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Trip was back in June but it was quite the memorable trip!  Love our family cross country treks!  :)

I need advice on what new computer I should get.
The most important issues are that it meet my perceived needs and have good longevity/durability and/or very easy to work with tech support because these darn things are always having one problem or another.
Here are my perceived needs:
1. Number keypad. I just like it and have missed not having one the past how many years with this current laptop.
2. CD/DVD player. I think they are being streamed out and everything going to those flashdrive USB port things - but I have a lot of old pictures burned onto CD's and occasionally I do end up with a new cd for downloading something or another. Oh - it should also have one of those ports to be able to pop in a card from a trail camera or phone or digital camera ....
3. I do use Microsoft Word more than I think I do and occasionally I use Excel and about once a year I use that Powerpoint for a slide show.
4. Obviously, I want speed and lots of memory and wireless and network capabilities.
5. I don't care about touch screen or all this new high tech stuff, but I do recognize that this is the way the world is going and anything else will become obsolete that much quicker. 
6. I don't like putting my personal stuff out on the internet but I DO like keeping my life tidy and organized using my computer/laptop.

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A friend shared this with me ... I want to thank you for taking the time to share these thoughts with the world.  You have woken up a very important part of who I am, or at least of who I use to be and have been missing.  I, too, have looked at the world through the eyes of your little "Asher" as a child and then tried to hang on to that as an adult but have faltered.  It's way too easy to get lost in the world today.  Thank you so much for reminding me of a very important part of what makes me who I am.
I don't care that it is negative 27 degrees outside right now ... I'm going to go out and soak up the sight of the snow covered pine trees and breath in the crisp clean air.  :)

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