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Fenix 2.0
I believe that we must begin to create a list of the things that we would like to see in this new version and then add it to Fenix Voice so Mattias can have those request in mind.

Medium size media Preview
Automatically Switch between day and night themes
Images support on DMs
Instagram previews
landscape mode
Activity tab for streams notification under a single tab
support Twitter Cards (If possible)

Sonar Static pitch sound

Several times I've tried to switch to sonar mode, but when in Sonar my device makes an strange 'sound', very very low but very percetible to my ear.

I would describe de sound like a little peak of static or something like that.

¿Its this normal? ¿can I turn it off?

Nexus 6P, Nougat 7.1.1 (but the issue isn't new).

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Fenix Development Pace

It's me or Fenix Development has become slower with every release. I remember the time that Fenix was releasing new updates every other week, these days If we receive one in a month we are lucky.

I know that Fenix is a mature app right now and need less attention but I also see a lot of activities here asking for some help.

So can you tell us something +Matteo Villa​ about it

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Weird behaviour in Fenix

First picture its from the official Twitter Client on Android.

The second picture its from Fenix, as you can see, my tweet isn't visible.

The third picture its my tweet in Fenix when I went to my profile.

I've tried this after close Fenix several times and the issue was there.

Why isn't Fenix showing me certain tweets?
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How to gift fenix to someone

So I'm trying to gift phoenix to someone, I tried configuring her account in my phone thinking that I could buy it after adding my credit cards but I can see her apps, but she can see mine.

I don't know if I can do the same on her phone, I mean configure my account, but in that case she wouldn't be able to buy the app as I already pay.

+Matteo Villa​ do you have a way to activate her account?

I would like to go the legal way of course.



Can be a history option implemented?
Sometimes as forget if I had downloaded certain torrent as I eliminated some after they finished so would be very handy to be able to see a history of what has been downloaded.


About picture upload

It's me or the Fenix picture upload is awful at best?, sometimes it works like a charm and sometimes the image never upload even if you stop Fenix altogether or even if you change from a network to another one?

I would like very much if @Matteo villa can improve this, if possible of course. Right now Fenix has been steady in performance and I know he's been working in the Material design so maybe this should be a priority too.

What do you think?

About the (maybe) new medals

From time to time I read discussions concerning new medals but for some unknown reason to me, I've hear about medals for the people who cares about Ingress as a better game, I mean, the people that usually reports wrong location, new images, invalid portals and so one.

I'm pretty sure if a medals like this would exist, more people would care to make Ingress an even better game.

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