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VAPESHOW Europe: We organize professional conferences, vape industry exibitions and vape parties.
VAPESHOW Europe: We organize professional conferences, vape industry exibitions and vape parties.


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VAPEXPO Kiev 2018: how Smile-Expo held updated vape event💨

On April 14-15, Smile-Expo held a major vape exhibition – VAPEXPO Kiev 2018 – at Kyiv-based International Exhibition Centre. It became special for our company because of being an anniversary event for all connoisseurs of dense and tasty vapor!

Two years have passed since the first exhibition. During this period, we brought together more than 10 000 vaping adherents, increased its area twice, spent 30 000💰 for prizes, and entered the Guinness World Records💥

Our fifth exhibition united over 30 companies from France, Italy, Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus. Besides, it was the first time that three Turkish manufacturers joined the Ukrainian market: Kaniza Vape, The Collection, and Gulf Puff💨💨💨

💭Another exclusive thing was the presentation of the first printed magazine titled VapeReality with 160 pages of useful content about vaping and not only.

This time, everyone could become a vape monopolist: one of the participants was Vape Monopoly, a company creating the first vape table game. The company’s stand allowed attendees to play it and check their vape business skills😎

More details ➡️
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The voting for nominees of one of the major vaping industry awards — VAPE Awards – will start on May 21. Hurry up!

Any company desiring to announce itself at the greatest vape party of the summer is allowed to submit an application: to win in the nomination, you do not necessarily have to be an exhibitor or participant of VAPEXPO Moscow 2018; you should just register in time!

You may become the most demanded manufacturer among vapers by winning in the following categories:

💦 The Best Design Of E-Liquid Bottle.
💦 The Best Fruit E-Liquid.
💦 The Best Dessert E-Liquid.
💦 The Best E-Liquid With A Taste Of Tobacco.
💦 The Best Original Taste of E-Liquid.
💦 The Best Mod Design.

❗️Participants of VAPE Awards final will be selected using online voting on the website. The voting will start on May 21 instead of May 15 so that companies will definitely manage to submit their applications. You still have a little time to do this❗️

What are the benefits for winners? Awarding on the main stage of VAPEXPO Moscow 2018 and recognition by the vape crowd💥💥💥

Do not miss your chance and register immediately👉

Are you going to attend the ceremony? Do not forget to buy a ticket! 👉

#VapeAwards #VAPEXPO_MSK #vape #vaping #vapecommunity #vapenation
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One of the undeniable advantages of e-cigarettes is the possibility for reuse. For the most durable and effective usage, you need to choose batteries for your vaping device correctly. So which criteria should you consider?

Batteries used in an e-cigarette affect several key parameters: charging rate, speed of heat transfer, amount of vapor, and safety of vaping. To feel yourself as comfortable as possible when using a box mod, factor in the peculiarities that influence the quality of the removable battery:

• capacity;
• nominal current;
• maximum working temperature;
• voltage.

It is logical to assume that a vape battery of the highest quality should show the best figures for all parameters. However, that is an unreal situation, as it is impossible to combine supreme characteristics in a single model. For instance, high current output does not go along with big capacity.

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There will be a B2B day at VAPEXPO Moscow 2018 on June 8! It will be dedicated exclusively to business communication and networking.

Activities and a musical program on the stage of VAPEXPO will be paused while entrepreneurs and participants establish contacts and discuss important issues. B2B day at VAPEXPO Moscow 2018 is for those who are interested in:

✅maximum concentration on the issue
✅even more attentive service
✅making deals in a calm atmosphere
✅testing of all novelties in the industry

A round table with industry experts will be the key event on June 8. They will discuss all the subtleties and prospects for the development of vape business in Russia: laws, the latest market research, latest ways of developing business expansion, the problem of dumping and its consequences.

The Vape Awards 2018 will take place on the main stage in the evening🏆

Join the development of vape culture! Register to the event 👉

#VAPEXPO_MSK #vape #vaping #vapecommunity #vapenation #vapelife
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Thinking about buying a mechanical box mod? We offer to consider its pros and cons to make the wise choice.

Let's start with the definition, just in case. Mechanical modes (mech mods) are devices for transferring a current to an atomizer so that it can generate vapor. In fact, this is the place to store batteries. Despite all the simplicity, it's not recommended to start vaping using mech mods. We explain why later.

💥Advantages of mech mods

Let's start with positive qualities. The first in the list is undoubtedly the simplicity of the design. There is nothing odd in mechanical box mod. The less component, the less it can get broken.

The next advantage is a detachable design. All the details are fully detachable (up to the button). Thus, you control the situation and literally know what is happening inside.

Another positive point comes from the previous one: full control over the atomizer part. The power is not adjustable, so you have a clear parameter for further resistance calculations.

And, finally, the last advantage of mech mods is in the size. They are more compact than electronic and noticeably lighter.

💥Disadvantages of mech mods

As it often happens, advantages of this or that product are at the same time its disadvantages:

🔹The simplicity of the device, which is equivalent to emptiness. It is created to perform one single function, has one mode, so there is no field for your experiments.
🔹The detachable design up to the last bolt threatens the loss of this bolt, you can throw out you mech mod after this. It is dangerous to use such a device.
🔹Power is not adjustable. Voltage is not adjustable. Nothing is adjustable. Moreover, there are no protective functions against overheating or short circuit. Mechanics are not able to shut down automatically: control becomes your responsibility.
🔹It is necessary to know and understand Ohm's law well for correct calculations of the resistance of the spiral, otherwise see paragraph 3.
🔹There are no questions to the dimensions.

💥The third option

Instead of a “difficult-simple” mech mod, you can buy an adjustable mod, thanks to the integrated board, it is equipped with all the functions for safe vaping, as well as a variety of mods to try all the options of “rich and tasty”. The display also shows the time.

In any case, high-quality electronic and mechanical mods guarantee you great experience.

And to finally decide, visit the largest VAPEXPO Moscow 2018 exhibition on 8 and 9 of April. You will definitely find the right mod and get detailed advice on it ➡️

#mechmod #mod #mods #vapemod #vapedevice
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On the first day of VAPEXPO Moscow 2018 scheduled for June 8, a ceremony of awarding top vape representatives – VAPEXPO MOSCOW Awards🏆 will take place! Today, the participants registration has kicked off. It will be available until May 25. You can compete for six nominations:

⭐Best fruit e-liquid
⭐Best dessert e-liquid
⭐Best tobacco e-liquid
⭐Best original taste of e-liquid
⭐Best design of e-liquid bottle
⭐Best mode design

Who can take part?

❗️Traditionally, not only an exhibitor or a sponsor of VAPEXPO Moscow 2018, but any vape manufacturer striving to prove his mastery can take part in the contest.

Details and registration form ➡️

#VAPEXPO_MSK #Vape_Awards #vapenews #vapecommunity #vapenation
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💥The greatest cloud exhibition in CIS is coming!
VAPEXPO MOSCOW 2018 will be held on June 8-9 at huge pavilions of Sokolniki ECC!💥

Telling you about activities of these two awesome days:

🔥June 8 – B2B day:
💨networking and business negotiations in calm atmosphere;
💨life hacks from successful vape entrepreneurs;
💨expert assessment and relevant analysis of the vape industry;
💨tasting of e-juices, testing of mods, and maximum attention from exhibitors;
💨awarding ceremony – Vape Awards 2018.
Besides, all of this will be accompanied by cozy atmosphere without loud music and superfluous activities.

🔥June 9 – VAPEXPO Show:
💨cloud chasing championship – The World Series of Vaping – in accordance with international standards and impressive prize pool;
💨coil building and vape trick workshops by recognized professionals;
💨live communication with vape bloggers who have millions of subscribers;
💨giveaways, quests, contests from sponsors and organizers;
💨cool DJ sets and piquant Dance Show.

June 8+9 – open-ended exhibition:
💨flavor novelties from Russian and foreign companies;
💨device legends will be presented at the Mech mods Alley that will be even larger;
r💨elated vaping products: accessories, coils, screwdrivers, and vape stations.

Buy a ticket ►►►

#VAPEXPO_MSK #vapecommunity #vapenation
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💥The greatest vape-exhibition in Ukraine - VAPEXPO Kiev 2018 will be held already this weekend💥
Two days of tasty clouds, chilling and fun which you will not forget!💨💨💨
Check out the entire program on the website 👉

#vapecommunity #vapenation #vapelifestyle #vapelife
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Which tools are needed to build a coil for an atomizer?🌀🌀🌀

You can build own coil or simply buy a new one. However, each vaper must have been thinking of creating a handmade coil. To experience that by yourself, prepare the following tools... READ MORE👇

#coilbuild #coil #claptoncoil #coilbuilder #coilbuilding
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Vape Awards 2018🏆: 7 reasons to participate in the most prestigious vape ceremony of the industry💨💨💨

Registration to the annual Vape Awards 2018, which will take place on the main stage of VAPEXPO Kiev on April 15, started last week.

There are seven reasons for participating in the ceremony:

🔹 After the application is submitted, the name of your e-liquid will be posted to the official Vape Awards website with a link to your company's website.
🔹 More than 3️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ people a day visit Vape Awards site. Now, check the reason number 1 again ⬆️
🔹 All players of the vape market can participate in the ceremony, so you do not need to become an exponent of VAPEXPO Kiev. But still a targeted audience will find out about your company.
🔹 Your e-liquid will automatically move to tasting, as there will be no qualifying online voting!
🔹 Not bloggers and not the organizers, but 100 visitors of the exhibition, selected randomly will test e-liquids. Moreover, the tasting will be “blind”: the liquids will be poured into identical bottles with the serial number without the name of the manufacturer.
🔹If you win, you will receive a statuette – a symbol of the vapers’ choice in Ukraine. This will attract new customers and increase the loyalty of permanent ones, as well as decorate your shop and Instagram.
🔹The participation in the Vape Awards without a victory is a free and high-quality advertising of your product, a big plus to the image of the company👌

Now that you know about all the benefits of Vape Awards 2018, fill out the participant form before April 9th ➡️

#VAPEXPO_Kiev #VapeAwards #Vapexpo_news #vapexpoua #vapexpo #vapekiev #vape #vaping #vapenation #vapecommunity
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