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3D modelling and various RL crafts - jewelry making, beading, sewing, knitting, crocheting
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Nee Dadswell
Author, Artisan & Opensim creator
Writing & creating beautiful things are my passion, right after my kids and grandkids!

Currently I enjoy 3D modelling and creating for Opensim. Working on opening a grid with friends!

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I have 3 grown children and 6 amazing grandchildren. One book published so far and the second is in the works!
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I finally finished the bathroom with the tub I posted previously. His & hers with double shower & sinks. Even though the textures aren't as nice as in blender I am still happy with them. Especially the metallics :)
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+Chic Aeon I would love to have a bathroom this big in RL, lucky you but too bad about the floor and landlord!
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+Chic Aeon this is the outfit that I have been working on for males obviously, but once I am finished I will make some small adjustments and new textures for female as well. Nothing fancy really, just some dress pants with a belt and sweater.

I still have some work to do on the textures, but this was a test to make sure the rigging, fitting, etc. worked okay inworld before I do too much more. I'm happy with how they work so I will go back and work on the textures.

The belt won't be seen in most cases, but I did make it with kind of a buckle with a metal texture (brass, gold & silver) and the belt itself with a white leather texture. Easy for anyone to tint the leather to whatever color they want. So it is one cycles baked texture per object,  256 for the belt and 512 for the pant. The sweater is just a material as I have to do the texture for that.

The shoes and hair I made a while back but thought they would go nicely with this outfit. All fitted mesh, but also still a bit of work to do on the weighting in a couple of areas.

Definitely WIPs, but getting there little by little :)
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LOL thanks and with practice I can hopefully create some awesome outfits once I get all the details worked out :)
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Further to the post by +Chic Aeon re the UV grid in Cycles. Again, there may be a better way to do this, but this is one way I have found.

Create the new image and choose the grid as Chic posted. Then in the node editor set up the nodes as shown, using the 'grid' image as the Image Texture. You should then be able to see the grid on your model in Material view.
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I remember reading that somewhere as well +Serene Jewell but so far I haven't had to do that. For the actual texture I use Input>UVmap and choose the uv map for that material, but just for viewing the grid I found this way worked fine. I've seen it done other ways in tutorials as well but I couldn't get it to work, so after some playing around I got it to work for me this way. As with most things there must be various ways to do it I would imagine. Also in order to bake the textures you have to have the other Image Texture that is not attached and choose the image you created as in my video
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Outdoor kitchen project
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One thousand nine hundred and ninety eight - that is the year (1998) that 1stcom started helping clients. We've been around longer than 99% of the...
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Here's a little tip for those of you learning how to use Cycles render. I've been using it for a while, but I still have a lot to learn and sometimes the simplest thing can make a big difference.

A while back I made a short video for some that were trying to figure out how to bake one texture for an object with multiple materials. You can find it here

Now that I have been using Cycles for a while I think I have made some improvements lol. So I have been going through old files and trying to make them better.

I was working on this bathtub and kept getting lines in the tub texture (left side of second photo) and couldn't figure out how to get rid of them other than in a program like Gimp. That didn't work because I couldn't even see where they were, but I did figure out they were caused by how the pieces were broken up with I created the UV map that I baked the texture to.

So I went back and did something different. Normally for the 'combo' map, as +Chic Aeon has named it, I do a Smart Unwrap, which sometimes is not so smart, but works great for the most part. Because I was using a procedural texture rather than an image texture for this part, I had no need to create a separate UV map for this area and didn't really notice how it unwrapped on the main map. For probably the first time, I did something different and made an adjustment to that map. I left the rest of it as it was, but the tub part I highlighted and in top view (with no seams marked) I unwrapped it again just using Unwrap.

When I highlighted the entire object again I had to scale it down to fit on the UV map, then just packed the islands and rebaked. Although I'm sure it could still be better, I was much happier with the new texture.

I have kept all of my files from when I started learning Blender, which I  am really happy for now because I can just go back to them and apply what I have learned instead of having to create all kinds of new things from them.

So for anyone just learning, don't get discouraged, keep those files and know that somewhere down the road you will learn that one thing you don't know now that will improve your projects.
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+Chic Aeon I am glad that I have been able to help you or anyone else with any part of this. I kind of still find that hard to believe lol, but I know what you are referring too.

I also use mostly texture images, but for this it was just a diffuse & glossy node (and I did have to search my memory for the word 'procedural') I have been fortunate that along the way I have been able to collect some 'free' cycles materials and learn most of what I know from those. I can easily just append them into my file, but I usually end up making some adjustments to suit my needs. I did notice most of them are built on image textures however, so that would be the right track I think.

I'm not a big fan of 'plain' so I don't do it often, but I worried that if I used a pattern of any kind for the tub y'all might see how my head really works lol (and that did bring up some images in my head just now that made me LMAO) This tub is for a bathroom that I have been working on for a while. Not steadily of course. I thought I had it all done and it didn't look too bad. When I revisited it I noticed a lot of things with the textures that I didn't before, so a whole new baking process began. I will post a photo when I get it all together :)

I have also started creating my own material library by saving the file of materials/textures that I make myself so that I can re use them without doing the entire set up again. At some point in the future I can put together a library of them to share and pay it forward!
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For those of you that have been following posts by +Chic Aeon  regarding appended or imported objects and baking to a 'combo' map as she has named it. I did this with an appended object so it may or may not work the same with an imported object.

I did screen shots along the way, so the captions will tell you the steps I used in the workflow. I didn't have any issues with it as you will see in the final result. Note that this was just a test to see how it worked so I was not concerned with lighting or the actual texturing. Just the steps to create the 'combo' map.

For +Chic Aeon I'm not sure why it didn't work for you, but hopefully somewhere in here you may find a missed step or something that will give you the 'aha' moment ;)
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Oh great and I'm glad you got it to work +Chic Aeon

It's a boy! Healthy 8lb 10oz. My son's first, so he is amazed lol

It was a long, stressful labor that finally ended with a C section around 7 pm last night, so we were all glad that Mom and baby are good now :)
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Thanks for the invite! Great idea :)
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Oh thanks so much +Serene Jewell and I am happy to help out where I can, even though I am learning myself. I find video tutorials are most helpful to me, along with the great screen shots and explanations done by other. I have made huge steps in blender since finding these groups and sharing our knowledge :)
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So I was working on these pants and came across an issue that I actually had last weeks. When I baked the texture in cycles I ended up with big black spots on it. I know +Chic Aeon had a similar issue, but this turned out to be something different.

The first time it happened it took me a while and several WTFs lol, to figure it out. I thought I would share in case someone else has the same issue and so easy to solve I am kind of embarrassed that I let it happen twice :P

So the problem was that I had the lower part of the avatar hidden, so when the texture baked it created the black spots where the avatar poked through lol. Easy fix is to move delete the lower part, move to another layer, or any method you want to use so that it's not under the pants when baking :)

Once I deleted it the texture baked just fine
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yes well I have only really done clothing textures in blender render and it didn't seem to be a problem there, so it never occurred to me that it would in cycles lol

At least it didn't take too long to figure it out this time, not nearly as long as some issues I have had. Usually I do have the avatar on another layer, but this time for whatever reason, I had it showing with just the legs hidden

I agree clothing is a lot of work lol, but seeing as I am seamstress in RL I find it fun and rewarding when I can actually complete an outfit. TOTALLY different way of making clothes of course, but having a sewing background definitely helps with the uv mapping ;)
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