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yay, Carcassonne - my favourite  board-game of all time!
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The ios version's very good. Do you play there?
JB - Not on IOS myself, my Iphone is a bit old and the version requires a more up to date version of IOS than I have. Camilla (Arietty) has an android phone so no joy there. We tend to get our Carcassonne fix on Xbox - got a roster of "friends" who we regularly play with. 

Angelo - well worth while to add to your roster of games, easy to learn, hard to master, quick to play. The base game is great - the expansion are a mixed bag, some are good but can alter how the game plays in groups. 

Either way I think it's one of the most elegantly designed games out there.
Yeah, I can never manage to get that left-handed smokeshifter, er, road curve I need to fill in the hole, either!
Yep that's roads in Carcassonne - need one, don't get it. Want something else, get a straight road :-)
Not to mention the one which, as the article points out, doesn't exist!  ;D