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In spite of my storm I'm still alive, I was diagnosed with colon cancer stage 4 on January 14,2013 and everyday it's a battle for me. I continue to take chemotherapy this very day every other Tuesday I don't let my sickness get the best of me because I know there's a God and I know that the battle is not's the Lord I just need to be still. I don't know who this may help to saying never give up fight it til the end. I had cancer throughout my whole body stomach..liver and lungs I walked the face of this earth for two years with cancer not knowing I had..(a walking time bomb waiting to pop) God saved me just when the devil thought he had me God stepped in.....oh hallelujah thank you Jesus.....I spoke God's words upon myself every second..every minute...every hour...I anointed my head with oil and today I'm in remission you see you have to stay positive and stay away from negative thinking..people and things. I was a mad black woman..I was bitter...angry didn't want to talk or see anyone I was mad with God I kept asking why me Lord I served you all this time and this is what I get in return. I was mad but as the days went on I begin talking more with God and He started revealing things to me. When I pray I always ask the Lord to let me be a blessings to others. I came to realize that without a struggle there is no got to go through something just so God can bring you out but you got to work your faith in Him and believe it's Him that's working in your life. In spite of my storm I'm still alive and I thank God everyday...I'M COMING OUT....the devil has know part in me because I know every morning I open my eyes he has already been defeated in Jesus mighty name Amen!!! Don't give up.πŸ‘
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