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Its just me. Jon Hofmann
Its just me. Jon Hofmann

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Free concert tickets or $50 live nation concert cash for SPG members
This worked as of 10 minutes ago…

Just follow directions in the first post. I went with the $50 credit but it’s your call.

You need to know your Starwood #
You can get it when you log in to your SPG account

If you don’t have SPG you can sign up at the same link for login and still use this.

P.S. It’s just a code emailed to you so even if you don’t do the concert thing you can do it and give the code to a friend. (Me)

P.S.S. I would write down the code just to be safe in case something happens and you don’t get the email. If you uncheck the box after you put your info in I don’t think it emails you the code.

Are teh invites closed again? Things seem dead

Fun fact. Elevators and guillotines, same concept, drastically different results.
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