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Mór Active is an adventure company in Killarney, County Kerry that specialises in providing a wide range of adventure activities, training courses, and activity tours throughout Ireland.

Whether you're an individual, family, or group we have lots of adventures to suit you. Our professional and friendly staff will get you active and provide you with a real sense of adventure and a memory that will last forever.

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Top 5 Activities on the Ring of Kerry:

1. Visit the amazing Skellig Islands 
A must do for everyone is take a tour exploring Ireland’s most famous coastal route, The Ring of Kerry and visit the impressive Skellig Michael, a dramatic UNESCO world heritage site. Experience what it would have been like to live on a remote island off the coast of Ireland as you are taken back in time to discover one of Ireland’s most dramatic locations.  On the big island, also known as Skellig Mor, there is a well-preserved monastic outpost of the Early Christian period dating back to the 6th century. On the small island, known as Skellig Beag, there are some 27,000 pairs of gannets – the second largest colony of such seabirds in the world. An incredible spectacle that will leave you mesmerized by its sheer raw beauty.

2. Take a mesmerizing cycling tour around Valentia Island
Take a breath-taking cycling tour of the impressive Valentia Island and discover one of Ireland's most westerly points and home of Ireland’s first transatlantic telegraph cable. The island is situated off the South West coast of Kerry and is connected to the mainland by a bridge. It is renowned for its great beauty, ecological wonders and historical importance with many spectacular viewing points. 

3. Experience Discover Bray Head with a guided walking tour 
Explore the real beauty of the Ring of Kerry with a unique cultural and ecological experience exploring the spectacular Bray Head and its wild rugged landscape shaped by nature’s hand. Sitting at its top is a 19th century Martello tower that was built during the Napoleonic wars and if you are lucky enough you may catch a glimpse of a pod of whales passing its shorelines as you gaze out towards the majestic Skellig Islands.

4. Explore the Ring of Kerry coastline with a spectacular Coasteering Adventure
This is the ultimate in adrenalin fun as you test your nerve with an amazing Coasteering Adventure along Kerry’s wild Atlantic coast. Armed with a wetsuit, helmet and buoyancy aid you will jump into the wild Atlantic to explore vast caves, swim under a spectacular archway, and if your nerves can handle it a series of jumps into the clear blue Atlantic Ocean. A definite must do!

5. Take a relaxing cultural tour of the Ring of Kerry 
If the above sounds like too much energy is required well why not take a cultural tour with Mor Active Tours exploring the Ring of Kerry’s unique and remarkable setting. Discover its wild, rugged and breath-taking scenery as they take you off the beaten track to unearth the real Ring of Kerry experience and flavour its true cultural charms, ecological surprises and gaze out over a land shaped by the wild Atlantic. 
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Carrauntoohil guided hike - February 2015
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Top 5 Things to do in Killarney National Park.

Take a stroll through the magical Killarney National Park which is nestled on the edge of Killarney town. It is Ireland’s largest and first National Park and there is so much to see beyond its pristine lakes, rolling green mountains and largest native woodlands in Ireland. Here are a suggested number of must do’s in the park.

Take a guided tour of Ross Castle
This impressive castle sits proud on the edge of Lough Leane and has stories pouring out of its walls. Built in the 15th century, Ross Castle has exchanged many hands throughout its history most notably during the Irish Confederate Wars. In this epic siege the castle was amongst the last to surrender to the notorious Roundheads of Oliver Cromwell. It was finally taken in a clever strategy that played a prophecy. Interested? Then I suggest go visit to find out more.

Muckross House and Gardens
Muckross House is a 19th century Victorian mansion set against the stunning beauty of Muckross Lake and the majestic mountains of Killarney National Park. It was built for Henry Arthur Herbert and his wife, the water-colourist Mary Balfour Herbert. During the 1850s, the Herbert’s undertook extensive garden works in preparation for the visit of Queen Victoria and its splendor can still be seen today.

Visit Innisfallen Island
This is a must do for everyone. The island is located on Lough Leane; one of the three lakes in the Killarney National Park. It is home to a herd of wild deer and according to tradition the Irish High King Brian Boru received his education on the island. Today it is home to the ruins of Innisfallen Abbey and monastery which was founded in 640 by St. Finian the Leper. It was occupied for approximately 850 years. During this period, the monks wrote the Annals of Innisfallen, which chronicle the early history of Ireland as it was known to the monks. A truly remarkable place to visit which you can do by an amazing kayak tour with Mor Active Tours.

Muckross Abbey
Take a stroll to Muckross Abbey, a beautiful ecclesiastical ruin found in the heart of Killarney National Park. It was founded in 1448 as a Franciscan friary and is today a largely roofless building but has a prominent central courtyard which contains a large beautiful yew tree. Over its history it has been reconstructed many times due to being damaged or partially destroyed by marauding groups and by Cromwellian forces under Lord Ludlow. An impressive must do on any visit to Killarney National Park.

Boat & Bike Tour of the Lakes of Killarney
Highly recommended way to get a bird’s eye view of the Killarney National Park. It is a full day tour departing at 10am and returning to Killarney by 3pm. You can bring your rented bike on the boat trip across the lakes before cycling through the Gap of Dunloe. You can stop off at the traditional Irish pub of Kate Kearney’s for lunch before returning by road to Killarney. This can be organised by Mor Active Tours.
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A Cupla Focal – The Top Gaelic Survival Words.
What would you do without the means of language? It is such a wonderful invention that has been around since the dawn of mankind (correct me if I am wrong!). However, there does exist a place where even the brightest of beings are found wandering dazed and confused after an encounter with a strange species we call globally and affectionately, the Irish.
A long, long, long time ago, us Irish, decided unanimously (meaning one person) that if we were not going to conquer the world through having a well-organized army (us Irish don’t believe in being organized) we would instead just create global pandemonium with our choice of language and sayings. Not content with expressing joy, sadness, happiness in a usual way we decided for a bit of CRAIC (here we go folks) to really confuse the rest of the world with our arrangement of colourful words and expressions in both Irish English(yes there is a difference from English English) and our own native tongue, Gaelic. So to help you in your hour of need (generally 2am in the morning after a couple of pints and holding a packet of chips i.e. fries) I have put together the Essential Guide to Communication with Irish Wild Folk.
Firstly, let’s get one thing straight, we are not born ventriloquists but we do however have an amazing ability to speak with our mouths shut. This leads to considerable confusion in a pub environment for the innocent visitor to our shores as they are left to decipher who are earth is really speaking and should I nod in agreement or shake my head in disagreement.  Don’t fear as most of the time we are just:
‘Talking Shite” – making entertaining stories up
“Taking the piss” – implies you’re being made fun of … not something else (which is a forbidden act on this island you will be glad to hear).
Looking for a bit of “Craic” – hold on now! Let me explain. It’s pronounced ‘crack’ like the illegal narcotic but the meaning is vastly different i.e. where’s the fun, music and good times – nothing illegal about that.
Now you all know that us Irish love nothing more than social interaction so if you happen to find yourself stranded in a pub (usually a self-inflicted situation) or you bump into a cross eyed Irish man who is hell bent on teaching you Gaelic but can’t seem to remember any words as he unfortunately left them in some classroom when he was 15 years old then quickly whip out this vital piece of kit – The Top Gaelic Survival Words which I have broken down into 3 small but manageable headings (just in case you are having difficulty focusing due to consumed liquids).
Pub Survival Nights:
Everyday Greetings and Niceties
Feed Me – Food and Drink
Pub Survival Nights:
Sláinte - Cheers (Slawn-che, the literal translation means Health.)
Pionta Beor - A pint of beer (Pee-un-ta byor)
Gloine Uisce - A glass of water (Glin-eh ish-ke)
Gloine Fuisce – A glass of whiskey (Glin-eh f-wish-ke)
Airgead - money (ari-gid)
Leithreas – Toilet (Le-hris)
Everyday Greetings and Niceties:
Dia dhuit- Hello (Dea dit)
Conas atá tú? - How are you? (Cun-ass a-taw two)
Tá me go maith – I’m good. (TAH may guh MAH)
Aon Scéal? – What’s up? (Ay-n Sh-kay-L)
Más é do thoill é - Please (Moss ay duh hull ay)
Go raibh maith agat – Thank you (Guh rev mah awgut)
Slán - Bye (Slawn)
Feed Me – Food and Drink:
Cupán Tae- A cup of tea (Cup-awn tay)
Cupán Caife- A cup of coffee (Cup-awn Caff-ay)
Bainne- Milk (Bon-ye)
Siúcra- Sugar (shoe-kra)
Bia- Food (Be-ah)
Hopefully these words will come in handy one day for you and just in case they don’t I will leave you with one of my favourite sayings in Irish “Tóg go bog é” (not to be confused with “póg mo thóin” – its meaning I am happy to divulge if you ask me politely in Killarney) – meaning take it easy.  On a road sign it means just as such, but also think of it as a reminder to “chill out”, explore the sites, enjoy the views and experience the real beauty of Ireland – its people.
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A Unforgettable Cycling Experience in Killarney National Park.

Beside the picturesque town of Killarney there is a special place where one can escape from all the hustle and bustle of the town and enjoy a spectacular cycling trial through the exquisite National Park. Killarney National Park was the first National Park established in Ireland. The explicit cycling route is very relaxing and enjoyable.

Along the route you will see some of Killarney’s most beautiful scenery and not far off the route you will see attractions such as Ross Castle which is located on the edge of Lough Leane, Muckross House, Dinis Cottage which has operated as a tea-room for over 200 years and Torc Waterfall which is only a couple of minutes’ walk from the road. Cycling would be one of my favorite activities and it is a great therapy for the mind and the body. If you’re not feeling 100% and you still want to get out and exercise, cycling is the activity for you. You can hop on that bike and sail away at your own pace while the whisk of the breeze takes all your worries away and you will escape into a total different world. On this cycle you will take pictures with your mind and when you think back on the cycle trip you will have spectacular memories for a life time. Killarney National Park has a very relaxed atmosphere which will add to your experience.

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The best of both from the top of Ireland – Carrauntoohil.
When people hear the word Carrauntoohil numerous thoughts go through their head.Thoughts such as so high and steep, challenging, hard work, tiredness, vigorous exercise, blood, sweats and maybe even tears. However…this is not the case…
I have climbed Carrauntoohil twice, the first time with my first year class group from college and the second time with 3 friends. On preparation for the climb I was thinking about the challenge that was ahead but excited at the same time. Although the day started with thick low lying fog as we walked to the foot of the mountain, it did not take long to clear and it was gorgeous. Clear blue skies with a very light breeze just enough to keep us cool. Extra caution had to be taken as the terrain is rather steep and loose in places but once each watched their own footing it made it safer and easier on the rest of the group. As we progressed along the route, the scenery was absolutely spectacular; it would just take your breath away. The lakes surrounding the base of Carrauntoohil are very relaxing; water so still, one’s shadow is reflected like a mirror. We took a number of breaks along the way and when you stop and turn around to see how far you’ve come it is really satisfying. Especially on the final quarter, when the cross at the top comes into view it’s a  great feeling, the body was slightly tired at this stage but one final push got us up to the top. We all took off across the top to touch the steel cross on the peak. It was an amazing feeling and the view was mind blowing! The view of the acres and acres of land below us and the view across part of the Atlantic Ocean and the different town lands in county Kerry that were in view from the top was awesome! You could look so far into the distance and the stretch of the clear blue sky to the line of the horizon was incredible.

Some people may say that they’ve climbed Carrauntoohil once and that it’s ticked off the list and they wouldn’t do it again but for me it was different. The second time I climbed Carrauntoohil, the weather was dull and there were snow showers in the forecast. We were well equipped and had the right clothing. Approx. half way up we reached the snow and it was pretty amazing! It was my first time climbing in these snow conditions. I definitely got to experience the best weather conditions when climbing Carrauntoohil, from clear blue skies to snowcapped mountain it was amazingly breathtaking. Visibility was poor due to the snow showers and cloud but we had our navigating spot on so we didn’t have any worries of getting lost. It was a fascinating experience to summit Carrauntoohil in the snow. If you ever get the opportunity to go in these conditions with experienced guides I would encourage you to go.

Overall, the climb is challenging but the end result is a wonderful feeling. How many people can say they have climbed to the top of Ireland’s highest mountain? …Not too many! Will you challenge yourself to climb it and have it on your list of achievements??! Don’t rule it out thinking you won’t be able to do it. Go with an open mind and your adventure will be truly enjoyable!

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Top 5 Reasons to Visit Ireland:

There are many reasons why you wish to visit this magical landscape called Ireland.  Some reasons take the shape of visiting family and friends, to discovering are there really little creatures called Leprechauns that sit at the end of countless dramatic rainbows with a rather large pot of gold (cannot be categorically denied that they don’t exist). Just in case those listed reason aren’t doing enough to persuade you, we at Mor Active Tours  have put our brains together (Einstein you have nothing to worry about) and came up with, in my opinion, humble as it may be, the top 5 reasons to why you must visit Ireland.  

1. Simply its people!
Without question the number one reason to visit our green island in the middle of the wild Atlantic – is its people. Firstly, you will never meet a friendlier bunch of people that love nothing more than meeting others, having the ‘craic’ and generally giving bad directions to some poor unfortunate tourist (a word of warning: always ask 3 people to verify).
It is true that we have a huge advantage in that all citizens of Ireland are born with an insatiable desire to talk or what we call the Gift of the Gab. However, it is a genuine desire that is generally administered by a smile and one that you will hold dear to your heart for many years to come. 

2. Culture, food and drink - alive and vibrant
The Irish culture is one that is very much alive and evolving. Our traditions date back centuries and are held dear to every Irish person’s heart. For example, our music has evolved over the time to become one of the most prominent musical genres in our island. In almost every corner of this green island you will find a traditional Irish music session any night of the week that will leave you spellbound. 
From our own indigenous sports such as Gaelic football and hurling to soccer and rugby, us Irish are a race of sport enthusiasts. No trip to Ireland is complete without experiencing one of the major sporting events on throughout the year.  
Our cities, towns and villages are up there with the most vibrant in Europe and always offer something unique especially when it comes to food and entertainment. Irish stews and potato cakes are just a few of traditional food and beverages that are on offer. To get a real taste of Ireland it is necessary to just go with the flow and experiment! Enjoying a pint of Guinness with a full Irish breakfast is a must for any tourist and remember it won’t kill you. 

3. History, like you have never seen it before!!
Ireland is a must do destination for enthusiastic historians. Scattered at every corner of this island you will discover magnificent castles, stunning Celtic forts and mystically islands each carrying its own story of Ireland’s past.  

4. The weather, Believe it or not!
I can sense that you are quietly packing your suitcase and probably thinking this is a no brainer, but wait there are those rumors that this is a sunny island, no wait, rainy, no wait, windy, no wait, cold maybe? “I give up” I hear you say but fear not as you were in fact correct in your assumptions as it is all them mixed together to give that special unique Irish experience. We have a saying in Ireland: “if you don’t like the weather just wait a minute”.
Despite not enjoying a particularly warm climate, Ireland’s damp temperatures are conducive to some of the cleanest air in Europe. Getting off the beaten track and exploring rural Ireland you cannot help but noticing the fine air quality. There are countless scenic drives and walking routes to explore where you will be exposed to the wild side of Ireland that will rekindle your Celtic spirit.  
5. The spectacular Wild Atlantic Way 

Our newest iconic trademark which has always been there but we just didn’t call it anything. Stretching Ireland’s western seaboard, the Wild Atlantic Way is the longest defined coastal touring route in the world. Over 2,500km in length, spanning Ireland’s western counties, and the route takes in some of the most breathtaking scenery you’ll ever see. 

It is definitely a must do when visiting and offers you a real opportunity to discover the wild continuous landscape that surrounds this magical island, visit traditional Irish towns and villages that are alive with literature and music and most of all experience the warmth of Irish people through their stories and smiles. 
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We have launched the new look Mor Active Tours website and as of today, Tuesday the 10th March, it is most definitely alive and kicking.
Yep, it has been a long time in the making but after copious amounts of coffee and pulling my hair out, it is finally here and raring to go. Some things are just worth waiting for and what a beauty it is.
So why on earth create a new site? Well, the answer is simple – we listened to our clients’. They will always be our first point of call when it comes to improving on what we offer. So what did they want? Well, firstly they wanted something new, exciting and unique that really reflected what Ireland is about. Got it!
Secondly, they asked ‘could we please have an interactive platform where we can easily find our way around Ireland and see what is available?’ Your wish is my command.
Thirdly, ‘please, please, please can you make it easy for us to book an experience that we know is high quality and is most definitely value for money?’. Absolutely no problem!
So with all that in mind we set about making our client’s wishes come true. So firstly all we needed to do was create something new, exciting and unique. Easy! Like a baker possessed we quickly set about conjuring up the perfect ingredients for our client’s needs – first throw into the mixing bowl some Activity, Culture and Ecological experiences. Be sure to mix well and with care so that the consistency is correct. Lastly and most importantly of all don’t forget to sprinkle in a bit of the secret ingredient – the Wild Atlantic Way and he presto you have created a platter of endless surprises.

With that now taken care of we then had to swallow our pride and realize that our old site was just not up to the task of providing an interactive platform and most definitely didn’t offer an easy booking process. Like a by gone pop star of old it needed considerable plastic surgery to hold foot on the worldwide stage of Adventure Travel. So with surgeon’s knife in hand we went about making the necessary changes that we felt reflected their desires. Viola!
And here we are now after a lengthy process ready to plunge in head first, rubber ducky armbands in place, into the unchartered waters of new Wild Atlantic adventures and experience, happy in the knowledge that we have created something for you and by you that will make your Irish experience a memorable one.
If you are curious and want to see how easy it is to use our new hip website then click here for an interactive video.

The best adventure tours in Ireland including day tours. We offer Kayaking in Killarney, Rock Climbing, Killarney national park Adventure Tours, Ring of Kerry Tours and Dingle Tours. New Wild Atlantic Way Tours for 2015.
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The Aftermath of the ATWS storm!
It came like a flash of lightning and disappeared with a bang as it crept over the hills of the MacGillycuddy Reek’s on route across the wild Atlantic Ocean towards its next destination, the land they call Chile (I hope I pronounced that correctly!). What could possibly make such a dramatic entrance and exit you may ask? Well, it was the spirit of the Adventure Travel World Summit (ATWS) 2014 that engulfed the green shores of our little island from the 6th-9th October. And again I hear you ask what on earth is the ATWS and is it contagious? Fear not, it isn’t anything that will have a long-term negative impact on you. In fact it has a positive bearing on your long-term well-being (as long as you take it easy on the nights out). So let me explain.

If you hadn’t already heard, Ireland was host to the ATTA’s 11th annual Adventure Travel World Summit (ATWS) in Killarney which brought together under one roof over 700 of the world’s top adventure travel media and buyers. Great but what does that mean to the person on the street? Well, as the global adventure tourism continues to grow at a rapid pace, this event provided Ireland with a unique opportunity to showcase first hand our unique culture, ecological wonders and adventurous landscapes. Equally, by trusting open our gateway for international outbound tour operators, agents, media and a host of other industry partners we were able sit our country upon their supporting shoulders and shout till our lungs gave up that here lays one of the most beautiful places on earth and do you know what? They heard our shouts.
Each person I met at the summit talked so affectionately at how wonderful this countries landscape is and most importantly how amazing its people are. From our genuine kindness and friendliness we have captured the hearts of many a wandering adventurer and believe it or not, even the Irish weather could not put a dampener on their new found love.
So after all the shouting has stopped what lays ahead for us? Well, even though the shouting may have stopped there is still an echo bouncing around the adventure globe about Ireland. We have created a tremendous legacy of what we can do in Ireland for visitors and it is now down to us all, from adventure companies, hotels, barber shops, cafes, florists, you name it, to make sure that that echo keeps moving and inspiring others to visit our green shores. Through this collective spirit all communities in Ireland will begin to feel the long-term tourism benefits that this mighty adventure storm brought us. From job creations to extending our tourism seasons, the benefits can be immense and yet true enough, the benefits I talk about are long-term and won’t be felt by all immediately. However, like any good tree a seed needs to be sowed first before it can grow successfully and already I can see the roots of the ATWS seed taking hold and it won’t be long before everyone will be booking that flight to these wild Atlantic shores in search of true beauty, adventurous landscapes and unique Irish charm. So whether you like to shout, whisper or just talk (we are renowned for it!) keep telling the story of the adventure storm that came and went in a flash but left an everlasting impression on the hearts and souls of many wandering adventurers.
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So what is Mór Active you ask? Well the answer is it has a double meaning. Firstly, it stands for Mountain Ocean River Active, which best describes the adventures we are passionate about and secondly Mór Active in our Gaelic language means BIG Active.

Our mantra at Mór Active is you. We want you to experience our home of unparalleled beauty, vibrant people and ancient traditions through our specially designed activity, culture and eco tours. We believe in creating personalized experiences through our high quality small group tours so you get know the real Ireland.

Since its creation in 2007 we have grown to be one of the leading tour experts in Ireland. We have built this reputation on:

Providing high-quality personalized tours
Small group tours that allow you to experience the real Ireland with a personal touch
Having experienced professional guides that are passionate, fun and know where all the hidden secrets are kept
Superb customer service, transport, accommodation and award winning Irish food and hospitality.
Continually developing and evolving our products that satisfy your needs and abilities
Providing experiences that reflect our strong beliefs in environmentally and culturally responsible tourism.
We hope you can experience the journey of a lifetime with an everlasting memory of Ireland as we take you to the edge of Europe to discover this island’s unique adventurous landscapes, vibrant culture and ecological wonders.

All of this is waiting for your eyes to explore, discover and fall in love with.
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Rock climbing/Abseiling in the spectacular Gap of Dunloe.
If you are looking for a memorable adventure experience then rock climbing and abseiling are two activities that you will definitely enjoy. One of the most beautiful locations for rock climbing and abseiling is the Gap of Dunloe just outside the picturesque town of Killarney. The Gap of Dunloe is one of those locations that when you go there once, you’ll want to go back again and again. One must really experience it to realize it’s through beauty. The walk up through the Gap of Dunloe is superb.
Peace and quiet and the sounds of the birds on the trees as you walk along. The water flowing down through the right of the Gap as you approach up through the Gap is so calming. I have rock climbed and abseiled in the Gap a number of times and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Not only do you experience the thrill of the activities you also experience the spectacular landscape. When all the gear is set up and you’re strapped on and you’re about to start abseiling down a rock face the adrenaline can kick in. At this stage you might experience a mix of nerves and excitement. Once you get into the routine of the abseil you will enjoy your spin down the rock. When you reach the bottom you will want to go back up to the top and do it again. When you reach the bottom the feeling is astatic. There are a wide variety of climbing routes in the Gap of Dunloe, some of these include; Bothán which is one of the well-known crags in the Gap of Dunloe for rock climbing. Brennan’s Leap is also a very popular and accessible crag and it has a variety of routes including Cronin’s Crack, Granuaile and Daffodils. Cub Crag in the Gap is an exciting location with some very easy and very difficult routes to climb. As the Gap is a huge tourist attraction, you will see many tourists passing in horse drawn carts up and down the valley by the local jarveys especially in the summer months. Even though the roads are narrow and windy up through the Gap of Dunloe valley, it is also a stunning cycling route. Experience the sensational beauty while embarking on your adventure activity in which you will have unforgettable memories!
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The Gap of Dunloe experience is a must do activity. The experience will take you on a journey through the glaciated valley of the Gap of Dunloe by pony and trap before embarking on a spectacular boat tour on the Lakes of Killarney. This is a truly unique adventure discovery. The pony and trap journey up through the Gap is very relaxing and enjoyable. You will be immersed in some of nature’s most beautiful spots while the birds chirp and sing as you pass along. The views in the Gap of Dunloe you won’t find anywhere else.
The boat tour on the Lakes of Killarney is a wonderful experience where you find yourself in a total different world. The Lakes of Killarney are a renowned tourist attraction, there are three lakes; Lough Leane, Muckross Lake and Upper Lake. The Lakes lie in a beautiful setting in a large mountain valley with mountains including Carrauntoohil (Ireland’s highest mountain), Purple Mountain, Mangerton and Torc Mountain in view. The scenery is breathtaking and you are sure to have a wonderful experience. I went to the Gap of Dunloe with my family when I was very young and I also had a number of boat tours on the Lakes of Killarney and it was amazing! The memories will stay with me forever. If you’re looking for that pleasant, relaxing, outdoor experience then the Gap of Dunloe experience is what you need to explore!
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