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What Differentiates Leadership from Management?
Most of what is taught in business school has a focus on steady,
incremental improvement.  I don’t
want to throw that out.  I do,
however, suggest that businesses can create quantum leaps.  And the difference between the two
processes is what defines leader...

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How Do You Know If You Are Living Your Purpose?
As a society, we continuously
contemplate the meaning of life. In trying to define the reason for being, we attempt
to understand the purpose of our own lives. That said, how do you know your purpose?  Some believe that purpose can be derived
from chasing a...

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Are Your Decisions Influenced by Things You Don’t Know You Don’t Know?
When I first meet with a client, I
tell them something profound. 
Within the first 20 minutes of that meeting, I tell them they are still
making decisions as a five year old. 
In every single case, they tell me that that does not apply to
them.  Over the ne...

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What’s the Best Path to the C-Suite?
  For many, the job of the CEO looks
like hard work.  On the surface,
observers see high responsibility, long hours and the weight of the company on
the shoulders of a CEO.  When you
peel off the layers and look closer, you see the keys to move up the corpo...

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Here’s Why Most Don’t Make It to the C-Suite
The path to the C-Suite is not for
everyone.  That is where people
with titles like CEO, CFO, COO, CIO, etc. work and serve as the leadership team
in an organization. For those who make it, it can represent the quintessential
career path of success.  To get...

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Can You Have a Breakthrough without Breakdowns?
A breakthrough can be a wonderful
milestone in anyone’s personal life. 
Or it can be a pivotal moment for a business.  As children, we accomplished several
breakthroughs by age five.  While
those were monumental times, they were not walks in the park.  Befo...

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Are You Having Bad Meetings?
Too often, you hear employees
complain about the amount of meetings they attend.  In some cases, they say there was no need for the
meeting.  In others, you hear the meeting
could have been accomplished through emails.  One of the worst outcomes of a meetin...

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Over the weekend, I spent a few
hours with the older gentleman I know. 
His wisdom is exceptional. 
And I’m always prepared to hear what is on his mind.  As usual, he engaged me in a thought
provoking conversation that may cross the boundaries of political

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Preparing for client meeting to change corporate culture

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How do you transform your company's culture?
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