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Back to Backpacking NZ without a program
After spending a couple of weeks preparing the Catamaran to be pulled out of the water we contacted some of our traveller friends that magically appears in NZ.  Been out of the boat with all our luggage to carry was quite a shock, also not having a program ...

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The Storm-riders and the Promised Land
Taking off with one month of advance on the cyclone season was a breaking heart decision considering how beautiful the Fiji island are, however the show must go on. Maybe the excitement or the good weather windows we will never know what made us leave witho...

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New specials at Botanical on Ryrie!

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Fifty Shade of Fidji
When the wind starts
blowing early in the morning, it's always chilly if you're the one
pulling the anchor outside. Anyway the feeling of freedom when the
boat is moving and the sun is taking his place in the sky is
priceless. The forecasts predicted

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Kingdom Of Tonga Sailing and Cooking
KINGDOM OF TONGA “where extraordinary
days just happen” I'd love to the describe
a great arriving at the Vava' u group of Tonga, but after an other
challenging crossing from Niue, we just arrived in the first
sheltered bay of the island and dropped the anch...

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Uziwaonboard Discovering Niue Island
Learning the geography of
the Pacific is a new discovery everyday. Islands just grow on our
charts like mushrooms in the woods. We left Mopelia on a non-wind
condition and motored for two days in direction of Palmerston. The
most southern island of the Cook...

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Maupiti & Mophelia the perfect unknown
After a week
of rough weather in Bora Bora, finally the Maramu (a typical strong
local wind) calms down and lets us sail to the close and mysterious
Maupiti. We heard about a heaven on earth, an isolated and preserved
paradise that very few people have the ...

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Huahine Surf - Summerfield of Raiatea - Tahaa Style - Raining in Bora Bora
It was hard to decide to
leave Moorea but in these days we would love to spend a month on
every corner we visit. On the other side we are always happy to see
something we just flow with the 14 knots wind that pushes
Lazy Jack along the 90Nm to Hua...

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Surfing Teahupoo - When Living the Dream is putting everything on the line
So many stories of surf
have been told on this blog. From Morocco to Australia, Indonesia to
Hawaii. I drove around Europe and traveled South America telling
about every fantastic swell I've been honored to surf. Now, after
we've crossed the Pacific Ocean w...
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