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(Following story includes facts but is embellished. Facts may have altered during the years and translations)

What is wrong with electricity

Before scientific era electricity was only in the hands of God. When people started to study it they were condemned for heresy or declared insane and lock in mental institutions. Back then was hysteria very common mental illness, allmost a trend, and it was treated by means and equipment of that time. Some scientifically oriented observed the treatment and noticed, that after wiping the "hysteria-rod" to the genitors cat before next patient there occured visible sparks between the rod and cats hair. People inspired by that phenomena and started to do experiments in their own laboratories to see if it would also occur without patient and the cat who were burned after they were found guilty for wichcraft.

Scientific community started using glass rod and various other materials. They found out that if two rods were rubbed with something, they rejected eachother. French researcher C.F.Dufay noticed 1974 that if glass rods were rubbed with resin it rejected other resin fragments that were used to rub glass rods, but pulled the rods, so he came to conclusion that there were two kinds of electricity, glass- and resin electricity.
Year 1747 published Benjamin Franklin his "Unitary theory", which suggested that electricity is weightless substance that consists of small particles that reject it´s own kind but attracts other materia and named it fluidium. He named fluidium positive and the lack of it negative, and the names were adopted, positive for glass and negative for resin.
1759 R.Symmer published his dualistic theory and declared that there were two kinds of electricity.
L.Galvani found out that legs of a frog twitched when they were treated with electricity. Later hysteria-wands were replaced with electric shocks in mental institutions.

Coulomb matched electrostatic unit with Newtons unit and Faraday found out that atom is not undividable. J.Stoney named that "electric atom" electron in 1874. That would have been a good time to say that atom without an electron is negatively charged but no. Still today we use terms that are opposite to everything else in the world.

If you have a case of beer and you drink it, is the case positively charged? No it isn´t. If you want to take a shower do you close the faucet to get water? No you dont.
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And does positive pressure charge suck the water from the negative pressure charge of the pipeline.
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