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"TURN AROUND AND LOOK OUT THE WINDOW" - me, every time I see this ad.
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I try to ignore most Siri commercials. Even though I don't have it, after the fad of asking it silly questions a while back, I think I have a fair idea of how differently it would answer a lot of the questions asked in them. Although, that might make for better commercials. lol

I forgave him - he's not the first and he won't be the last :).

My name is "Roland" - for the record :D
"YES MAN" means jim carry movie or wot???
+Amanda Rosenberg I was describing how angry this part of the commercial made me just a couple days ago. I don't know why. Is that rain? No Zooey, you're hearing things again
The Samuel L Jackson one's not much better -- who schedules golf on date night? For that matter, who schedules golf at night?
nonsense ads, btw, love her movie :)
I don't know who you are, I don't know why I was invited to join your circle(?), (this is all new to me) except I recently met (online) a hipster named Rob Green in Vancooover BC, but I am ASTONISHED at your visual GENIUS! LOVE every image I saw here. THANK YOU!
No, that's NOT rain. It's an MPee3 I made for you. #guitarPee
of course thats rain what do you think it is hail
lady: is it raining siri
siri: ohhhhhh hell no
lady: really!!!!!
siri: what do you think stupid look outside the window dumbass 
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