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The Great Gatsby Readalong: Update #4
Chapter five – Gatsby’s offer to “pay”
Nick for his favor made me think that apart from his choice of getting rich,
Jay Gatsby is quite a nice person. He is very polite, hate of asking favor from
friends (his intricate ways in asking Nick to arrange meeting...

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The Great Gatsby Readalong: Update #3
Chapter four
and five are awesome! Chapter five, especially, as this is where Gatsby-Daisy
reunion took place. They are short, but hey!...there are so many interesting things
I want to share, that I decided to only pour out my thoughts on chapter four in

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The Earth by Émile Zola
Brutal and
violent! Zola is all out in this fifteenth novel of The Rougon Macquart cycle.
I can feel how Zola’s love for his land was woven into an intense and emotional
novel. And the blow! His crude way in telling the story really surprised me
this time—t...

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The Great Gatsby Readalong: Update #2
The last few
days having been hectic, and I didn’t have time to write about second chapter.
So, this time (and maybe until the end of this readalong) I will compile few
chapters in one post. Chapter 2 is
all about the green light and ash heaps (the valley o...

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The Great Gatsby Readalong: Update #1
I am
participating in this exciting readalong at Hamlette’s. It officially started
on June 1 st , but I have had an early start about ten days ago. It is
that I will be moving to a new apartment during June, so my reading pace might
be slower this month. An...

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My Personal Canon: Books I Love & Made Most Impact
Today is Indonesian
National Book Day, and to celebrate it, I want to do this new meme I have seen
in the book-blogosphere lately. I found it in o’s and Jillian’s , and decided to
publish mine. My Personal Canon means books that I love, and/or books that ma...

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A Super-Exciting Project: The Great Gatsby Readalong
Sorry for having
been silent for a few weeks. I have a delayed review of Zola’s The Earth for #Zoladdiction2017; which I
have read, have been quit shocked by its brutality, but nonetheless have liked
it; but still could not squeeze enough time and focus to ...

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Claude's Confession by Émile Zola
Is this book
really Zola’s most autobiographical novel? Maybe some of Zola’s hardcore fans
have been curious about this. From the biographies I have read in books,
introduction to Zola’s novels, or Wikipedia, I learned many similarities between
Zola’s early...

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Max Havelaar by Multatuli
Multatuli is
pseudonym of Eduard Douwes Dekker, a Dutch civil servant of The Netherlands
during its colonialism in Indonesia (then Dutch Indies) on 19 th century. He was an assistance resident in Lebak (the Bantam residency of
Java—now Banten) when he began...

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The House of Mirth: The Second Reading
Reading your
favorite book for the second time can sometimes be quite risky. You can end up
either liking it the more, or disliking it. Because on second reading, you
would be reading more thoroughly; examining the characters more closely,
analyzing and cal...
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