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Never knew this!
Tinsel Town’s unexpected County Wicklow beginnings.    The Wicklow Gap is one of only two passes through the spectacular Wicklow mountains and, nestled in the heart of it, is a lovely little village called Hollywood. There are two theories on how it got its name. One points to the lush holly trees widespread in the...
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Oh so much more reason to go, Go! ♥ ✴

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I am shocked to read that someone stole the Sekhmet statue from the Goddess Temple in Nevada. 

To ensure her safe return, I offer this chant I wrote in her honor, to help a group of activists walk the desert to the Nevada Nuclear Test Site. 

Let's sing it together, in her honor:

Fire in our hearts
Fire in our minds
Fire burning at the core, keep us on our way.

We call the Holy Fire!
Dwell in us and inspire!

(Om, Sekhmet! Om, Sekhmet!)

I talk about the Temple and Sekhmet at around 11minutes and start the chant around 19 minutes in the following podcast:

May the Goddess Temple be blessed. May their work for peace continue. 

Hail Sekhmet! 
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Yeah so weird for sure!

Lisa Allen MH

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+Lisa Allen MH +Lisa Allen MH whheeeee! I hope you can be there too, you magical being, All we magical creatures will dance together. We will dance with gods.

Thanks bunches for the reshare! 

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Best quick reference to Cardinal Grand Cross...
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Lots of tension and change!
Cancer FREEDOM Bill!  #cancercure  
Mindfulness habits!
Mindfulness isn’t just sitting in meditation – we can bring our mindful awareness to what we are doing throughout our day.

I’ve compiled a list {organized by category, of course} of 40 ways you can bring #mindfulness to your days!

You can practice mindfulness while…
- drinking your coffee
- sitting at a red light
- playing with your kids
- brushing your teeth
And more!

Read now:
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Wehew, go Darcey of +Shamana Flora   Hope you go to Peru :-)

Lisa Allen MH

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Echinacea: Reclaiming this powerful plant 
Echinacea Botanical name: Echinacea angustifolia, E. purpurea, E. pallida Family: Asteraceae (Aster) Common names: purple coneflower, Rudbeckia, Kansas snakeroot, hedgehog, black sampson Parts used: whole ...
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Professionally, I am an Astrologer, Tarot Reader, Dowser, Psychic Timing Expert, Chakra Balancing Teacher, Intuitive Consultant, Energy Healer, and Flower Essence Creator/Practitioner. I became a Master Herbalist (MH), Universal Life Church (ULC) Reverend and Usui Reiki Master in 2007.  I am currently creating a membership website that emphasizes my best and most sought-after skill of PSYCHIC TIMING.  I am also an Author, published in over a dozen Llewellyn annuals, using the pen names AarTiana and Calantirniel, and co-founding the Elven Spiritual Path via JRR Tolkien's Silmarillion and other back-stories.  My latest learning adventure?  Enrolling in Homeopathic Training in Spring 2012!  I have crocheted headwear since 1997 through in my spare time (which isn't as much these days) :-)
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I completely believe that to be an effective healer, you need to travel a path of wounding which then leads to your own healing. Without this crucial step, one cannot have the deep wisdom and the compassion to then provide this for others.
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