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Sounds about right.
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Actually, when Wall-E recharges in the sun, the noise used is from a mac. Just sayin'.
Personally, I'm a PC guy. I build 'em, fix 'em, and mod 'em. That's something you can't do with most macs.
(Mac) Well, the replacement parts seem like they can only be purchased through a single 3rd party and they're all as expensive as a new computer.  (PC) It will get you through your day, even if it is all done in Safe Mode, it's the "little engine that could". It will get you home no matter the circumstances or obstacle(s).
David, that comparison really was appropriate for windows xp, but less so for windows 7. Now it just works :P
So what you're really saying is a Mac is a beautiful piece of tech that's worth traveling to another planet for, even if you have to grab on to a rocket and hitch a ride from the outside. Couldn't agree more. ;) 
I only run Windows 7 in a VM at this time, XP was just as stable for me, after Windows ME the world of Windows became a lot more stable. Windows 2000 was great. But actually, the far best PC Operating System wasn't Windows in my opinion, it was actually DOS.
+Mario Sferrazza I think Mac is a system worth having brief vacation trist, if you're really a lover of Mac. The relationship will always be "Love/Hate", if you want to bypass this madness, just format & install Windows onto your IntelMac.
+Mario Sferrazza, that viewpoint disgusts me...Just because there are some crappy looking windows based laptops doesn't mean anything...

Have you even see an asus republic of gamers laptop? You can't even buy a mac with that level of gaming ability, and the ROG is about the same pricetag as the base model 13.3 inch macbook pro, while the closest thing you can get (which still is slower), is about 3 grand :P

Btw, macbooks have an awful trackpad, and the brushed aluminum look, is awful :P
Besides, you can't make the argument that Windows needs less maintenance to run than OS X. It's actually the exact opposite. A Mac would be way more likely to function autonomously for 800 years. 
Scott, you lost whatever credibility you had when you dissed the MacBook trackpad. That's one of the most poorly implemented parts on PC laptops. 
In 2009 I had a catastrophic crash while running Leopard & I had to image my drive & reinstall the OS, Leopard was a terrible OS, it was much like Windows ME. Tiger worked well, Snow Leopard is nice, I cannot say anything about the newer versions. I've been burnt by a failed Graphics card on both my MacBook Pro & Mac Pro Tower. I was lucky that the motherboard on my MacBook Pro was replaced for free because the graphics card had known defects.
Oh, and the Magsafe concept is complete crap, I am currently on my 3rd power adapter due to the inferior insulation, which the 3rd will likely fray like the rest and power issues will also arrise in toe.
I'm still running an Atari 2600 with ALL original parts.
+Mario Sferrazza, track pad is implemented badly on cheap laptops from crappy manufacturers. Apple trackpad sucks, and some windows trackpads suck, but windows designated computers atleast has the option of having a good one.

I only buy good stuff :P

As to maintenance on my part, my windows computer requires zero. None what so ever. I never actively run a virus scan, I never tell it to defrag, and my drivers work perfect. All of those things are 100% automated, and only happen when the computer has idled over 5 minutes :P Macs still fragment btw, and there are still mac viruses, so I hope you use antivirus.

I haven't actually encountered a virus in what... 7 or 8 years now?
Honestly, someone would have to be absolutely MAD today when it comes to defragging modern hard drives. I've done it once and with the vast capacity of drives it takes days to do a defrag a single drive. Of course I'm assuming everyone else is running drives larger than 500GB
David, the more often you defragment, the less work it needs to do. My drive defrags in under 2 minutes, and I have a full terabyte. I use a nightly scheduled task.

It only has to defrag the files that have fragmented since the last time you ran the defrag. You aren't defragmented the whole drive, just components.
+David J. Thompson You can use window's task scheduler to run anti-virus and defrag when you aren't using it. Mine is scheduled weekly before I wake up. No fuss, no muss.
...what's a muss, anyway?
I don't even buy antivirus, or pay attention to it. I have microsoft security essentials, which never expires, and is very light weight. I can't attest to its quality, because I haven't encountered any form of virus in 7 years to test it.
+Scott Rosenberg Well, clearly I don't want to defrag more and more frequent as a I upgrade drives. +Chris Aultman Oh I wish my father understood how much better it would be to do Virus Scans at night. It's been about at least a decade I since I last had a virus on any of my own systems. I have had to manually remove viruses from my fathers laptop twice in the last 2yrs. I still do scans after manual virus removals.
You don't need to defrag more frequently... scheduling a daily or weekly will work, forever :P As I said, you only have to defragment files that have fragmented since the last time you did a defrag. If nothing changed, your defrag will be over in 30 seconds, after it finishes reading the index :P

Larger drives are actually more fragmentation resistant.

Just install MSE, your father will be fine. Its automated and doesn't ask permission.

If fragmentation bothers you so much, use a solidstate drive :P They don't need to be defragged, ever.
+David J. Thompson If you're going over there that often, then you might as well set up some tasks on his scheduler. Save the both of you some headaches.
Well, back to Mac vs. PC. (Mac) is more and more a marketing departments wet dream. Style does trump substance. You DO pay for the heavy attention to the visual. (PC) Mostly you pay for the Substance, design of the shell is normally the last small thing on the list of things to do. For the firms that do pay attention to design and offer customizing YOU PAY A TON OF MONEY, but there is absolutely no holding back on the hardware performance.
Yeah... It takes me about 5 minutes to setup a computer to never need maintenance until the hardware fails :P

+David J. Thompson, Asus makes some really purdy laptops :P
PC customization isn't expensive. The most costly part being the case. 
The sleekest case I ever built was completely acrylic with shiny brass screws and flooded with blue LEDs. I couldn't sleep in the same room with it on, however. It was like being on the receiving end of a lighthouse beam.
My next project isn't original, but it's to build a micro pc inside the shell of an old NES.
+Scott Rosenberg My next laptop is going to be purely for work and will sport an SSD. I mainly use large drives for storage only and I run them in at least a RAID 1 today. Over time I'm going to be making my storage more redundant.
I prefer heat dissipation as my method of keeping a system quiet :P I use full tower cases on microATX boards. My current home gaming desktop is hooked up to a 37 inch TV across the room, using only a HDMI, and power cable. Everything else is wireless. I sit across the room on my bed :P
Ya know... technically, they could have mounted the camera on the inside of the hamster ball, if they wanted to... just have to use a clear ball... and they could increase the durability of the laptop by closing its lid, and using a SSD :P
I actually own a nice netbook... thinks on it
+Amanda Rosenberg since this is turning into mac vs windows not mac vs pc. you want to make that comment into something linux like...

good morning btw
They're all just different sides to the same evil coin....
wall e is a hero in the movie we must remember
hey u guys r fucking retards, BECAUSE MAC's SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LIVE IT LEARN LOVE IT. Wake up to the real world. This proves I really hate mac sorry I had to get it out.
lol wait someone cares which operating another person uses to get their work done? That's precious.
The comparison seems more like Android and Ios to me.
I think it is obvious that whether you are a Mac or a PC, the "X" key is still too close to the "D" key and English will always be the most abused language on the planet. Amen
Well if you wanna use this analogy don't cherry pick.

Wall-E/PC: Collects garbage.
FemBot/Mac: Engages in interstellar travel/Shoots lasers.
I don't feel like ruffling through 55 comments to see if someone pointed this out, so I'll just say it. This was intentional. Steve Jobs was on the board at Disney, so Walle is full of Apple inspired stuff like this.
The hardware in a mac is pretty much the same but cost triple the price. I have over 20 years’ experience working with mac and PC. I build PC's using the top hardware which can outperform a mac at less than half the price. People just don't seem to understand, a PC can run more than just windows, it can in fact run OSX and a host of Linux distros. As for looking pretty there are plenty of well-made quality designed cases to put all that powerful hardware in. This comparison is just simply highlighting peoples ignorance.
yeah, but with her sleek looks and high power laser- subject to proprietry command (Apple)

Wall-E? saved the day by not being subject to the man(Android)
and ubuntu is left out of the conversation..... again.
Heck, I couldn't even attach a MacBookAir's hard drive to a standard SATA to recover data from a MacBookAir blown up (partially)... They use weird non-standard SATA connectors.
At first I didn't like the comparison, but then I read the caption, and it does make sense.
I'm a Mac nut but not an Apple nut. Get the difference?
Regarding the defrag argument... Mac now runs a linux kernel...linux file system doesn't fragment like Windows systems do... The file system handles the fragmentation much better in linux...
My android phone's bootscreen is the apple logo :P

Johnny, linux was mentioned. Ubuntu is nothing special, its just linux :P
Not this old flame war again... wake me up when people stop incorrectly associating the term "PC" with windows.
PC is fine to refer to as windows... so long as you're also refering to everything else including pocket calculators :P
WALL-E may be a PC but I bet he runs Linux.
I never had a PC that stayed up without crashing for 800 hours, let alone 800 years.  Wall-E must have been made by whoever designed the DC-3.
It's a BSD-Kernel, but yes, most (or every?) modern Filesystems don't need to be defragmented manually!
Alex, thats not true at all... they are more resistant to fragmentation, but certain workloads, regardless of filesystem inherently cause fragmentation
Is a Mac considered not to be a PC? The graphic does not make any sense anyway. Macs are quite easy to repair and replace parts; windows PCs have very low average uptimes
Darren... you can't get 800hours? Weird... I haven't had any crashes on my computer at all, and I run windows :P
Oh no!! People on the Internet are wrong!!!!
too white! blurs my already blurry vision
Hmm...Apple stock price 551.00, Microsoft stock price is 28.00. Umm Apple is useless how? :)

I've been a Systems and Network Admin for over 10 years now, and solely appreciate all MS products. They have been a great source of security for me. Respectfully I will say thank you Windows. However personally I own a few macs, and iOS devices and have never had the software issues I deal with daily on my Windows environments. (I manage over 200 servers from my MacBook Pro, running remote software and VM ware) I know windows can do the same, but it just looks so much nicer on my Mac.

anything is not like APPLE:P
Been using Macs since 1982. Never had a problem. How many PC users can say that? Up yours!
So we're going to ignore that Apple hardware and PCs run the same architecture these days, and that both MacOS and Windows are just as locked down and remotely fuck-withable?  This image makes a better argument for building your own Linux box rather than buying a pre-fab machine with a proprietary OS installed.
Rex Su
LOL, so fraking true
Mac = expense, social standing & extortionate repair expenses. Pc = fun, functionality & accessibility to all from £200 basics through to £5000 kick-ass'rs. In my opinion it's a choice between snobbery (mac) and common sense (pc).
It is true PC and Macs have the same parts or close enough. But so does a Honda and a BMW. Which would you honestly like to drive? 
Ross, windows had a serious paradigm shift in quality in 2009.
mac versus pc. That's good for about 2 years worth of argument.
LOL Mac users in denial, I love it.
+Julian Ortiz That's actually a perfect example.  The common sense people would drive the Honda because it is long lasting and easy to replace parts and cheap.  Rich snobs drive the BMW because they don't care about the cost or time it takes to fix it.
So nice to have a look on the tech...
borred of movies...."Science and Tech always rokzzz"
I prefer ipad for looking things up really quick, entertaining myself, and other quickies. Love my android for being social, skypeing with my gf, and calling people (I actually talk on the phone). I,ve used an apple desktop here and there. Good for adobe's master suite. Got and old xp tower and a vista one I use as servers, burning dvd's and storage. My windows 7 laptop is my work horse. It's synced to every other device I own. Its also running ubuntu for when I want to tinker around or someone needs to see why their wifi shouldn't be left open.
They've all got their place. I do think apple overprices things. Ipad and ipod are both lovely.
...and why do we still have a caps lock key?
Angela, you might want to look up Pixar in Wikipedia before you compare a main, beloved character from one of it's movies to a PC, especially from that era.  Hard to believe people have already forgotten barely a year later.  Sheesh.
I didn't know people were still having this argument.
Of course Wall-E was one of hundreds of copies, so the survival rate was one in a thousand or more likely much much worse based on the opening shots of the movie;)

Compare that to the ship that represents where Eve came from, which is the same design intent as Eve, which ran itself for hundreds of years and had thousands of independent computers continue running with only maintenance provided by other machines, and you have just made a major advertisement for Mac by that logic.

Unless you want to say the ship was actually Linux with lots of independent pieces working together for the better whole, each set up for one specific purpose with a minimal failure rate?
Runs continuously for 800 years?  There's no way WALL-E is running Windows.  If so, he'd randomly shut down in the middle of a task because he forgot to  postpone the mandatory restart after an update. Yeah, WALL-E is definitely a PC running Linux.  (I have one server that hasn't even been rebooted in two years.)  The Windows units were all of those other dead maintenance bots he scavenged his parts from.

And EVE is a Mac, I'd like to see the scene when WALL-E realizes they're cousins...
It is also possible that they are meant to be showing the evolution from the first computers to newer ones, specifically macs.
+Julian Ortiz I guess you can't plus me to speak directly to me using a Mac....

I say useless because its still a cliche Hipster product.

No real corporations are using Macs to conduct daily business.

" And Apple's market cap (the total value of all of its shares) topped Microsoft's even though the latter company had more revenue and double the profit margins. Clearly, Wall Street was looking at growth potential, not current income statements and balance sheets, in anointing Apple the more compelling buy."

So because you have more expensive stock, it doesn't mean you have the more successful business, it simply means investment forecasters feel more strongly for your growth.

I strongly dislike apple, that is my opinion that they're useless. I'm glad that you use a Mac to control over 200 windows machines, but if Macs are so much better, why are they not running the server software?
Matt, thats not fair, if you compare it to modern windows :P

Though he does have linux level stability :P

Most windows bashing is really in reference to 95 98 me xp vista, and windows 8... but windows 7 really doesn't do much in stupid
I'd say Wall-E is running Linux. He doesn't need much of a GUI, he needs to conserve power as much as possible, and he needs to be able to run for 800 years.

He may not be much to look at on the surface, but at his core is some of the best technology out there.
where is the i'm a linux=AXIOM star ship
Arguing PC vs Mac is like arguing religion, no one wins.
Seeing as well all just use a browser to go on Facebook ad angry birds , isn't it all just the same anywhoo
Cheap plus heat, Amanda.
I spend a lot of time gaming, and using notepad++. Those are best done on windows.

I can't wait for steam for linux though!!! Its official
I like the choice we have, keeps it interesting!
And thus a new chapter in the flame wars begin. 
This sounds about right? Let me let you in on a little secret, shhh don't tell anyone. This is just between you and me Amanda. If one company over the other did. Than it would be possible that that too could if only. So being biased over will result in if and buts but only because. So if another only then you might find yourself for the other. Let all be right for one, for it has been said you can't please all of the time.
I love Microsoft because in my career (Systems/Network Admin)it pays very well in which allows me to buy my very well made MAC products.  Yin and Yang, the circle is complete....:)
Mac had the first GUI for consumers so... its more like wall-e is lisa os and eve is more like mac os lion.

I donʻt see windows in the photo... but windows would be a cheap version of wall-e.
Mac vs Window.
It's all a matter of opinion anyway.
Neither one is better than the other. They both do a job. If a Windows machine is what you need, you use Windows. If it's a Mac, you use a Mac.
"Macs aren't customizable!" So what. 99% of all computer users have no interest in changing their video card, or adding liquid cooling.
"Windows machines are ugly!" So what. 99% of computer users don't care what their machine looks like as long as it does what they need it to.
"Macs are too expensive!" So what. If you can't afford it, don't buy it. But Windows units of equal quality cost nearly as much. Cheap Windows machines are just that. Cheap.
"Windows gets viruses and malware!" So what. You Mac users just wait. You juuuuust wait.

For the record, I use Macs and am employed as an Apple certified repair tech. I chose Apple because there was a need for Mac techs in my area, and way to many Windows techs. 
I prefer the Mac OS because it's what I know better. 
People who know Windows better prefer Windows.

It's all a matter of opinion. Fanboys need to get over themselves.
You got that right ;D
Posted on 4Chan over a year ago.  This is old news...
Star crossed lovers in the computation wars?  Its Romeo and Juliet all over again.  Now they'll both crash, NO!!!!
+Scott Rosenberg +Mario Sferrazza  It's true Windows has gotten a lot better over time and is now much more stable. However Macs still offer a better user experience, OSX is just more intuitive and faster when it comes to getting things done. I couldn't disagree with you more on the track pad, I find it responsive and accurate. Plus it's actually big enough to use comfortably, unlike the tiny track pads that ship with most of the PC laptops I've seen. Whenever I'm on a PC I miss things like column view in finder, full screen apps, track pad gesture, Mail App and iCloud. I know some of these things can be accomplished with 3rd party software on windows, but the implementation is never as good. So for me the cheaper and/or more powerful PC hardware doesn't really matter. I can still play lots of games and having the highest possible graphics settings isn't a concern to me. People buy macs for the ease of use and the elegantly designed operating system which is tailored to the Mac's hardware.
actually, the line between the 2 is rapidly going away. i see this as a very good thing.
Linux .. bah, do your research people, it's running QNX
When Apple Computers renamed their company to Apple Inc. They just killed any form of future to their computer or OS, killed their server line and went full speed ipod-ipad-iphone, Apple is an electronic gadget company not a computer business anymore... Mac Fanboys...
Oh, but it's walle inspire people
Last time I checked, yesterday, Mac's have replacement parts.
If you actually watched the movie, you'd know that Wall-E runs on OSX.
Dan C
+Jesse Esquibel Your iMac's Webcam just broke. What do you do?

Take it to the Apple Store to have the whole unit disassembled and fixed.

Your PC's webcam (A USB, unless you're on a laptop, but the example here is a desktop Mac, so) just broke. What do you do?

Remove and replace it without having to drag the whole system to a "Genius Bar."
Well, I'm in the market for a new laptop and came across this post. I'd like to spend at most $3K for a new rig.

I'm a photographer and need some horsepower for Photoshop, Lightroom and possibly some video editing. I think I need a min of 8g of RAM and an i7 processor (would love the new Ivy Bridge). I need a min 15" screen (preferably a anti-glare). Not opposed to 17" but they are a bit heavy.

The Macbook Pro's are sexy, but I think PC is the way to go since I own all the PC software and don't have to invest in all Mac software as well. 

Any suggestions would be great. I currently have a Dell Latitude that is 5 years old and slow in comparison to today's speeds.

Thanks to all in advanced for your input.
I ran windows for years. It is by far the most frustrating OS ever developed.
Functioned autonomously for over 800 years = pc??!!!! 

I don't think so:)
Linux is the only way.  Apple to propiatary but do like their hardware.
Dan C
Not to mention I'm not brand-locked when I'm trying to replace hardware in my system .. and the fact that I can actually build a PC. :(
I don't remember that bit,,, when was it?
Mike G
Also, PC's are not quite so antiquated looking! When I say PC's I'm referring to Android.
Lol, I watched the movie. Wall-E was clearly Windows XP while Eva was the spiffy Windows 8.
you bitch suck it pcs are better than macs plus walle is better than you asshole.
The Terminator ran on Linux. It could fix itself.
Well, I'll join too. I use Linux, Mac has the best trackpad I've ever used (I own ThinkPad, trackpoint is nice, but still), Windows is the most poorly made OS ever. Don't even start to argue while this so called "OS" doesn't even have tabs in Explorer. It's 2012, guys! 
And with "revolutional" Windows 8 will need TPM lock to prevent third party software from running. I take it as the ending of Windows era.
+Daniel Cox Yes they do, I'm just arguing that it's easier and faster to get them dones on a Mac.
Wall-e is a Mac too, a vintage one. Notice the boot sound when charging.
Linux is a whole new thing that you can attach rockets to if you or mod the entire body of, just leaving the core if needed. It does what you want and is not locked at all, making Windows look like Mac on the "locked down" aspect of everything.
the pc is still trying to to what it has to do
Dan C
+Kerry Cutsforth Having used both to do actual work, I prefer the inherent flexibility of PCs over the rigidity of Apple devices. I have no less than four PCs all running different operating systems and being utilized for different purposes. Most importantly, I can open the case of my primary system and modify it. On a Mac, I would be hardware-locked and while OSX is pretty, it is not geared toward software development or any sort of work beyond office applications or graphic design, unless you do your work in a cloud environment or RDP/VNC/SSH into a PC...
Yes, but which is the hero of the movie and which is the sidekick? 
+Daniel Cox and even then they say Mac isn't that better at graphic design either...
blah blah blah. that's why acer and dell are making copies of macbook airs and the iMac. yeah, sure.
yah Pcs are Better for Sure!!
+Jason Heiken Another point on the expense side: Yes, you can get PCs for less than a Mac. However, those cheap PCs come loaded with tons of bloatware. The companies offset the cost of the computer by preloading it with ads from software developers.
Mac doesn't typically have that problem. True, they usually come with some trial software, but it's usually only Apple-made software such as a 30-day trial of iLife and iWork.
I had less problems with my mac than a PC.  God give me a Mac for Father's day :)
I love my windows 7 and 8. I've never had virus issues or blue screens. In my opinion the people who have these issues should rethink how they treat their equipment. Mac is nice but why spend so much for an os I can download and flash to any windows based PC and run just as well if not better. I know this because I am a spoiled tech nerd who has flashed these systems time and time again to my little HP laptop
Yeah, but Wall-E was running Linux!
Mac is not expensive, it's just a fair price for the tech and system it incorporates. I'm pretty sure most of the people don't have original Windows version or have unlicensed Office. If you add this up, it might not be that cheap..
If you guys actually saw wall-e then you would have heard the mac start-up sound when wall-e finished his solar charge

sorry to pee on the parade
I did'nt know you could flash a PC with OSX? Learn something new everyday.
Actually, in the movie, Walle had a Mac startup. 
aww so cute i love diz movie makes me waxxa kry :'{
Dan C
+Kai Sheppard Debian USB boot, wipe drive, no bloatware problem. Takes about 5 minutes.
Wait, didn't these 2 end up together? So their child will be what? :)
Hahahaha.  Anyone that thinks that an operating system is going to run for 800 years is delusional - whether it be Mac or Windows.  Hardware only lasts for 5!
Funny. my PC won't operate (with my help) for more than a couple month without re-imaging....
That's awesome! I'm definitely a PC!
Android! Wait....we're still fighting about Macs vs PCs?
except for the fact that PC runs faster and is more advanced.
Dan C
I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
Dual Booting Android+Windows..... #FUCKYEAH
Apple computer is awesome.. I do work with iMac n personally have macbookpro.. Windows is too old for me, and Mac make my work easier everyday.. Cheers for mac.. But i hate iphone.. Since depending on itunes... Love my android SGS2 device than ios.
Mac in personal environment is ok. Mac in professional, networked environment = headaches.
How about the fact that both OS' have their own strengths and weaknesses just like anything in this world. I don't understand why we are still having this debate; some people like windows some people like Mac, that is the end of it! If all you have time to do is troll the Internet to dis on other peoples preferences you should probably be more worried about getting a job than bashing operating systems. it is like a bunch of children fighting over which super hero is better superman or batman, guess what they are both f***king awesome but are completely different just like windows and Mac (nerd alert). Congratulations you can bash an OS, get a LIFE!
Wow. You guys are a bit retarded. I am pro Mac. Not a "gamer" so I couldn't care less of that. Yes Mac is more stylish, yet more pricey. The upgrade parts being costly... You sir are a dumbass! You can build the Mac how you want, ram, screen size, processor, harddrive, ect. If you break it, thats what apple care is for. Recently had a 22 inch iMac screen replaced for free because of the apple care. If talking about the difference from upgradability, then your right. All makes are as simple as upgrading a pc laptop.

But for me, the kicker... The closed environment that is a Mac. It runs iPod/iPhone/iPad. Try using a win7 phone to do/get something off your windows computer. Mac is built from Apple with apple parts. Windows is built by dell and acer and HP and your neighbors dog with parts from Mexico and Japan and Korea. Not all parts compatible with eachother but you can make anything function "well enough" under windows. Just open up prompt, hash tag, registry fix, and avoid that blue screen of death from your insufficient software. That's all windows is. Not a computer, but software. And it isn't compatible with anything. That's why I like Mac because it's software built by one person and one company. Pc is made by everyone else. Hate on the price tag all you want but you will never get the experience or costumer service from a windows machine even if you have Alienware. 
The best operating system is Human. It just needs to quit trying to connect to digital and reconnect to life and each other.

Every computer OS has it's good and bad points and we will like the one that we understand the most. If we understand Mac then it is the best system. If we like Windows, Linux or whatever then those are the best systems. To argue over which OS is better is pointless gibberish that does nothing but show our ignorance.

Just accept the fact that each of us likes an OS for our own personal reasons. No one needs to see the world our way. Our perceptions are only correct for us and not others.

I am human not a PC (personal computer).
why dont u chew some egg and stop peeing and whining
Seems to me that Wall-e was more likely running some distro of Linux if he ran for 800 years without a reboot. :-D
Ben H
So true cant trust anything apple all show and no go
I love WALL-E I also, love the Google Chromebook. Which looks a lot like EVA! lol 
+Scott Rosenberg I have an Asus republic gamers laptop so fast and no problems and added an extra 8gbs of ram for cheap. And I edit full 1080p 24fps videos with it with no problems. Asus laptop $1,100 Mac with the same guts $2,700.
Forget Mac & Forget PC and get an Android tablet/phone Its the way of the future. And don't follow the crowds for the new kindle fire! it is crap has no removable storage, or just about any other feature that make a tablet rule! Dont buy an Ipad it will just break and you will be out a load of money. Go open source! Google is breaking free of Mac and PC just a matter of time before they have their own manufactures and own hardware. Mark my words. It will happen and you well see the error of your ways. P.s. They just bought Motorola hmm. wonder who is next!
Can anyone out there get me Dave gahan singer of depeche mode 's email
Macfags status:

Seems about right. The Mac needed rescuing all throughout the film, blindly served it's master and lacked the ability to learn. The PC on the other hand was the hero. Easy to repair when broken, thought of others and wasn't stuck up, and stood out from the crowd and was willing to learn. Everyone loved Wall-E too!
It feels like on G+ people just in general hate Mac. I also cannot stand the fact that most people spend 1000+ bucks on Mac without even slight knowledge of terminal
give me a break!
this is such a bad metaphor
everyone knows Mac is awesome
Forgot the part about Mac just working the way it was designed to from day one
it should have been the opposite.
incorrect both about the movie and the computers...
For Laptops, Apple is the 4th most reliable brand. They come in after Asus, Toshiba, and Sony

Though the software is a bit junk... my friend heather's macbook pro ran at a constant 204 degrees, because she filled her desktop with icons. The apple genius bar replaced every single internal component one at a time before they discovered that was the issue. On windows or linux, that just uses a little extra ram.
HP is the least reliable commonly known laptop brand :P They come in after emachines, and gateway :P
i think its time +google build there own android +PC, +phone and +tablet, blow all the rest sky high!!!
So true. And awesome.

Everyone loves Wall-e
It's all about the PC. Want a more secure Operating System compared to OSx? Toss Linux on it and still have the easy options of stuffing all kinds of guts turning it into a beast
Who the hell cares?! If you like, pretty, functional and have money to burn then Mac. If you like building them and functional, then PC. Any good moron can break them both. The fan boy duels are getting very boring. 
Now I am a PC user and the first thought that came to mind was did Wall-e always dream of integrating with the Mac? tee hee
The whole premise of WALL-E was bad.  The premise:  Humans are so good at environmental control that they can live for generations in a completely sealed biosphere, but somehow not if they are on the surface of a planet.
^Do you realize MACs use same parts inside as Windows machines do? It's just the OS that is different. Hardware failure has the same potential on either machine
PC all the way. You get what you pay for and if you buy a cheap PC of course its going to function like crap. I can build or buy a high end PC and still spend less money than I would purchasing a Mac. Everyone has their own preference though. Me personally, I like being able to customize my PC: as well as my phone. #galaxynexus To each his own though. ^_^
Really my girlfriends got a Toshiba and she dont like it says nomatter what she does its slow and i got a sony vaio and love it
Wall-E makes the same sound a Mac does when he reboots. Wall-E is an older generation Mac and EVE is supposed to be the new look.
I stuck my Dick in a Mac, up the expressport then put it on yo mommas PC blu-ray drive tray for a virus check.. How'd ya like dem Apples people?
In that case wayne, brand has nothing to do with it.

My girlfriend has a toshiba laptop, now over a year old, and she always is super happy with it. She even named it. Internal components are relevant there. She has an AMD turion II 2.3ghz with 4gb of ddr2 800, a 500gb hard drive, and a radeon 4250, with hacked AMD drivers.

Everything is smooth, everything always works.
My MacBook track pad feels immense! Never had the same feel from any windows PC.
"Designed Obsolescence."
A sad truth of our current societal direction.
but wall-e makes the mac boot noise... He's not just a PC, he's a hackintosh 
feel or feeling is subjective. if it pleases you, then you have to use it.
If Wall-E was a PC (of the non Apple kind) he would do whatever you want but unless you opted for a more expensive model he might look uglier and wouldn't do anything very quickly.

Whereas if EVE was an Apple PC she would let you do whatever she wanted but would massage your neck while doing it to distract you from the reality.
Well I guess that depends on what you use the machine for to give it a 4 year obsolete time frame 
i love walle so that is SUPER COOL!!!!
that is so true but i heard that mac is unupdated
+Amanda Rosenberg But even PC fell in love with a MAC! Remember? Mac is just like that - angry, charging-in , short tempered and yet beautiful!
Linux... I run the internet and no one ever gives me credit. 
Both have their pro's and con's.. Is Mac more stable and secure compaired to a Windows box? Of course but the stylish GUI of the OS and lack of game titles is not worth the hefty price tag in my opinion. Add 100% security and stability and use Linux. I believe only 200 known viruses exist but infections are due to users to manually installing mislabeled items containing the infectious code versus "drive by downloads" that are executed unknowingly on Windows and some cases Mac machines. Shame most Windows users are administrator users so leaves them sitting ducks for attacks
dual loads for the win lol
Walle was made and created on macs at the skywalker ranch. Everything Pixar was all created on a Mac. The Matrix movies were edited on Macs. Want to know what was done on PC? Stealing.

Look at the base out of box programs. Look at the games. OSX has been running the 3D chess for years. Took windows vista to fully rip it off and rename aspects of it slate turned to "marble" really? That's all you got? Better graphic interface? Really? Why does vista and 7 both run like OSX? Oh yeah, because Microsoft is crap and is anything but adaptive and initiative.

I would mention the Google Chrome OS that is working on chrome OS which is now updated to the third installment. Super fast boot up. But where is the internal storage? Maybe chrome OS3 will be better. But chrome books fail because it's only good for online media and storage. Chrome fail. As for Google Android... Are you kidding me? You can't even take a screen cap without jailbreak. What about that chrome app store? 40% porn, 40% viruses, 20% decent apps that are no match for the iOS versions.

As my teachers in school always said "KISS: Keep It Simple Stupid". Stick with Linux. Get Ubuntu, Mac, Red Hat. Arguing about windows being a good operating system is as effective as realizing how many people use Internet Explorer. We have safari, chrome, chrome canary, chromium, rockmelt, Firefox, Firefox Aurora, Opera. (notice most of those use the chrome source code? Even for those Firefox users... We have moved away from the inefficient crap that is anything that microsoft gives us. In school we had pcs that ran lycos and aol and the primary browser was Netscape.

In short, I admit google is onto something. But they are not there yet. Yes the android devices have the same closed environment I love from having a Mac. However as of yet it is too closed. Can't install programs unless it's a addonn extension. I don't like extensions. They are always running in the background even when not in use. That eats up memory and processor power. Keep it simple. Keep it Linux 
Im PC. But we're consumers who like to upgrade almost every year anyhow.
Yeah Asus they're really lovely except when your display goes 10 days out of warranty!!! bought MacBook Pro my brothers been a Mac man Ola's life and I'll I just have to follow in those footsteps.serve me right, try to get something for nothing..never works out I will never ever buy a PC again my laptop is now a desktop with no monitor except my TV. My MacBook Pro goes anywhere, and does anything I want it to whenever I want it to I never have any problems with it. I do studio work im a professional musician and I do little bit of programming also. my brothers and is a IT Tech and he has the all in one and since 2009 the only problem that he ever had with it besides putting Windows on it is the drive and it's been cleaned and you guessed it.. works fine! because that's how they're built simple to operate a dummy can operate an Apple product I'm speaking this through text on my iPhone I'm not that bright that's why I bought a Mac.! With PC you can get lost in it that's the problem with the windows too many windows in windows!!!get my meaning ?and windows eight on my God tried it twice got burned once.. the second Time I don't even want to talk about! I went back to Windows 7 on my Boot Camp on my MacBook Pro where I will stay until they come out with the next Apple product! PC out! Pun intended. And heck yeah I'm still bitter!! Like I said you get what you pay for and that is the bottom line.
Mahdi Z
I like PC more than the Mac :\
what's all the "mac vs pc" talk anyway? in the movie, wall-e and eve are in love.
I'm a Mac user through and through. Tried with Windows over the years to, but at the end of the day I always went back to using a Mac. Why, because the Mac system is by far a much better and secure operating system, it always has been. I do love the picture and it pretty much sums up Mac and Windows
Wall-E is unix not linux but unix. Old school uptime 800 years and counting...
More like functions autonomously for 80 seconds. 
+Sam Gold, you have to specify what variant of UNIX. There is no official 'Unix' anymore.

If you're going for security, OpenBSD. But if you're going for simple resilience, Linux actually is the best UNIX-like OS currently out there.
Wall-E was most likely a Linux based OS, if it was windows he would have blue-screened 20 minutes into the movie.
MAC's are for pretentious wannabees that have more money than sense, cause they just so badly want to fit in with the "cool" crowd,..... spending more money on less specs... (yeah you might be cool in "your" crowd),  but everybody else thinks you're an Idiot.
Michael Chriest, I agree 100 percent. Apple dominated and shocked the world with their audio and video capabilities when the first Macintosh was created, (the little all in one box with the black and white screen). I believe it was also the first machine to actually have audio. I think the Adlib sound card didn't come to play until far later on It was a huge blow to Apple when good 'ole Bill Gates pretty much stole the great technology (and got away with it for some reason) bastardized it naming it Windows 3,1. Apple was always focused on business, education, and development aspects where PC was losing  even in DOS days so they took the path of entertainment and so the PC gaming industry began to take flight to make up for it's poor functionality of a computer    ((Only my opinion :) )) 
Loved it!
But pc and mac are different. they cannot be compared. At home I like leaving all the control to my wife and at office I am on total control. :) 
And the movie was made by Pixar. :)
Yet, THEY seemed to have found love...
Eve did exactly what she was supposed to do, so she is a Mac!
True story...
even if I love mac 'cause it's cool pc is still good...

...and mine has got VISTA and it still rocking!!!
I treat my PC like I treat my car. I don't want something off the shelf that anybody get. It has to be customized with aftermarket parts to make it perform how I want it to perform. When it breaks I have the knowledge and skill to fix it since I built it.
I don't really give a crap about mac vs windows capabilities from the 80s, 90s, and any time before 2009 :P Compare modern to modern please :P
Please stop using the term PC :P

Windows based computers, and Linux based computers are far better than Macs in quite a few regards. Try deleting something with one keypress :P
I just noticed the original poster shares a last name with me.
this movie is the good story i like it so much friend
I have a dell laptop 03. Still runs, and I'm running windows 7 on it with no issues. Just use Firefox with adblock plus. No ads or virus issues. Plus Microsoft security essentials.
Who has the better weaponry.  Who brought who back to life in the end?  Eeeeeeeeeva!!!  ;)
One of my friends has a Mac that has crashed four times. And had to replace the hard drives. Lol
I don't think you can delete anything on windows with a single key press anymore either can you?  Doesn't it still ask for confirmation?  Unless you disable that of course.
Collects garbage. Allows mankind to save the planet. :-)
I imagine if game developers ported the titles over to Mac, it would lessen the dislikes for the machine. I personally do not use Apple or Windows unless for gaming anymore due to the performance, power, and open source aspects of Linux which was based off Unix anyhow which Mac is also however the app store comprises of software to which you have to pay for if it's of any real worth while Linux offers software that does the same thing in their repositories for free  "Human knowledge belongs to the world"
I've never seen a PC operate autonomously. Ever. They are the reason the term "tech support" was invented in the first place.
Wall-E is more like a linix since it has been functioning for over 800 years because if it was windows it would have blue screened after year one without a good defrag.
Chris Aultman is right. Wall-E is a Mac.
goooday. learning how this works sorry if i bothered you.todd b.
funny pictures, but the idea that PCs function autonomously every any length of time, much less 800 years, is laughable.
shoulnd walle be linux and PC be those mad mashines from the movie?
Windows: Install malware scanner/remover and anti-virus software (which is a million dollar industry) scan daily after web surfing and weekly defrags 
Linux: None needed.... Virus free :)
If you say WallE is a Mac because of the start up "Mac chime" then you obviously are too stupid to download a mac chime sound clip from the web and open up the Windows sound panel to change the start up sound.
+Frith Wulf Nah, it's Linux:  Read 8,000 manuals and tips and tricks to find out how to boot it up.  :-p  J/K.  But seriously, Linux is not for the vast majority of the planet.
lol expect macs are way better than PC's
I do have to admit that the Iphones are more secure than rooted android devices because once running root you defy what Linux security is about and the android market is all open and Google does not really monitor what is added and such so malicious code being injected to apps is a high 
I can't help but feel the Wall-E character represents Linux rather than Windows. This will be even more true when Windows 8 comes out.
Not a single person who says they exclusively run MAC for the whole office. If mac is that great why not use it for whole business. Just imagine every org. in the world has min 1 Windows PC and max thousands of them. Now think 200$ mac share is stable or Microsoft 28$. I think Mac is for show off and windows PC is for the work to be done.
But they love each other! Rofl!
Do NOT Insult WALL-E like this.. he is way too smart to be WINDOWS crap- I'm with +Keith Achorn , WALL-E is more like Linux!
i thought PC and mac were different companies. 
Hahahaha!!!! If only that were true. At any rate, Happy Monday everyone!
+Gil Maman Linux is a more advanced (Oops!) different species, out of chart. Agree!
Wall-e's power is that of a mac, just incase you don't remember the beginning of the movie. :)
hey amanda, today i've seen wall E, its good technical movie, definitely likes both robos
+Tim Todd By that logic, if someone is equally familiar with all three OSes, he wouldn't have a preference. I have used, managed, and maintained many computers over the years, running a variety of OSes. I'm very familiar with them as both a user and a system administrator. And from both perspectives, Linux wins, no question. The OS is free, the software is free and ridiculously simple to install, the OS is reliable and secure, it's flexible and easy to administrate, it's customizable and can be tailored to the user and the intended use, it can be installed on almost any hardware, and you aren't dependent on a particular vendor. I could go on, but I think I've made my point. Yes, many people do prefer one OS over the others because that's what they're most familiar with, but that's by far not the only reason why people like one over another, and frankly is a reason to discard that person's opinion.
As far as paying for sleek OS looks and such with Mac versus the wide variety of software content and the rather dull looks of Windows topic of earlier posts, you can customize Windows to look completly different to how it appeals to you but requires programs like Window Blinds which chew up resources slowing you down depending on 1.5 gig or ram or more. With Linux all you need is Compiz and has mind blowing effects and with everything themed and tweaked to your likeness it will most likely be only using up 400meg of memory or less    
that is so cute! i think mac is better
Bilal A
I prefer Mac just because it's simple
Walle makes the Mac sound when he starts. Hi, I'm a Mac and I saved humanity. 
lol im onna mac os x :PP
I love those haters who are just jealous because they can't afford a Mac or are too greedy to pay the extra bucks for an aesthetic design and the it just works experience!
Then that makes Robocop (which is better than eve or wall-e) is Linux bitch!
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