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Photos by Jeremy & Claire Weiss
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You all make those look very not dorky . Looking forward to seeing the models designed at release.
Very nice! Looking forward to testing them soon :)
The little black opening under you that the camera lens? ;)
Love the hair' very attractive ..
Will these glasses work with regular glasses? What about those of us with astigmatism?
I wonder if there's any way to add lenses to these for people who need prescriptions. 
These are superduper awesome looking totally sharing! :) rendition would be way more hot.

But it would be semi nude holding a bud light....if you're LUCKY.
Our brains are wired to find facial symmetry more appealing so Google glass ruins that a bit.  The model is quite pretty too, so it's a shame.
nice shoot with beautiful gril!
This is a really Epic Picture. VIVID and VIBRANT.
Everything is easy with a beautiful face. 
Man... my hair NEVER looks like that when I pose!
Just created a Weirdoes circle ! You are my first entry :-) 
Saving all the cash to buy one in the future instead of buying a smartphone now. :-P
A great way to show that a device decidedly übergeek can be presented in a very fashionable way...
What is the sense of when to wear specs and is it possible to see which applications
What a blizzard!!! changed the hair color too... LOL
Just imagine everyone on the street wear a GoogleGlass. That's weird! By the way, I don't think the electronic device is good for my eyes' health. 
Oh gorgeous both amanda and glass!! Keep it up
Suddenly everyone become so powerful like the lord voldemont 
Scott L
"IfIHadGlass" I'd write a new app to remove hair strands from my field of vision by interpolating the image on either side of a monochrome series of pixels. Could be dangerous if one suddenly turns towards a pillar at the last moment.
wow lovely and very nice
Yan Mo
All this makes me wonder if Marshall McLuhan's theories on women with glasses are wrong???
vous  etes   les  deux   maileur    je vous  adore
waooooooo what a nice style. i wana be friends on google +
nice photos.........................
you are looking so cute and lovely ma'am.....
want to to hve one..... post me where i could buy...thks...
so.......... cool,i likt it
i love  u so much  wow so beautifual  &hot 
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