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Geoff Coalter
Photographer. Father. Flak. Gearhead.
Photographer. Father. Flak. Gearhead.


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The evolution of the site
Well, I'm just not commuting any more by car. I don't put nearly as many miles on my daily drivers, so its not really accurate to keep the site theme going. The time has come to take the blog in another direction. Stay tuned, as I have a new design and cont...

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Where'd you go?
I feel like I owe you an explanation because I haven't posted in a long time.  As of earlier this year, I stopped my insane commute, and traded the roads for the rails. Since moving my office location from New Jersey to midtown Manhattan, it's just not feas...

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The Other Winner of the Super Bowl
For marketing people like me, The Super Bowl truly is a big game of another sorts. Its the time to see the best and brightest of the advertising world (who have the budget) show off their creativity on a global stage. There's a ton of articles out there abo...

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Understanding Metro NY Traffic Acronyms and Abbreviations - Volume 1
Earlier this week, I’m driving up the NJTP, when I come
across one of those electronic billboards that relay messages and traffic
info which is occasionally correct. It mentioned road closures using the acronym “HRD”.  I consider
myself a pretty well-season...

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NYPD Traffic Enforcement Period now through Nov 22
The NYPD has announced an initiative to crack down on dangerous driving, including speeding, distracted driving and other infractions. The force has dedicated 12,000 hours to this program, which will run through November 22nd and will encompass all five bor...

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My next flip car: Project WRX
I did really well with the Project E46 flip car . so well in fact, that my wife is actually letting me do another one. This time around, I was gunning for a car I had always wanted; something fast, manual transmission, great in the snow, and the looks only ...

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Garmin Dash Cam 20 Review - Why doesn't everyone have one of these?
Of all the things Russia has given us, including vodka, ushankas
and oppressive human rights policies, I think my favorite thing is the Dashcam.
Due to rampant insurance fraud (or lack of insurance) on the Mad Max-esque roads of the Tundra, many Russians ha...

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the batte for the midsize sedan segment heats up
new altima vs civic

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Dropping My Car, And Then Regretting It
The mechanic at my tire place may
as well have just whispered a sweet sonnet in my ear when said to me "you
really need to get those shocks and struts replaced." I tried to hide my
smile, but it was no use.   Ask any real car
guy, when something's about to ...

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1200 Mile Desert Road Trip...In a Chevy Sonic Turbo
I participated in a press event for GMC as a photographer/representative for
my client. The trip was all about the new GMC Canyon. The participants were
bought to the back country of Southern Utah and St. George area to experience
the truck in a se...
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