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San Diego is just as dumb.  I have a friend in Minnesota who said the temp there is 2.  Yes 2. Lets count the degrees everybody! ...1...2....done.  Lol.
Yeah, someone at work just said this morning 'it's almost to cold to function.'

I lived in NY for 4 years right off the east river.  That was pretty cold.
and 80+ degrees here is also considered a scorcher
It was seriously so cold on Saturday I had to cut my date short cause we both just wanted to go home and get warm
I go around in jeans and a T-shirt when it's 12°C (sorry, 55°F)
That's not cold!!
Lol. We're at -4°F in Utah. (-20°C)
I will create an event so we can hold a vigil. Animal sacrifices welcome. Inquire within.... yourselves!
here in Montreal (Canada) we have +6 (Celsius) which means we are soon going to get our bermuda out :)
+Brian Wood I don't recall a day in 10+ years where daytime highs haven't gone above 50F in the non-mountain spots in LA/OC. So yeah, 48 is relatively "cold" here. We do hit 32-34F a few nights a year though. :)
It's funny- but at the same time if you're not prepared for those temps I can see it being a problem. 
I want to punch these people in the face.
Today is -1  in Prince Edward Canada an everybody is saying what a lovely day we are having
+Greg Kellogg why punch them? it is funny no! nothing to get angry over.
They are not used to it so of course it is tough for them. When you are geared to cool down your house rather than heating it, it can be difficult when it gets cold
Hey, it;s above 0 here in Michigan, so I'm happy! 
yes - pray for us cuz we're spoiled! ah.
That was too f'in funny. It just brought a tear to my eye.
Hope the medicinal marijuana growers are prepared for this 'artic' blast....:'(
+Bryan Lacasse Ha! I did that on Sat when it was about 45 here. Steak & potatoes. YUM!  Glad I am not the only one who grills year round! 
Fuck that im in winnipeg Manitoba Canada and its over -25everday you hollywood people would die out here hahah i just had to change a tire to a spare in -30 .
It is winter time. Even in LA. 
woke up to 9* this morning.... 
If it was possible to start over.....
The thing about LA is that inside and outside are always the same temperature. That's why it's so stunning when its not. Imagine the inside temperature of your house going down to 48.
NorthCal is like under 12 degrees at night. Fuck.
low of -15 and a high of 13 in Central Utah..  I don't wanna hear crap from California about cold.. 
We get colder temperature around here, that's nothing !!!
Most Californians are pussies...
I ride my motorcycle to work at 4am. 
Oh you poor Californicators. Haha. 
-13 here over the weekend, now that's COLD!
+Paul rowlands
aren't they what!.......pity they don't realise just how insane their culture actually is (perhaps if they had heeded their own people's very vocal warnings, as early as the 70's, as to where their country was headed, they wouldn't have an apathetic culture of pill popping, square eyed, desensitised and very un-exceptional 'exceptionals', that are holding their place in the world not by being 'worthy', but with bullying and violence)
If the entire Darwin thing is real, and the weaker more idiotic people get removed so the species can go forward, when is the earthquake going to happen? If you removed LA, the intelligence quotient of the US would go up by 50 points as an average!
Be gratefull you dont live in the UK, anything below 2 and the country comes to a standstill
Try living in the UK if you want overkill on reporting on cold and snow especially when London gets 0.000001 inches of snow and everything comes to a stop. No trains, buses or underground. Sad southern softies. lol
Lol what a bunch of wussy people. Last night it was -2 in the part of Utah my wife and I were in. I had on my soccer shorts and a tshirt. I was in the car mind you, but that's the point. Heaters work! So well I fact that in Utah we have become accustomed to this evil cold snap.
The high prairie of New Mexico was -8 this weekend
awww.  its only in the 50's   Hell that is bikini weather in the winter in ohio
California ha! Highest taxes miserable traffic Nancy Pelosi. ..nuff said...wah its cold...what happened to global warming
Alaskans are laughing their asss's off as we are having a 'heat wave' @ 35°!

Seriously, come to my part of the country, high today is 5. Now that actually is freezing. 
In the Midwest we think fifty degrees in the winter is warm weather. 
In Oregon, we walk out with shorts and don't care if its freezing temperatures!
Wow, the news clips made it overly funny! 
While you all are talking about cold weather it's a nice and sunny 80F in Miami! Great time to hit the beach! ;)
they want cold in LA, they can have the -22 windchill i had this morning, any takers?
Hi all, let us sympathise with all civilians caught up in armed conflicts in the world. 
Hi California. Its 55 degrees here in Ireland to. Only difference,thats the inside temperature.Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
lol, that is hilarious. I'm enjoying a beautiful high of -4 F (-20 C).
Sorry I don't pray for L.A.
(I'm atheist) 
I'm from Ohio so this is nothing... I was born in negative degree weather.... Blood runs hotter than ever
Ya wanna live in britain, pisses it down 300 days of yr and rest its - 1 and snowing haha
Its almost 60 in Boston today. Shorts weather!
Lets be fair here....when us North-Easters has that little earthquake in Maine our local newscasters were comparing it to the 1906 earthquake.

Stupidity in local news goes both ways...
That was great, it was in the high 60,s here 3 days ago, now at 4:03 in the afternoon [the warm part of the day] it is 24 degrees. That is in town, it is several degrees cooler here in the woods. And a bit farther North they laugh at US for bundling up. Well, most people anyway, When I get a bit active I go out in the snow with no shirt and run around to check out the scene and look at tracks in the snow and stuff, haha. Indiana here.
Not tomorrow i am in Ohio and its 30 today yesterday it was65
Omg! That's a heat wave in January in Iowa
haha, I like it when they take it out of themselves. Coldest I've seen here was -18c which is -0.4 Fahrenheit and this is only the UK.
I wonder what would they do if they got snow evacuate the city? Lolz
I live about 60 miles east of Los Angeles and it was 15 this morning.
They should try Ohio bout this time of the year it would be a freezing hell for them Lolz 
It's 30 here in detroit, and I'm not wearing layers of clothing... It needs to drop 10-15 more for gloves, scarfs, and ear muffs. Under 15 is when you dust off the long johns for a second layer...
freezing?  please!  -16 in northern NM means it's time to stoke the fire.
The key is to accept the cold and not shiver and it will go away, works for me at least. 
LOL.  I'm in Texas and even we don't consider 55 to be cold.
I'll bet the snow shovels and the rock salt was flying off the store shelves ! Lol
Oh please... When I took my kids to school it was -9F in Colorado I would Love days of 50F! 
For real try living Muskegon, MI this time of the year.
It's 84 degrees in North FL today. Shirts and flip flops. 
oh those silly californians
I live in Louisiana, It's 38 Degrees with a high of 48, which has already passed. Californians are weak.
Us in LA ain't used to the cold weather. I don't mind it, that why i came up to lake arrowhead, this p
lace is full of snow
It's the average summer temperature in Iceland.
Everybody just needs to start up their SUVs and help global warming along.  :)
I don't live in Wisconsin, or Alaska, or Canada!  I live in California and it is cold!
I am guessing that there will be a mass exodus from California now, doesn't plastic become brittle below a certain temp? ;)
الله يحفظ ولد خالي مناك!
wow, i feel bad for them. And not because they are cold.
Cincinnati 65 yesterday today fucking 25 
Zander!!! come to fucken LA we'll show u who's weak.
oh please ! That is spring weather !
It's the end times!!!   AAAAHHHHHhhhhhhh..... jumps out window
-8° f in Herman Mn at 7:45 am. Just making safe ice for lake fishing. Pussy's!! Scrap a tenth of a inch of ice off your ride and then,,, lets talk.. . Cry Baby!!!! 
You guys, are all a bunch of sissies. Come to texas and we can show you all how to be real men. Bitching about the weather. Fucking little girls
Where I am, the temperature goes down to -43 sometimes (yes; Fahrenheit)
It's 60 here in MA and everyone is loving the warm weather !
Go DODGERS!!! We got the best weather and the best Dodger, lakers......
If you think cold is bad, try 100+ degrees for over 100 days down where im from. You might learn to appreciate the nice weather you are getting.
For shame, SoCal. For shame. That is pathetic. Lol
End of days, PARTY PARTY PARTY!!! Im down with that, whose got the grey goose, the goose will let u loose.
55° F ? that means light sweatshirt and shorts...
Light sweatshirt????!!! Just move around a little bit and you could wear a thong in that lovely weather.
Hahaa, what would you do if the temp would be -2 to -22 ? Quite normal in Scandinavia.
Used to live in Orange County in CA, now on the gulf coast of Florida.  It's the same both places... the news people go nuts and the fashion types get out their ugg-boots, gloves and and scarves they got for Christmas but never get to wear. Or, in certain parts of Florida, their new Camo.
Then everyones face a plastic parts would break if it got that cold.
in Colorado, it's usually around 35 - 40 degrees, and we're running around in t-shirts!
Lol this quite the tragedy. .
Whatever happened to global, I mean totally tubular dudes? LOL
Last I checked freezing happens at 32°F not 50°F 
if that was the fact then winter would of come back in september 
thats not what she sed her face was in the pillow hahaha
In Vermont it was -18 degrees (F)
Do you really think its an over reaction? Well, depends on the situation. It is cold, actually really cold. But, it doesn't mean its chilly cold, is it? If it is chilly cold, its not horrible like its snowing, Ok, its not snowing, doesn't mean we can come out without wearing a jacket and play aroiund withoiut a peg in hand! When they over react for cold weather, they just mean it is not this way in previous years. So, better come out with a heavy jacket! Have wonderful cold day!
In my home town in Minnesota its -20, California needs to get out more.
In my town,, orange juice is sold in the store, frozen, and out of a can that you add water to! Pussys. 55°„ T-shirt weather. 
I wish it was 55 here in MT. I was shoveling my rig out of a snow bank at 3am the other morning and it was -10 
Today in Tampa it was 81.     <ahhhhh!>
I think it's rather nice that this is all our local news has to talk about. I still refuse to watch it. However, I'm sure this is why my Lakers are sucking so bad. :-)
It hit 60 in New Jersey yesterday and I was walking around in a t shirt..
we have thin blood down here in LA =(
say a prayer for us.
Sad, but every time I hear dumb stuff like this from LA I can't help but think of the lyrics from the song Aenema by Tool...
Too bad now you know what Maryland feels like and we know how YOU GUYS feel like. ;P
-4 today in Wisconsin, and I'm complaining here in L.A at 34 degrees! Hahaha I deserve the laughs!!!
I seriously want it to snow 5 or 10 feet there, and see what happens. 
Joe Cha
Waiting for it to fall onto ocean
I pray for the population to get use to cooler weather,i am sure this will happen again.
here in OR that means good weather
+mike johnston I'd be able to see just fine on there are these neat things called HELICOPTERS that the local news would use to televise the whole thing...I would sit back and let out an evil cackle.. :)
are you serious? it's been below 20 degrees for the past week where i live
I used to live there. No sympathy from me. Just a bunch of pansies!
Conversely I've had people move here to Missouri from colder climates and complain about summer being too hot. Lets try to not be judgmental about the way people's bodies adapt to their environment, and find discomfort when that environment changes, hm?
Somebody call Bono and his friends. These poor shivering souls need a relief concert...
Yes I pray for us up here up north its been50 and coupe weeks a go -8 at night teen day if that hit California you have human popsicles
I'm from Minnesota where it can get real cold I got a good laugh out of this. 
as Angelino i totally understand lol
Keep passance. Because Dar ke aage victory h.
I function best without a coat at 40 degrees. The eternal spring of Cal, must be rough.. 
That is great! Felt like -2 yesterday here. Don't know what it is like today, but probably not much better 
Kyrie 5
They run for water and bread here in pa if we get some more than 3 inches if you can believe that. Ha ha.
Kyrie 5
Eggs and milk = Gone/ PA
Amazing reaction. Lol. I think it was warmer here in NYC. 
Yeah batteries flashlights like a war is coming. Just to wake up and go to work. 8-).
Yo California Weather Man!!! Question???? What is Freezing Rain???? 
It's 55 degrees F. on a summers day in Scotland
Climate changes are evident now due to the environmental effect of burning fossil fuels and trashing plastic, foam, aluminum. Not too late to start changing with ourselves though. Anything counts. This would be my prayer, to start modifying our practices...
In Puerto Rico on December it was 45'D••
How but that•••••
I love it when there's an orgy of thoughts and posts. On something like this shows we all live in states that overreact. :-D ;-) lol.
I live and go to school in Indiana over the winter and work in LA over the summer. It was 10 here today and I'm pretty sure people from LA would think the ice age was upon them if they experienced that.
lol,I guess they never saw the news about the cold snap in Russia
And all yall up north call 90 a heat wave so it works both ways
Hey... Send some of that cold here. We just had a 45 C day here in Adelaide. Australia.
Those poor. People it must be a slow news day 
We are such a bunch of pansies here ....  Really anything under 65 and we think the world is about to end....
It's 38 degree's here in Northern Canada. Welcome to climate change folks. 
Oh, Of Course, Let's Display Some Facebook-esque Immaturity And Call People "wussies" & "pansies" Because It's A Little Colder Than What We're Used To Here. I'm Quite Positive The Majority Of Everyone Here Is Older Than Me, But Really, Grow Up.
So fun, single digits here this morning in Wheatridge, Colorado!!!!! Lmao!!!!!!!
Raining & snowing tonight in Alabama
Hahaha that's warm here in winter 
people say things that does not make sence. duhhhh
If you dont live in CA then what the fuck would you know? We are not accustomed to this westher unlike u artic natives that enjoy freezing and scorching temperature s
HAHAHAHAHA!!! i wish i had that weather! im in pa and its geting down into the like 20s and 30s during the day
What only 55 degrees? Try 26 degrees then call me! Oh by the way, I'm in Wisconsin
LA sounds like a bunch of sissypants. Quit your whining and buy yourselves a sweater 
just entering your stove if u want to have warm feel LOL
I guess it's safe to say we wish we had 55 degrees then in our respected states huh? LA babies....
Waiting for the blizzard
Joe N.
Vegas rite now is colder den dat....we lookn at a high of 42°
Screw LA you jerks have no idea what cold is, it was 35 below 0 here this morning in southern Utah, 
Joe N.
I dnt see myself gng tu southern utah......
Sounds like us here in south Texas. <shame face> :-)
Weather pussies.  Then again, it could sprinkle, you flip the wipers once, and it's gone.  Turn on the TV... "RAIN POUNDS THE SOUTHLAND!  Will you survive?  Will your family survive?  TUNE INTO EYEWITNESS NEWS AT 5 TO FIND OUT!"
Not long ago walked outside in -20 f in Vermont went on like normal day. Wonder how these people would react to that
Seriously, had to drive from Tulsa to Hot Springs today and I don't think it broke 30° all day.  Beautiful sunny day.  Was fine in a parka and a spirit hood when I left Tulsa at 5AM, was fine in just a flannel shirt by 11AM.
too bad so sad....the times are a changing bitches
Our high in around winter is usually low 50 and high 40
its freezing out here desert cold is noting to play with 
What happens to plastic surgery at cold temperatures, whole towns faces cracking up ...
And someone should pray for LA ...
55F is springtime in the uk. We haven't seen temperatures that warm for 4 months. In fact only 4 months were ever warmer than that last year.
Lol, it was around -1C the last few days here and only my sister from California made a fuss over it when we were moving furniture.
You want to see cold come to Cleveland. 
+Michael O'Hare 's account might be hacked or he might be a harmless troll let's not lose our minds just report him and move on.
+mark ashe   cleveland is a lot colder but it's not really that cold.
Seriously? I'm in Washington and it's -8 degrees here and nobody sees me freaking out. It's good powder :)
I just moved to SF from Iowa where they have 15 degrees with 10 inches of snow. This is NOT cold.
What do you expect, it can be 80 degrees on Christmas out there! You get spoiled and used to wearing shorts 365 days a year.
I'm from Chicago and we are laughing at them fools 
Can't blame us! We are used to summer all year long
That's not cold. I'm in Alberta Canada where it gets cold -30 c every now and then 
That is very real... They should come to Detroit for a week or so... lmao
Hey u guess I know what that feels like. I guess I would not like to jump into water that is 55
I live in SoCal and that is just pathetic.
That's what it feels like when u live close to the ocean. But here in Winnipeg the air is dry not moist like L.A.
To us in la... cold weather is a fairy tale... 
I live un prince george bc canada average winter temp -15 suck it l eh! Lol
yeah I live in SoCal too, it is a few degrees colder than usual but it's not like there's a freakin blizzard or school's getting canceled over it like when i lived in CO. Overreacting?? ummm maybe a bit. 
Greg D
Spend a week on the Lake here in Cleveland during an Alberta Clipper.
It's all relative.  Martians probably think we're all wimps.
It's cold out here in the LBC which is 15 min. away from L.A but since we're next to the coast, the breeze probably lowers the temp. around 7 degrees F
It is nice cold weather 2 lv mkng
I pray LA breaks off like an iceburg and floats away for good, taking with it 80% of hollywood liberals and several million illegal aliens
It is nice cold weather 2 lv mkng hoo hoo hoo!
I just love the cold weather 
I live in NY & work in Milwaukee.. 40° - 55° is not cold
Well, for me is like nothing,cuz I'm leave in north west sooo is good.
I live in Texas so I got the best of both world. Cold right and could be hot tomorrow 
It's warming up where I am, it'll be a balmy 8 F tonight, and tomorrow will reach a few degrees above freezing
Larry, you have my sympathy. Sorry you feel so threatened by expression of those with whom you disagree and people who just want a better life. Just for the record, we need immigration reform and the production with tax contributions to social security and Medicare. The drop in the birth rate in our country makes everyone’s future less secure. We need to grow this wonderful democratic republic of civil laws to keep us competitive with the rest of the world. That is precisely how the United States became the wealthy super power we became. Best wishes for a more positive attitude. Chris
We are freezing in Rotterdam....-7 today.
HAHAHAHA!!!! it was 7 here in Lincoln, NE this morning and I was out for hours with 8 2-year-old children, feeding chickens as usual...
Minus 7 in on; how about -12 or -20 in Calgary.
Lol!! That was funny.
I can't imagine wearing gloves when it's 48 degrees. That's nice spring weather in New England. :-)
In this states wa,when u goin to work were got black ice on the road man.
It's been under 50 for more than a week in LA now. when will the pain and suffering end !
A little cold weather never hurt no one
When they had a bunch of rain a few years back...the news casters were calling it "rain of Biblical proportions" "get ready to build yourself an ark..."  yup ID10Ts
Think ....they need..luke
The only time I need to see snow is when I'm in the mountains snowboarding. Heck ya 45 - 50 is cold. LUV LA <3 
Maybe now they can shut up about the global warming for 5 mins.
I hope LA freezes over ¡ The west coast needs to taste what winter is really all about . 3 feet of snow in Cali would have you west siders buggin!!!
Suit up! It's 33 in Houston right now
Greetings from Milwaukee. It took me 30 mins to chip the ice off my car windows this morning :)
Ya, haters gonna hate. And if Cali slid into the ocean say good bye to most of the world's technology. No iPhone or Google or Intel or Twitter or Facebook. 
T Et
Poor California. 
Don't care what any of you say 55 (12.78 c) is COLD. Thinking otherwise must just mean you live in a depressing shitty cold part of the world. Regards, Australia.
It has been around 50 degrees Fahrenheit here in PA, really a nice change from last year weather pattern. Is global warming to blame?Your guess is as good as mine. But you know we have a lot of flatulent cows here in PA. THANK YOU COWS! ;-)
Yeah, all of that LA technology, designed and manufactured in Korea, Taiwan, and China.
And us in the midwest just got a huge snow/ice storm lol.. gotta love it
I can see how this is silly for folks from truly cold weather climates. But for those of us who are from LA, this really is a talking point because it is so unusual. And yes, making fun of the just how ridiculous LA newscasters can be is an a favorite past time here.
i liv in the somewhat the coast 
I love this. It was 40 degrees today on the east coast and I was almost sweating. :^)
I live in Chicago and we had two day's around 50 degrees and we where in haven the we got into around 10 degrees and we don't complain 
Nick S
Where I live it is like 25-30 so I would love to be in LA right now. Just sayin... 
those wakkos in lala-land deserve all the crap that be bestowed on them..... let hussein help them out...
I was wearing a t-shirt and shorts in January in LA back in 1979.
You don't know what COLD is in Hollyweird. Try Wisconsin or the Upper Peninsula in Michigan !
It's 26 deg here right now, would LA call that the next ice age? 
sorry for you but it's in the 80's in the bahamas.
Nick S
I find this quite funny because where I live it is like 25-30..
LoL 48 degrees big chill! Its actually funny I lived in LA for 28 years and its hilarious. I remember when it would start drizzling out and the news was all "Storm Watch 2006!" and whats funny about it is that people would actually fall off the freeway from something as minuscule as a light drizzle. That's why its perfectly ok to make fun of LA's media and most media in general. 
Greg D
The Talking Heads are from New York.
It's like 33F when i walk into my apartment after work. So good to be home, cozy.
Come on! it's not even below zero! Out here, it's consider WARM at 23 F! ... poor... poor southern people!
Meanwhile I've been wearing shorts and a T-shirt everyday in the mid40s
(Still perfect temperature to me!!)
only living in LA for my life. It is freezing here!
You should see the "team coverage" when it rains.. You'd think it was friggen volcanos shooting chocolate sauce by the way they overreact.
okay here goes guys I was in Colorado in 1983 when the temperature went down below 0 about the 13th the December and didn't get back above 0 until about January19th During that whole time I was walking back and forth to work 3 quarters of a mile each direction. I had on 3 pairs of pants 2 shirts with a sweater and have a jacket on top of that. add earmuffs in a good woolen cap on top of that and I had no trouble at all and I did that 5 days a week but it was so cold that the only way you could tell it was below 0 is when you walked out the front door your mustache froze to your nose so, try that on for size LA.
I can only imagine the horror as the residents of
LA live in the frigid blast that we here in the northeast call summer weather.
To think we just had a warm snap where we hit 55 in Ontario Canada. I laughed at the guy wearing gloves and a winter coat, I had the screen door open for the same temperature. :-) 
break up the furniture build a bonfire get out the heavy winter Parker it's 32 here in Amarillo
I live in South Dakota, the other day it was 14 below zero today minus 8
Ya I'm bitchin about over night 30 s going back to high dessert in month. 20 below in January.
Alamosa co -30s and colder coldest place in the nation 
Put you down in the witches circle.
These LA news anchors are laughably silly and demented because they are ALL liberal idiots, "reporting" fake news meant to scare the equally stupid audience of Los Angelinos (who are also liberal idiots).
I live north of chicago and if the coldest it got in the winter was 55 we'd be ecstatic. Actually last year was kinda like that and that was bizarre
thank you so much for sharing this!! they definitely need all the support they can get. TWO TANKTOPS TO WORK??? not that kimmel should be wearing tanktops in the first place but...that is simply insane. they need our prayers very badly.
HAHA. If it was 55 degrees everybody would be in t-shirt and shorts, drinking lemonade! It was 8 degrees on my way to work this morning. Around noon it was 28 and i went outside for 30 minutes wearing only a t-shirt. The sun was out though.
+Marc Schenker What the crap are you talking about? How the hell do you take this from 0 to 60 on liberal bashing in 1 post? You've got serious issues.
That is the stupidest tv article i have ever seen,i know it tongue in cheek but it was still bloody annoying,we scots never got 55degrees in summer for goodness sake!that article shames america
What a bunch of idiots. What I wouldn't give for some that weather in fl.
I live near LA and we are used to have weather from 60 to 80 all the time at all seasons. So when it gets around 40 or a little less its cold for us. Dont hate because we wear shorts all year round.
No nid of reaction wen she alredy av a bf hu can power off da cold
and the lakers are losers?!?
In canada we call this summer
In calgary alberta we can go from -25 - +5 in a matter of hours 
Dont be such a wimp it minus seven here n im about to walk 2 miles ti work
Coldest it's been in Sydney, Australia is 39F (4C)
I live phx az this coldest very been I been live for 
Niko P
lmao 1st world problems 
12ºc is t-shirt and shorts weather go grab an ice cream 
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oh all are/chat users/  endet nachu ewedachualew i am live in ethiopia addis abeba
I would like to inform everyone in the googleverse that the reason record low temperatures were recorded in Memphis, TN, (2012P) and Oklahoma City (2013P) were caused by the Chinese running their coal-fire powerplants 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, pushing the polar vortex of artic air into Minnesota and New York State.
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