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Julie Owens
I am NOT the Julie Owens you're looking for.
I am NOT the Julie Owens you're looking for.

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Rewarding Bad Behavior
During my absence trade packages kept rolling in, feeding my hungry little mailbox. I've always felt like part of the group, welcome from day one.  My first trade was with the most famous member of our community, Night Owl Cards.  If I'm not mistaken, Greg ...

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This Gal Has Balls
I spent some time Sunday afternoon working on organization, sorting through the last of the first and smallest stack of boxes.  The box tackled contained a few items which no longer fit my collection.   There were some miscellaneous sets to be completed, a ...

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The Delinquent Trade Files
Yes,  the juvenile in me is a delinquent - the adult no better.  I continue my streak of misbehavior with months of unshared trade packages lurking in the closet.  This week we open the door just enough to allow a few into the dimly lit room. Play at the Pl...

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Rediscovering 2017 TOPPS via Donruss
I sit surrounded by stacks of new cardboard, ripped wrappers and a certain emptiness from a bust gone bad.  Two jumbo boxes of crap I wouldn't use to line a litter box.  Behold the glorious contents of 2017 Topps Flagship's TWO Jumbo boxes!   BUYBACKS Let's...

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A Sorted Affair
Last week, I shared a dirty little secret.  I'm a card hoarder.  Ok, maybe it's not hoarding and perhaps not so dirty but to deal with my little fort of cardboard boxes,  I needed to put it out in the open for all to see.   I had a couple days off work this...

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Knock, Knock.  Who’s there? 
Anyone? Many months have passed since last posting. I never thought my absence would be so extended.  I can't begin to say how much I've missed you
guys!   I haven’t read more than a handful of posts
since March or opened my ema...

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UMP DAY: Billy the Kid
Growing up in a recently developed subdivision in the 60’s
brought not only new homes to the area, but a host of new kids to turn into old
friends. Honestly, some of those “youngsters” and I are still friends today and
although 50 plus years may have past, ...

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You Have Been Served
When you receive mail from an attorney, generally the enclosed message is not friendly in nature.  You are being sued or perhaps, served an ugly notice.  Fortunately the two pieces of mail I received a couple weeks apart were nothing to send me into hiding....

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SUPERTRADERS: 2015 Bowman Chrome pack break
Has anyone noticed I seem to disappear for a bit in March, April, September and October?  Perhaps not, but I do tend to be away from the computer.  This is my busy season  at the office.  Right now, it's the time of year when nearly all of our clients file ...

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UMP DAY: The Journey from Shoebox to Binders
Mama was a saver. Growing up during the depression era she
saved everything from aluminum foil to last year’s Christmas paper. She kept my
sister’s dolls for me to play with and my brother’s Lionel train set. She kept
comic books and story books, greeting c...
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