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.... waiting is.
.... waiting is.

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I just realized I have been typing "gottit" in business letters for years, a holdover from my AOL hosting days.I wonder how many clients have looked askance at my "nonsense word."

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Love. It.

In case it was a secret to anybody - or my 100s of newly circled acquaintances - I'm checking in here, queer, and thrilled to have been part of the changes we have seen over the past several decades.... Thanks to all of you who are, or who have supported those who are out --- because people being out, more than anything, has effected the changes we have seen in the past several decades, it being a lot more difficult to hate, or fear, somebody you know, like, and/or love.

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Folks - this guy seems cool. And even if he didn't seem cool .... I mean, come on - how often do you get a chance to help save a life?
A powerful plea with a crucial and time sensitive deadline ... someone's life. If you can help, please do.

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Yeah - what he said!
Being Gay: Google+'s Missing Feature
Controversy ahead!

Have you noticed that being gay isn't an option on Google+? Especially you, newbies. In my editorial (which is a repost from a while back) I explain the reasons why having the option to display a sexual orientation is perfectly in line with the collaborative nature of Google+.

By forcing users to put their sexuality on their profile somewhere other than a dedicated box, users feel that they are forcing their cultural diversity onto the platform instead of being embraced by it. Basically, the ability to create diverse communities of people (or support communities based on a set of shared experiences) is severely hindered in a way it is not for others with common backgrounds.

And, before you say anything about Google+ not being a dating service, just remember that you can be "Looking for: Dating, A Relationship" and your "Location" and "Gender" and "Relationship Status" are all displayed. K. Glad that conversation is done :)

Despite my not addressing it directly, the same could be said for Religion, Ethnicity, and other key distinguishing features.

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Too cool. Seriously.
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