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Hey, it's way easier to share a youtube link than it is to make a normal post.  Is that on purpose?  Better money:difficulty ratio for analyzing social trends if they come with a URL as a nice unique identifier?

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Shockingly good music from an absurdly named game.

Font victory!  Now I can simultaneously use Github in a reasonable way and read everything else on the web in a reasonable way:

* Firefox
* Stylish extension
* This style:

@-moz-document regexp('(?!https://github\\.com).*') {
html * {font-family:sans-serif !important;}

I see that Google+ has taken great strides in utter unusability since last time I poked my nose in.  Horribly difficult to scroll down in the page. Posts displayed randomly on left and right, or full width.  UI elements jumping around randomly as I try to open this box to make a simple post.  Intolerable slowness as I try to push all the buttons necessary to make this post public.  Fantastic. 

Anyway, this is where I post about Unix nonsense, and I'm pretty sure that no one on LJ will feel they are missing out when I only say here that:

I have figured out what !# is for in bash, I think.  It is a history substitution that inserts the entire command line typed so far.  But why on Earth would you want to do that?  I mean "ls *.txt | grep foo !#" expands to "ls *.txt | grep foo ls *.txt | grep foo", which is not even a valid command.  Anything else I could think of was either useless ("echo hi !#" prints "hi echo hi"... yay?) or invalid.

But I figured that if someone went through the trouble of coding this feature into the GNU History library, they must have had something in mind.  I believe I have figured out what finally.  You're not supposed to use it bare, but rather to select words.  So "echo hi !#:1" prints "hi hi".  More usefully, perhaps, "cat a b !#:1 > c" concatenates a+b+a and writes it to c.  I actually want to do things like this from time to time, where of course a is some 300 character path, not "a".  If I want to double an argument in place, I can do "a{,}", but that only works if I don't want anything inbetween.

Still, I can see why !# is one of the dustier corners of the Unix experience...

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Josh M, it is your fault that I am watching this.

Also, everyone else should watch this.

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The binary title text says "DIGITAL", in case you're wondering.

For the record, the One True Terminal Emulator (OTTE) is:

xterm -sk -si -bg black -fg white -rightbar +vb +sb -sl 10000

Lesson for the day: Writing nice help for a new flag and putting a global variable at the top of a couple of files that represents whether or not the flag is set does not actually, by itself, implement a new command line option.

(This is about myself, not anyone else. Thank goodness I've learned to test before running lots of new jobs.)

Happy 2012 01 12, everyone.

:%g/^/normal 2Wd$

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