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Claude's Confession by Émile Zola
Is this book
really Zola’s most autobiographical novel? Maybe some of Zola’s hardcore fans
have been curious about this. From the biographies I have read in books,
introduction to Zola’s novels, or Wikipedia, I learned many similarities between
Zola’s early...

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Max Havelaar by Multatuli
Multatuli is
pseudonym of Eduard Douwes Dekker, a Dutch civil servant of The Netherlands
during its colonialism in Indonesia (then Dutch Indies) on 19 th century. He was an assistance resident in Lebak (the Bantam residency of
Java—now Banten) when he began...

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The House of Mirth: The Second Reading
Reading your
favorite book for the second time can sometimes be quite risky. You can end up
either liking it the more, or disliking it. Because on second reading, you
would be reading more thoroughly; examining the characters more closely,
analyzing and cal...

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I am Doing it Again: #Zoladdiction2017 on April
If you haven’t
been familiar with #Zoladdiction, it’s an addiction to any book by my favorite
author: Émile Zola. It’s actually an event—one perhaps call it “challenge”, but
if any Zola-ish thing could have been a challenge, NOT reading Zola is the real

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My 2nd Round of The Classics Club
Yayy… I
have successfully completed The Classics Club Part 1 (March 2012 – March
2017). It was really a huge commitment to read around 100 classics in five
years. When I started it, I kept asking myself, what if I lost my passion in
reading classics in the ...

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The Three Theban Plays: The Oedipus Cycle by Sophocles
For me, Greek
plays always have their own charms. Compared to Renaissance’s or any modern
plays, I find Greek’s is more intense in emotion. It always feels like I was in
a theatre watching the performance live. I have actually never done this, but
still…. I...

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Kafka’s The Metamorphosis (and other writings)
First of all, Penguin Classics should
put a subtitle “and other writings” after Metamorphosis for this edition. I have a habit of ignoring list of contents or notes, because
chapters/part titles often reveal the story plot. For me, curiosity is part of

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Back to the Classics 2017
After much
(and rather long) consideration, I have decided to participate again in Karen’s Back to the Classics 2017 . I have failed my 2015 challenge and skipped the
2016, due to my personal activities. This year I think I would have more time
to reading a...

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The Conquest of Plassans
masterpiece from Zola! One of those that blow your minds. The Conquest of Plassans follows the faiths
of Marthe Rougon (daughter of Pierre and Felicité Rougon in The Fortune of the Rougons ) and François
Mouret (son of Ursule Macquart and ...

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2017 Victorian Reading Challenge
You know how
I love challenges. I do. But lately I have so many things in life that I no
longer have time to write proper reviews for this blog as usual. I keep
reading, though not as much as I have expected. But the reviews are the most
challenging part ri...
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