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Chilling in the Shades

Loving my new present from +Isabelle Olsson.  Photos by +Max Braun 
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Those look really good, +Amanda Rosenberg. I think these might make people feel less odd about Glass since it doesn't stand out as much anymore.
So cool, I love it! More glass pics please :-) 
X-men first class. Looks great
+Clayton Pritchard Strangely it makes me feel more odd about glass.  I like to know when you point a camera directly at my face, this hides it.
Ben G
oooooooOOOOOOooooo Google glasses. YAY! want them! Now! Badly. so much. they look cool:) Love to all xoxoxo bye 
+Benny McKeon I hope they do that. But mostly so I can hide the side of it behind my fringe like Amanda has here.
The design of the glass is improving. If i could use it with other glasses that would make it cooler.
Jealous!  I'm excited to see new Glass designs coming out!
Nice glasses what ever makes you feel good 
Oh nice. I've been wondering what Glass might look like over some actual lenses. I wear glasses and have been wondering. These shades are the closest I've seen so far.
When you make something for prescription eyeglass wearers - call.
I'm waiting to see the precious stone (diamonds, sapphires, etc.) encrusted version. Like those high-end iPhone cases.
Indicator with goggle verry nice

So beautiful. Glass. I mean you.
Scott L
She got you a coupon for teeth whitening?
very nice, are they all you thought they would be. 
+Amanda Rosenberg
Do you think we'll see any major design changed in Google Glass between now and official release?
Or might there be possible underwater variations or cases for other more active sports?
Also, why haven't we seen Google create a game for Google Glasses wearers involving Nerf guns? XD

Curbing my jealousy by living vicariously through you and other Google Glass wearers/posters. ^_^
What about connection? Does google glass have 3g/4g/wifi only or other alternative connection types ?
Those actually look really cool. Better than the shadeless design most people have been rocking. 
+Project Glass Actually I find the large tint shades NOT a good idea here. Looks too incognito and emphasizes the camera staring back at you. Best bet is to try to make the camera blend in or you risk the chance of potentially alienating people. Just a friendly tip! B-)
+Beka Demuradze I'm hazy on most of all of the details, but I was under the assumption they connected to a cell phone via Bluetooth; so what ever your cell phone gets would be received on Glass.
Does this sound right to anyone else?
+Chris Aultman  I guess that's right way to use glass, because cell phone waves can increase risk of head cancer if antenna is on glass, but using bluetooth while your mobile phone is in pocket, i think its more safe. I totally agree with that connectivity 
Cool shades must of been expensive
I like em a lot better like this, maybe Google could partner with Oakley. Looking forward to em
I'm so jelly that Google didn't send me a pair.....

Come ON Google...hook me up, please?

Ye kaun chtrakar hai?
Now these are cool and not dorky at all
The Chilling Sunglasses Are Great, They Look Good On You.
Thats all i can say pretty
You look like (Star Trek referance):  Seven of Nine
I'll look like: Borg Locotus  :(
+Jonathan Delgado and +Ryan Bailey I was wondering the same thing. I wonder how they compensate for the decreased light coming through. They need to have a gap in the shades there or they'll have to increase the brightness. The lit up area is so small though that you can increase the brightness enough without losing hardly any power.
Peh cun ar minah ue, haha!!! Understand arkkkkkk

Are those the new Google Glasses?
Hmm, I want those, but with silver aviators. Will happily pay an additional $1500 for that. ;)
win thu
မဂၤလာပါ ခင္ဗ်ာ
win thu
ဘာလုိ႔စကား ျပန္မေျပာ တာလည္း
win thu
It'd be even better if Google Glass could programmatically adjust the polarization of the sunglasses.
Yeah, this looks good.  Whether with sunglasses lenses, or corrective lenses, it really makes it look less awkward.  

This look would definitely catch on.
Wow that looks well cool, what's that circle in the top left corner

Amanda how's the eye glass do you recommended? you like to record everything you see? how is it..?
Woooww this is the design that I want, can't wait.....this is the best google glass design,i think... Btw, u look awesome +Amanda Rosenberg 
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This is the link
+Chris Lichowicz the lens/shade part of Google Glass is totally separate and clips onto the frame.  You absolutely can get that in as complicated of a prescription as you like.
MARY .......
i think you are also so nice and pretty .....
I can't wait for the day I can walk to a store and just but a pair 
mary also pretty girl, may be
take off your shades pls!!
How to get one? :)
That's one hot sunglasses.
u lyke it
& by da wy itz nt hot
coz she won't be able 2 wear
idk y u ppl sy hot 4 everythin
if u lyke ma comment den lyke it
+khalid mehmood yar wtz so gud in diz pic
lemme guess u ppl r lykin as da gal iz pretty :p 
Chilling in that shade not that bad...
Amanda how is the google glass l believe you so much like it
There great they give you character. Swagger. Estilo. Style.U go Girl
I'm paying more attention to her than the glasses. Maybe that was intended. See, we're not bulky.
No one n that corner has swagger like you great shades.Ur chillin.
And haters say you look like a dork if you wear Glass. I see nothing but style
Ohhhh. Cut me off, eh? Oh well. I just noticed the glass. So don't worry. 
How well will this work for people that wear glasses?  I assume there's some sort of focus adjustment...
Oh yeah and what about people that switch between glasses and prescription sunglasses when in the sun?
My last comment was tha chronic that why you removed it right? But I'll still this chic is hideous.
My last comment was tha chronic that why you removed it right? But I'll still this chic is hideous.
Wow how beautiful...u r indeed awesome...i appreciate..wat i see..
Tee S.
Beautiful showing!
hi so sweet dear what a joy on your face
That's awesome, can't wait until I can get my pair!
Are those like a Google Glass kind of thing with the little camera looking thing or just regular shades?
How nice is your hair but its like them pantene ads 
first pic is very vogue, second pic is very Amanda.....
sunglass is super
Brown rang yo yo jazz dhami an yo yo honey singh.
Her glasses with camera is very nice!
That looks AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
smile for the camera :)
r those the "google glass" look cool anyways!
Motion sensors (kinect), Computer screen glasses, and voice command. I smell a virtual reality helmet coming on.....
its just called glass, idk wat its made of
i wonder when will they integrate it with see-thru dispkay optics
LaForge off star trek woulda love those lol.
Who cares .. to many things more the world..
Looks good, and ur hot?, priceless.:-)
What is that kind of Glasses what are they for.
Wow those are CUTE, when can we start buying these glasses?! glass?  Looks great!

Now for Terminator 5 tryouts.
Shut up and take my soul my money and my pair of parachute pants from 1983
u look swt like angel dear , plz add me as a friend to your circle.
So one eye sees darkness and the other eye sees a bright monitor feed?

Has anybody thought this through?
I mean the health implications and whatnot.

Wouldn't surprise me if we see an increase in vision related problems as a result of these.

Hope I'm missing something and am getting concerned over nothing.
Beautiful picture
Another thing, can you remove the computer part from the sunglasses?  What if I want to use glass in the office and I buy these sunglasses... Do I have wear sunglasses in the office and look like a weirdo?
they not going to ban this on driving neither banning message texting...
you look like the last hooker I had in that fur, are you? and if so i'm ready for seconds...
Hey gurl! You look great! Could you read my posts in the #Glass Explorers community? I am Terrill Corletto and I started this little hashtag.......#HEYGOOGLE I would love some comments to see if I have a fighting chance
Nice glass and glasses and you(≧∇≦)
Hey sorry +MaTT Hader is such a chode. Either that or I hope hes your friend joking with you....
It really looks good with sunglasses
wow. Nice sunglasses. 
Very nice... I like...
I play ping-pong :)
How will glass work for us far sighted folks? Will the image be blurry? Can we focus it? 
where to buy ones?
arun kb
lips are better than teeth..
Just picked up from the man in the black 
CJ Lim
Cyclops' girlfriend?
Do you see people naked with these glasses? 
That smile will sell anything!
Looks Fantastik..... I want one of those :) 
I like how the shades can be clipped on to the Glass.

Makes it look a lot more cooler
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