We finally managed to get a Kingdom started recently. I'd been itching for it since receiving the book from the Kickstarter.

4 players making out the primitive tribal island-kingdom of Luánu, lush with tropical forests and looming resident volcano "god" (Raarkhu), usually silenced with the rare human sacrifice.
Though mostly idyllic and peaceful, the tribe is threatened by the nearby Sharktooth tribe, vile cannibals and the only other people in the known world.
Recently the pantheistic island dwellers have been disturbed by the arrival of a strange wooden figure of a beautiful fish-tailed woman given to the island be the sea. Some of the fishermen and warriors quietly confess that maybe the "Woman of the sea" is a new god, stronger than the forest gods and maybe even stronger than Raarkhu, the volcano god.

The roles taken by the players are:
Kianna, the chieftains daughter. (Power)
Her father recently disappeared during a raid against the Sharktooth, he is presumed dead. Kianna is struggling with insecurity, and is concerned how the gods will respond to the decisions of the tribe. She relies on the advice of:

Malachos, the witchdoctor (Perspective)
One of the elder tribespeople, and the one best skilled at communing with the gods. Set in his ways and cautious of change, he is an influential character in the chieftains hut. Secretly he meets with his loverm hoping that the monogamous tribe (or his wife) doesn't notice. He is also the mentor of his son:

Tiki, the witchdoctors apprentice (Perspective)
Nervous and afraid of responsibility, Tiki is generally considered a bit stupid by most tribespeople. He is however mostly liked. Tiki is whipped by his father while being trained for witchdoctorhood. He secretly wishes to be a warrior however, and looks up to:

Big Mojo, the best and largest warrior of the tribe (Touchstone)
Mojo is the alpha male of the tribe. Hateful of the Sharktooth he want's nothing more than to destroy them to a man. Mojo might not be as smart as Malachos, but his plainspoken ways and heroic deeds give him influence with the other tribespeople. He secretly worships the "Woman of the sea". The tribe generally expects him to one day marry Kianna, the chieftains daughter.

We've played our first 2 crossroads, I'll post them if anyone has any interest in them.
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