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Patrick Jefferson
Graphic designer and creator of my own lifestyle, filled with humor, pictures, chats and more
Graphic designer and creator of my own lifestyle, filled with humor, pictures, chats and more


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Mount Fuji seen from International Space Station

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1980's Apple 'macphone' design gets a new interpretation.

In my pevious post I mentioned prototype designs for #Apple by Frogdesign, which included a tablet/Phone combination.
Now a company presents a follow up at the #CES: the Mocet Communicator, which combines an #iPad  and a Phone in a similar way.

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Apple tablet designs from the 1980's

Frogdesign, working for Apple in the 1980's to design the first Apple computers, also designed some prototypes of a 'macphone', a tablet-phone combination, and computer shapes that look like predecessors of the iMac.

More on this here:

Windows 8 trial / uitproberen

Recently I installed Windows 8 Release Preview as a second os on my 6 year old HP laptop. It had Windows Vista preinstalled, but that is a pain in the ass. The Windows 8 (bit) works well and stable and doesn't seem to have the driver problems that Vista has. You can also get a free trial of Office 2013 for it which has the same new clean two color layout that you get when you use You can install Chrome or Spotify and other popular software. There's a shop for more apps (free or paid)
You can use the user interface with the panels for apps or use the oldfashioned destop to get access to programs and windows.
You can use this Preview version till mid January 2013.
There's also a Windows 8 Enterprise 90 days trial version available.

Onlangs heb ik Windows 8 Release Preview geïnstalleerd als tweede besturingssysteem op mijn 6 jaar oude HP laptop. Er stond Windows Vista op voor geïnstalleerd, maar dat is een hoop ellende.
Windows 8 (32bit) werkt er goed en stabiel op en heeft kennelijk niet de driver problemen van Vista. Je kunt een gratis Office 2013 uitproberen, die de dezelfde strakke twee-kleuren layout heeft als Je kunt Chrome of Spotify installeren of andere populaire software. Er is een winkel voor programma's (gratis of betaald).
Je kunt de gebruikersinterface met de programma-panelen gebruiken of via de ouderwetse desktop toegang krijgen tot programma's en vensters.
Deze versie kan gebruikt worden tot half januari 2013.
Er is ook een Windows 8 Enterprise beschikbaar die je 90 dagen kunt uitproberen. 

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A collection of #streetart

Here's a series of photos of streetart, graffiti, in my town #Maastricht in the #Netherlands   
Street photography (5 foto's)
5 Photos - View album

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Got a new ride / Heb een nieuw karretje

I've bought a new off roader, with full suspension and sturdy looks.
It's a Lego Technic model (8066) and it has got a smart construction with suspension on all wheels and steering too.

Heb een nieuwe terreinwagen gekocht, met volledige vering en stoere aanblik.
Het is een Lego Technic model (8066) en het heeft een slimme constructie met vering op alle wielen en ook besturing.

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Check your skin to prevent skin cancer, with an app (iOS)

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This is our planet - Seen from the ISS

A guy named Tomislav Safundžić made a time lapse movie of NASA images, showing our planet Earth as seen from the International Space Station, while circling around us. He added a soundtrack to it and the result in 720p HD can be seen here:
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