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+Felicia Day rocks and you should watch her YouTube stuff.
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Barry Shaffner

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My secret is revealed with this post.  No, I do not scan every book I write about.  It is tedious and only something I do when I can find no suitable image online.  Besides, the scanner usually has stuff on top that has to be...
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I am not sure why the Google + post does not have the image on the Blog post like I would rather have.  My profile pic is up and I am removing it.
Was not sure I was going to make it tonight with a Flashback Friday.  Been baking cakes and getting ready to raise money for summer camp tomorrow, plus I have felt bad health-wise.  Still, I am making it.  I decided to discus...
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Barry Shaffner

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Malibu Mondays: Hard Case #1
So I am changing up our Mondays here at "Let's Blog Comics" and it starts tonight.  Since I want to fill in some Mantra issues I am starting Malibu Mondays to substitute for Mantra Mondays.  I know I have had problems on the Monday posts and I am working on...
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And I posted with five minutes to go on still being Mondays.  I am going to build a que up for my Monday and Friday posts one day I promise.  I am happy to at least get a post up.
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Barry Shaffner

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Today has been a bad diabetes day.  This week has seen my sugar creep higher as I watch my diet and check like I am suppose to do.  I have been increasing the insulin and today took 260 units in two doses (120/140).  I will need to call the doctor and check on the upper limit.  At this rate I am going to be going through insulin and needles faster.  I am very drained feeling right now.  Also I am just wating to eat.  I went to bed at 10:30 PM the other night because of this and now am just craving anything.  Dad has not helped.  I asked to just bring me shrimp from the restaurant he always eats at on Saturdays, he brought a full plate with tators tots.  TATOR TOTS!  One of the best foods ever.  He also has made spaghetti and used my homemade sauce.  His way is to mix the pasta into it, so now one of my favorite foods is their in the worst possible way.

The expense of eating what I need to eat is really bad as well.  I am depressed thinking about all this and all the things that just seem to add up costs.  I also stepped on my glasses last week and there is that to deal with as well.  Been a bad day with a swimmy head and a tired feeling.   
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Check your gmail, we can chat
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Barry Shaffner

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I did one before 11 PM EST, Yeah me!
Before I discuss the comicbook issue I want to rant a bit on computer systems being too intuitive.  Last Friday I mentioned how I went and Goggled covers for my posts.  It is lazy in some ways, but I just see it simpler than ...
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#HeroesCon #HeroesConvention
These were some of the cool promo art that they used in the HeroesCon E-Mailing today.  The Thanos looked great and they had the New Ghost Rider.  I think that one is God Hates Astronauts, which is the comic that +Felicia Day Vlogged about.  Check it out on You Tube, she went through some trades she had bought.
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#tombraider #tombraidertuesday  
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Goodnight +Barry Shaffner :))
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Felicia Day is AWESOMESAUCE!  Ceck out her graphic novel buys.
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+Barry Shaffner I adore her!!!
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Tomb Raider #1 Survivor's Guilt
I was able to check out a bookstore that carries comics and other geeky stuff today while on a Greenhouse supply run.  Picked up Tomb Raider #1 from Dark Horse to check out what a favorite writer Gail Simone had done with the title.  Seems that this version...
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"With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility," so don't screw up!
I am a comic book geek and avid reader.  I love books with women who dish out justice with a sword in my favorite books.  I love TV, but watch less than I use to do.  I have a boring life really.


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  • Appalachian State University
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    Master of Divivnity in Christian Education, 1997 - 2000
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I try to teach and show kids what it means to follow Jesus Christ. I try and provide a haven and place for kids that might just need a place to be accepted. It is not easy in this judgemental world we live in.
I have the skill of being able to talk about random stuff. I have a skill which works well because I am in a job that has kids involved, most kids like me. Maybe it is because I can still enjoy child-like things or maybe I just try and let them decide if I can be a part of their world. Outside of my job that would not be a good skill to brag about. I wish I had mad monkey ninja skills, but one can dream.
  • Compass Worship Church
    Christian Life Pastor, 2011
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The best place to get meat in the Tri-County area. Awesome service and great people.
Quality: ExcellentAppeal: Very goodService: Excellent
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
Pop Pop's closed over a year ago.
Food: Poor to fairDecor: Poor to fairService: Poor to fair
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
This is a long time place to get a great meal. Sundays there is a pick your meat and two vegetables that has the line formed around the inside of the place. In the Summer this is the place for Shakes and Ice Cream. The majority of meat and vegetable served come from local businesses and dealers. You are likely to see just about anybody you know at Speedy Chef. Oh, they also are very generous to local Schools, Churches, and other groups.
Food: Very goodDecor: Very goodService: Very good
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
5 reviews
One of my favorite places to eat. You can get alot of food for a reasonable price. Staff is friendly and nice. I love that they have bar-b-que wings. I also like that they do a good job labeling what is on the buffet. Take out is awesome as well. I eat there many time in a month.
Food: Very goodDecor: GoodService: Excellent
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
I have been a customer of Theo since he had the House of Pizza up the road. Theo's is a popular place in Jonesville and has been for many years. It is similar, with better food, to Olive Garden. Prices are moderate and it has a weekly lunch buffet that most people take advantage of when there. I love the Grilled Chicken Pizza. Just the cheese and chicken on garlic buttered crust. Veal and Chicken Parmesan are excellent. There is a new dish I will probably misspell, Veal spicotti. Love it. There wings are a treat as well. We get them to serve at the Family reunion.
• • •
Food: Very goodDecor: GoodService: Excellent
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago