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Take the stairs

'Beautiful Steps' by Lang/Baumann 
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Those steps are practically begging for a slinky
In case of fire, don't take the stairs.
Is this real or a (embedded) rendering ? This would fail every (european) security guideline, but I still think some hardcore architects in brazil would REALLY do this.
Holy mother**** ! Some swiss architects did this in switzerland. It's real.
Here's the catch, only one of the steps is loose.  Now go!
Staircase is like a spacewalk .... awesome photos
We'll probably see this in an upcoming action movie.
Base jump during lunch.
Part of an executive training course?
oh shit... I pass, no need for promotions for me.
I suffer vertigo so I know I would crawl along them if I am even able to venture outside of the door.
Potential Employee : I'm here for the interview with Mr. Jamison.
Secretary: Please go through that door, make a right, follow the steps and it's through the door at the top..

Worst interview ever.
+Amanda Rosenberg I'm pretty sure there'd need to be a "Bonus Star" behind that door for me to go down or up those steps. Because it'd be really disappointing if one just led to a storage closet. 
Ben C
Complaints is out that door and down the stairs. Can't miss it.
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