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Announcing Xtralogic RDC Companion 2.3.1 release. The release fixes crash which happens in automatic proxy settings detection on a 64-bit system. It is available for download @
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Hi, I’ve spent certain amount of time looking for a solution to remote control my android TVbox from my android phone. The TVbox is connected to a plasma TV but also to the HiFi amplifier.  If I want to only play music in the TVbox through the HiFi system I have to connect the TV to see the android UI and use a remote keyboard to start the player, select songs or playlist and so on. I wanted to control the music player in the TVbox without the need to turn on the plasma TV, just using my smartphone like a remote controller that mirrors the TVbox screen. There are some VNC servers that you can install in the TVbox using a VNC viewer in the smartphone but you need to turn on the TV in order to configure the connection every time. So, those solutions do not work without turning on the TV. From time to time I look again for remote control apps for android and I’ve just found yours. If I have understand it, when configured the Simple Connect then you don’t need to configure the connection every time. Your product would be perfect for my purposes if you have a “RDC Companion” server that runs under android. There are more and more people using android TVbox and to my understanding this kind of easy solution does not exist, so you would have a good niche for your app.
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Windows 8 Multi-Touch remoting (a.k.a. Metro) is now supported. To use, switch to touchscreen mode while connecting to a Windows 8 server.
Also, in the 3.7.0 release:
-Fixed a bug which can lead to some rarely occurring app crashes while
processing screen updates.
-Streamlined touchinterface mode switching while in remote desktop session.
It is available for download on Google Play @ and on our website @
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Announcing Xtralogic RDC 3.7.1 release.
The release includes fix for non-working long press in Windows 8 multi-touch remoting.
It is available for download on Google Play @ and on our website @
No lugging your laptop around anymore. Connect remotely from an Android dev...
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Alan Ho
Would you Remote Desktop Client support Serial Port redirection? I understand that the core of RDC is FreeRDP that should support Serial Port already.  There are prolific pl2303 driver for android and therefore RDP with serial redirection is possible.
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Announcing Xtralogic RDC 3.6.2 release. The release includes the following changes:

-improved graphical performance
-fixed a crash when playing audio on some devices with limited audio capabilities

It is available for download on Google Play @ and on our website @
Xtralogic Remote Desktop app makes far away just one touch away.
Xtralogic Remote Desktop Client is a powerful tool for professionals on the go. See and control a computer's desktop across the Internet over wireless or Wi-Fi network using your Android powered mobile device.
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