I knew I wanted to share it at the end after being graded for it. It was one of the rare times in my NUS education where I could write on a topic I was passionate about. For ...

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DIY Ideas for an Organised Desk
With Christmas and New Year's just around the corner, you might be scrambling to come with some resolutions. The best way to do so is to pen down your wishes for the new year... unless you're having trouble finding that pen or paper.  So here are some easy ...

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five thousand
Can't really describe my current obsession with indie pop/rock/folk/country but I guess as long it's indie, I like it. Current fave song at the moment: Asaf Avidan - One day/Reckoning Song Here's the live version which you need to listen to a few times to l...

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For all those who wonder what a  hot, sexy cow  vegetarian eats. (Prepare to drool.) Baked potatoes and mushrooms with herbs - Cut your potatoes into wedges and season with salt, pepper and herbs like rosemary and parsley Home-cooked Tofu Curry Salad and ga...

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30 day challenge - Eating clean (Day 1)
For the next month, I'm gonna stop being a couch potato slob and gonna work towards my rock hard abs. HEH.  Exercise regime: Mon, Wed, Fri: Gym/Ab exercises/Toning Tues, Thurs, Sat: Cardio/5k runs Sunday: Rest day Food:  Strictly homecooked meals (No outsid...

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Be unforgettable.
Today I experienced being in a sports photo shoot where we had to do several cardio/yoga/kickboxing/bokwa poses. I truly respect the patience and hard work everyone had put in to getting the perfect shot and we shot the same pose 50-60 times. Honestly, I gr...

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Telling people you're vegetarian is like telling them you're a terrorist
When you say "I'm vegetarian" and people look at you as though you just told them you're a terrorist. Because turning vegetarian is akin to become Osama Bin Laden. As with all terrorists, your family and friends now become FBI/CIA agents that interrogate yo...

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an hour of optimism
Wide awake at 3AM, thinking to myself: Anything is possible.

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Happily ever after
A love that cries blood I want the fear to show What if If I was not yours Would you run Across a rocky path Grab my hand Tell me to stay For I'll never find better Don't buy me love Express it through par avion Sugar coat the words Let me hear, let me feel...
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