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Don't Get Mad; Get Even
you felt anger today? If it’s early in the day when you’re reading this, did
you actually wake up with anger? I know people who live their entire lives like
this, with anger and resentment as constant companions.  They can’t really enjoy the company of...

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frustration I hear a lot from my friends and blog readers is that people can’t seem to get
deeper into their prayer lives. When pressed for reasons, most commonly cited
is lack of time or energy and focus, but in reality, fear of intimacy with
Christ may ...

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Seven People to Pray for Today
It's easy to fall into the habit of praying in too small a circle.  We pray for our personal intentions, for our families and closest friends, our parish, but we sometimes forget to open the lens a bit and commit to intercessory prayer for those who may hav...

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Who Wouldn't Want This?
Has Lent got you feeling grumpy? Deprived? Hungry? Has politics got you acting like a real bear? Are you snapping at people? Is the long wait for the first buds of springtime transforming you into someone from whom people walk away? Your heart, soul, body, ...

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Beware the Devangelization
The accepted dictionary definition of "evangelize" is: 1.  To  preach   the   gospel   to. 2.  To  convert  to  Christianity. 3.  To  promulgate  or  promote  (a  doctrine  or  idea,   for   example)   enthusiastically. Now, we know that a large part of our...

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The Only Good Catholic
Driving my kids home from school on one of our faster moving country roads, I was stopped short by a dog wandering stupidly around the yellow lines.  I couldn't get out of the car to help because my son has a life-threatening allergy, so my frustration moun...

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Guest Post by Corey Grimley: A basis for Pope Francis’ “Healthy Decentralization” and embracing a “Synodal Church” is found in Cardinal Robert Sarah’s new book, GOD OR NOTHING.
Nicole, thank you for asking me to write a guest blog post
regarding our recent discussions.   On
October 17, 2015, at the close of the recent Synod of Bishops, the Holy Father
told the Synod Fathers that "the spirit of episcopal collegiality
[remember this...

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Please Mind My Own Business
Fraternal correction is defined as the admonishing of one's neighbor with the purpose of reforming him, or, if possible, preventing his sinful indulgence in the first place.  The very idea of this makes America 2015 ™ cringe, because even to most Christians...

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Marriage Mirrors
My daughter is eleven, and she is putting together a wedding scrapbook.  This is something I never would have done at her age or any age.  Tom and I dated for SEVEN YEARS before getting married, and I was frightened of marriage, or, to put a finer point on ...

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Having my phone fixed a few weeks ago, I had some spare time to walk around by myself in a shopping center I usually don't patronize.  I used to really enjoy shopping -- it was a frequent pastime for me and my mom.  Now, without her, the bloom is off the ro...
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