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Love to help the users all over the web
Love to help the users all over the web

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Silly beans are silly.

How Do we Create Dynamic SiteMaps in PHP?

Well, lots of friends ask me how we can create dynamic  sitemaps, so that we instead of writing urls to sitemap again and again just add entry in mysql DB and it should be added automatically to the sitemap.

You can achieve this quite intelligently.
1. Add handler for .xml files in .htaccess file, so that Apache know we can write PHP codes inside .xml files.
2. Now in XML file do DB queries as you do in any PHP pages. And create URLs to your content as per your needs and site design.

This way, your sitemaps will be dynamic. Enjoy. :)

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Stay Tuned new tutorial about the site creator and similar software applications will be added tomorrow at

Jquery is the cheat but the best ease of javascript :) Try it out in your sites and add animations to your user interfaces. Its fun using jquery..

You will find fadein, fadeout, toggle and many other such effects in jquery that enables you to make perfact site for your visitors..

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language and is widely used in almost every web page.

How you can create simple HTML page. Here I have included the basic HTML page and its basic structure. You can comment to make it further more illustrative.

<title>Page Title</title>

<p>Content Here..</p>

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