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Interesting flow chart which asks you what kind of free online mmo's you like to play and then links you through to the actual games.
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Interesting. If picked the exact right game my hubby just discovered and got really into. (yeah hubby on an MMO is funny). However, with me it suggests Second Life. That's cool and all but I really liked Glitch. (yeah I know its closed). I don't see anywhere that the flowchart asks about graphics. I'm pretty particular and really don't care for the realistic person graphics. I would much rather have cutesy cartoon non-gender specific avatars.
I am with you Holly, I do not care for the realistic human form type of games at all. I am still looking, but  the flow chart was cool
It made me sad that I followed it through and it told me to play Glitch. I'd love to be able to!
It's suggesting AdventureQuest Worlds :S Never heard of it before.
Jmz Haz
Dream of Mirror also seems to have closed their doors. This infographic really needs to be updated.
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