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Pizza vending machine

Coming to the US this fall. Yep, this is happening.
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How is this going to fit in the kitchen of a singles apartment ?
Can't be any worse than Caesar's $5 pizza.... ¯\(°_o)/¯
I'm sure Papa John will be smashing those machines when they come out.
FINALLY someone came out with a tool that'll help The Shredder get his hands on those pesky Ninja Turtles!!!
I find it difficult to eat pizza when I leave the North East, because it never tastes right. I doubt pizza from a machine (made in the UK by a pasta company) would get any business around here. But I guess in the rest of the country where they don't know how to make real pizza, it could work.

Ooooh... did I just spark a NY pizza is the best battle? lol
I don't know if it is this company specifically, but I've already seen these in the US for a couple years now.  Not a common sight but nevertheless they exist in some hotels.
I'm confused how this works.  So does the machine microwave your pizza or does it use a conventional oven where you have to wait half an hour for your pizza to cook?
Oh good! Now I don't have to have crappy Domino's pizza delivered to my home. Now I can go out and get it from a vending machine. Though I will miss the riveting conversations with the order taker ...
+Lester Walters, many people want to know if they are going to be served real pizza or soggy rubbery (microwave) pizza.  I'm assuming from your comment you don't care if your food is microwave cooked when you go to eat at a restaurant.
No +Michael Comia I don't plan on buying my pizza from a vending machine, hence my lack of interest in the operation of said machine.
That sounds like a terrible idea, but I guess so is the pizza at movie theaters and we already have that.
What's next, home delivery pizza??!!!!
just what america needs, easier ways to get fatter
omg i wonder if they make it to wher it comes out hot
stupid idea and ppl dont rply to this im sick of ppls dumb annoying comments
Combine it with Google auto pilot and have it deliver too. ⊙﹏⊙
Anybody else ever seen a stand alone coffee machine where you can see the beans and the flies that live in those beans? I can't even begin to guess how much vermin would be in a machine like this. bleeechhh!!
That is so crazy a pizza vending machine how will they fresh?
ami me encanta la pizza pero encantaria podermela comer con tigo querida amanda rosenberg  jaajaja bay bay
I'm still waiting for the beer vending
holy cow! well actually holy pizza!!! wait is it gonna be fresh!?
Hey I saw this machine on an episode of "How Its Made", go figure that out.
a dream come true some one slap a muchestach on there and i would buy it 
That Is Awesome

Will Taste Like CRAP
I mean that in the nicest way possible...nothing out of vending machines taste good...
slaps dont eat some thing it might tast nasty
Adri M
I saw how this works once on tv in Italy, its amazing!
it might me nasty u never know jezz ppl  use  ur nolige
So what your saying is people who go to Wal Mart will love it!!!!!!!! : )
What's technology gonna do next?
Surely... Shit food, is about to reach a new level
Awesome that's y we're the obesity country U.S
Adri M
yea u never know how it will turn out in taste, Im just saying it works really cool
it looks cool but you never know....
I saw an episode on how things work that covered this machine ... pretty cool
Pizza?? I haven't had a real slice of pizza since I have moved down South, they will love it here.
why are u guys so in love with it i dont see wuts great about it
Don't they already have one that sells drinks and condoms
They have cupcake ones 2 and there real 
It was on an episode of 'How It's Made'
oh my gosh! that is amazing!!!!!
what if it tastes bad? u buy it anyways its coming out of a vending machine its just cool :)
It makes fresh dough not frozen seen it on how it's made on discovery channel
It produces a very thin crust, which I personally love, but I bet it won't make the deep dish aficionados swoon. A truly fast meal for under $6, it might just catch on. Definitely looking forward to giving it a try
Are they serious? Are u supposed to sit in front of that thing until ur pizza is ready or what???
Ya I can just see the news in this one, "Breaking News". An armed man held up a local vending machine. Witnesses say he demanded all the dough.
Steph K
No kidding? 
It's cooked in oven not microwave it's an oven that cooks from the inside out not outside in like regular oven
Really?!?! This is wrong on so many levels!
Nope, don't think I'd be supporting this idea.  I have a restaurant in my neighborhood that's been around for almost 40 years and makes the best pizza I've ever had.  I haven't had "big chain" pizza in years.  I can't imagine how that could possibly be healthy.  How often are the ingredients swapped out for fresh ones?  Bleh.
It only takes 2-5 mins. depending on toppings and yes everything is made fresh even the dough
Pizza vending machine? You have to be kidding me.
If the machine takes long in preparing it does the 30 minutes rule still apply. Or its free, what about customer service? ????????
Processed ingredients put together by a machine and warmed up at your convenience. I feel sick just thinking of it and Americans are welcome to this tripe.
Think of it as a produce dispenser. Pizza is a vegetable now, right?
wow thats cool sike just kiding its cool
Not sure it will win everyone over, but necessity is the mother of invention.

Kate L
oh my god..
y would u get pizza out of that thing!? and it will make u so fat if u buy from it like every day!!!!
I wonder if they are kept frozen or just refrigerated in there? that real....twoopsssssssssss i wonder if we had that in
i REALLY want one for the U.S. I think they only have them in like Japan or some other country
This is why everyone is unemployed
It better be good and it better come in a box i dont want a slice of pizza that has touched the dirty gears in the machine
just reheated frozen pizzas  haha but if you in hurry and desperate why not 
How much will it cost? Just in case I get hungry and I need to know how much cash to bring
The spouse unit loves pizza and I kind of go along, unless, I make my own. Put this puppy out in the carport and relax!
+Michael John Battista - Surprisingly not, I saw this machine on one of those awful "how it's made" programmes and the machine actually kneeds some dough, flattens it out, tops it and bakes it.

It'll still be crap though.... and that was an old show.
that is so cool but to bad I don't live in the US
every pizza is 2 minutes fresh mmmm! the taste of ITALY
Americans will be eating more pizza when this new vending machine comes to the U.S. Then the government will begin to regulate on our calorie intake.
I'm sure that wouldn't fly with the USDA.
bring it to AUSTRALIA PLEASE!!!
Yuck, what will they think of next. Does anyone cook at home?
Oh yeah, and this is what the pizza guy uses when he gets hungry and eats your pizza
THAT IS SOOOOOO AWESOME!! I will give it a warm welcome RIGHT NOW! Welcome to America Pizza Vending Machine. I WANT IT NOW!!! :)
O.o _Really?_  Do we really need a vending machine pizza?
your hot...i'd like to meet you! what state you live in?
can someone get me one of those?!!?!?!?!?!
eww... thats so disgusting, i don't think we need one more crappy thing like that her in america, we already have vending machine cafe
actually realllyy gross, but still pretty awesome
wow thats pizza it is cold pizza?
Alex H
Is not same everybody will fat so quick
I can think of three people who would use this 24/7.
wow the is like sooooooooo awesome i love it!!!!
it may be real pizza...but how much quality comes with "vending machine pizza"? Let me guess...this vending machine pizza idea was sparked because something needed to make-up for the soft drink ban in NYC??
I think a burger vender would be better, a lot less messy and much easier to construct.
I would use this so much that i will have like 4 bbq so many times
that is so awesome
Wow. How lazy us Americans have become. 
i don't believe seriously, i really don't
Are they going to put them next to the Redbox movie machines?
the pizza will probly be already made then it gets cold and then you order and then it takes 3 to 5 minutes to heat an then you eat it.
They have cupcake vending machines yum jk lol
If it can serve beer as well it's 100% ok with me...
Hey know how much design effort and engineering know how has gone into this project...We had put off a lot of things to get this one done..we have our priorities..Were still working on the Detroit model...
People will buy it, even just to try it. They'll do well here. 
Wow, if you find THIS vending machine at a train station, EW.
so how long is the pizza gonna be sitting in the vending machine...???
Watch out they will trade McDonalds for a vending machine next
Does America really need more fattening, easily accessible food?
Is the pizza baked there? Or do you have to eat month old pizza?
Otherwise it looks totally cool.
wow thats right its kewl...i wonder how it works!!
That's legit. But it'll probably taste crappy xD
No freaking way today a girls dream just came true sniff tear sniff
we have had that in Politecnico di Milano for 4 years.. :P not bad for americas.. but no good for italians eheh :)
YES! a street oven finally.
machine/robots are taking our jobs!
This is heresy! (sorry... a moment of coming out from an Italian brander ^^)
I bet that would be the most discusting thing i ever ate (if i do!)
this is insane! im a die hard pizza LOVER.. but vending machine??
btw. they've already invented frozen hamburger, taco, and a burrito vending machines. I've seen it with my own two eyes. It scares me.
There's one of them already in Ireland or somewhere I think.. I've definitly seen one..
That's really strange to have that, well it's a new century 
They already have these out. It's called Little Caesars. 
This will bring in a wave of new jobs....Pizza Vending Machine Repairer.... a new career for me on the horizon...I wonder if they will hire a sign waver to stand in front of it like at the other pizza places..
They used to have something called the in NYC in the fifties...It worked on a similar system but people actually handled and made the food not a robot.
Now if the pizza tastes good, too they might have a winner.
stupidest thing ever. that's gonna suckkk lol
This will be, like, the hangout/go-to spot for the homeless, beggers, muggers. By the time your pizza is done, you'd be robbed of your money, your car, and perhaps even your tophat....
Unless!? You can preorder, get this, from your smart phone.
Boss, but I wonder how high quality it will taste?
thats gross and very................interesting
I love pizza but that is the worst idea ever
ur kidding me! that's ridiculous! where'a that?
cant wait till that comes out
 All I ask is why? I'd rather pay extra for some good pizza than something from a machine!  No offence to the machine, I think it's pretty neat, I just wouldn't get any pizza from it. :)
what is our world turning into?! i love pizza but seriously a pizza vending macine?!
what kind i know cheese how 'bout ham and pineapple
people just can't stop thinking of ways to make people FAT!
Well it's better pizza, but whatabout Chipotle? Huh People?!?! :)
I can't even get a decent coffee out of a machine ... much less a pizza. But hey, this is junk food capital of the world. So they may have a future.
What's up with the oven really people... 
Hell yeah! Make sure to bring that to Hawaii!!!! YUUUUUMMMMMM
= _=
its probably gonna be absolutely terrible, but its a nice idea
no right  back to you dum girl :) hahahahah wow what u going to do
Sweet!   Where can I get that!!
hmmmm its a little gross to me, woodfire pizza from a pizzeria place r the best
That is wrong on so many levels!
So do u mean I don't have to wait 2hrs for the Domino's pizza delivery guy to give me the incorrect pizza that I ordered when I live across the street? Not to mention having to wait an hour and a half for the Hungry Howie's delivery girl to give me my pizza & overdone breadsticks. (At least she apologized, gave me extra marinara, and a 2 liter of Mtn Dew for free.)
I believe in Japan, the already have a vending machine that supplies beer.
Yep. Everyone get all upset over this machine that wan't even made here, and hasn't gotten here yet. Also, add some stupid statement that makes you feel superior for living in NYC, Italy, or wherever....that is the apex of intelligence. Complain about the (farcical and stressed) information about how fat Americans are, junk food capital, or whatever stupid popular comment to make you feel smart. How about the fact that most can't even write properly in English while posting their "fresh" comments?! There is an epidemic in the US for sure, an epidemic of stupid, illiterate, and egocentricity. If you don't like the idea, just don't get the pizza. Done. 
In Japan they have vending machines with almost everything you could think of! From soups to juices to ordering curry!!!
Trust me this is good that this is comming to America BUT plenty of other countries have developed this form of selling.
I should know! I lived in Japan for about four years! 
I'm a Papa John's pizza man, always & no thank you..
dont they have this in Italy?
Adi A
I need one of those at my house!
i really wanna see one of those
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