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Fun Guinea-Pig Cage Ideas!
Hi! how are all the other guinea-pig lovers out there? We have a very bitey, freezing wind at the moment, so I don't think my piggies are too happy, so I thought I'd have a quick search on the internet for some ideas! Mine aren't allowed inside (like to sle...

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Not to do with guinea-pigs, but adorable nonetheless!!!

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Piggy Photos!
Aren't these so cute???!!!! Love ~*Chantelle*~ P.S. Be sure to check out my other blogs! I will be posting some exciting news soon!

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Can it get any cuter?
Hi! how are you all going? I though I would post some photos that Rachael Hale took of some guinea-pigs. Rachael Hale is definitely my favourite animal photographer! I have two kitten posters, a dog poster, a horse poster and a rabbit poster in my room (I w...
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