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Susan Potter
Software Engineer Extraordinaire ;)
Software Engineer Extraordinaire ;)

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Functional Geekery Episode 61 with Susan Potter

I had the pleasure to talk with +Susan Potter  about her experience getting into Functional Programming, from picking up a "surprise" Haskell code base, to her work with Erlang, to what she is thinking of the new NixOs and Nix package management.

I hope you enjoy the episode.

Free and Freer Monads: Putting Monads Back into Closet

On Performance:

>>> "One should keep in mind that performance does not always matter: a large portion of software we successfully interact with every day is written in Python, Perl or Ruby, and which are not exactly speed kings." <<<

Yes, I wish people realized this more.

#Haskell and #GHC specifically may have some areas and usages that are "slow" or wasteful in compute or memory resources generally speaking, but compared to what? General Ruby, Python, Perl, Bash? Evidence I have observed suggests otherwise, including Python 3 vs Java[1] shootout and Haskell/GHC vs Java[2].

When we speak of "performance" next time let's define:

(a) what we mean by that (characteristics, properties of software's behavior); and
(b) what baseline we are using for comparative purposes.

Cheers! :)


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Thanks to some amazing people at the LSUG and SkillsMatter, I will be able to present Fearless Deployments (Scala edition) in London on Tuesday 2nd Aug.

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Today is an #Erlang kind of day. :)

BTW earlier this week I started a new position at +Referential Labs​ as Chief Heretic. :)

The role was literally made for me. At +Referential Labs​ I hope to bring methods and research from academia in declarative/functional programming, formal methods, verification, distributed systems and related fields to applications in the systems, infrastructure, and active telemetry space.

Initially I will be working with some amazing people on Scala and/or Haskell projects in the data analytics space.

Follow us on Twitter @referentiallabs:

Cheers and happy reasoning! :)
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Last week I went to Toronto with my coworker +Ben Smith to work on a exciting new analytics project with our security researchers in the Toronto office.

In addition to working on Cassandra, Elasticsearch, Titan, and Spark infrastructure configurations, we also got to see some interesting street art and tried some great dark beers.

Thanks Toronto for having us. Much fun was had.

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A post on the functional API design choices that impact the ability to equationally reason about your code in functional programming languages:

#Haskell #OCaml #FunctionalProgramming 

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This Twitter thread is great:

To summarize:

* ThisIsPascalCase
* thisIsSnakeCase
* this-is-kebab-case
* this_is_snake_case

What else have they missed?

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Paper on the Linux Scheduler...

"Our recent experience with the Linux scheduler revealed that the pressure to work around the challenging properties of modern hardware, such as non-uniform memory access latencies (NUMA), high costs of cache coherency and synchronization, and diverging CPU and memory latencies, resulted in a scheduler with an incredibly complex implementation. As a result, the very basic function of the scheduler, which is to make sure that runnable threads use idle cores, fell through the cracks."

A decade of wasted cores :)

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Yesterday I had the opportunity to talk at #PhillyETE about deploying using NixOS at Lookout. Below are my slides. Thanks!

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