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*Read First*
So since G+ is shutting down I invite all of you to come join my discord and add me as a friend. Even if we’ve had beef, I wanna put that in the past. I’ll also probably be using Twitter a lot more once this place is nuked.

My discord:
My twitter:
Also my YouTube:

I’ll be using this place straight up until it’s shut down though. I have other places I may be linked on my twitter as well.

Seems Mr. Bone’s Wild Ride doesn’t last forever. I’ve loved this place even more than 4chan, but all good things must come to an end I guess.

See you later Space Cowboys.

*Back to your regular programming*

Greetings. Welcome to my profile. Please feel free to leave likes and comments, even on the old shit.

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About me
I'm just a man of dark complexion from a neighborhood of low property value in the possession of a launcher consisting of a tube for firing explosive shells.

What I post
Right-Wing Extremist Propaganda
Stuff about my personal life
Video game stuff
and more

Where else you can find me
Twitter: @1453AnInsideJob

People you ought to follow
+Confessional Night-Watchman Autistic IRL friend
+Gunnery Sergeant Hartman Longest friend on this website
+Ericbaum Some fucking Jew idk
+Doctor Doolittle A good noodle
+Ricin Stab stab stab

Only rule on my profile is: DON'T VIOLATE THE NAP

Gl hf.
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This actually looks really good
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Truth is...

The game was rigged from the start.
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YouTube Rewind 2012 and 2013 were the only good ones because they actually had soul.

You can see part of this in the fact that they would parody the music videos for the songs they used (which were the most popular songs of that year), showing that they had a bit of self-awareness.
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Oh my God my paper actually did get pushed forward and so now I have 4 extra days.

God fucking bless my teachers because they mentioned they didn’t want to spend a lengthy amount of time grading.
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