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Some words just don't look right without the U, neighbour is one of them.
Make a copyright on it so the neighbors will not have the same...;-)
I should have one of those...that way no one tries to brake-in in my house again...
my friend haligh need one her house and car have been brocken into2 times this year
This is why I'm always visiting the neighbors.....
munju s
agreed..the grass is always greener in the other persons lawn !
sometimes we need it hanged to the door so as to b inevitable to read
This is great, wish I had one for my front door.
good tip for the burglars!...but they'll still, steal your stuff then move to your neighbor!...hahahaha
Arr you trying to outsmart the buglars. This sign will back fire
haha that is great! But i do agree with Dennis, i mean if i was a burglar i would steel the door mat ha.
If you live in the ghetto...
the robbers wouldn't even look down to see it, humourous though
It's great to know creativity is unlimited. Cool stuffs to have : )
hell nawl they sholl wont they ant gone be even thinking to look down
i agree w kyle, id steel the doormat and then replace it w another 1 that says "Burglars welcome here"
shout out to my neighbour that gives me internet
i knw i do to n i also need a cell phone n much much more
But I think it's really rude to show this to your guests...
ya i agree in a way damn i need sum one to tlk to
c'est dommage! parents must accept that a child has to be educated, at the same time than loved........
i wish everytime toll free calls my house my phone would say that to them
You're assuming the thieves are literate.
Got to get myself one of these!!!
LMAO... awesome. A nice way of saying "Go Away!"
hi is for hourses tht ant got a ass to sit on whts up Emma woods
hehehehe! imagine your neighbour gifts it to you for house warming...a mocking gift indeed! :D LOL
oh my gosh, that's funny! i gotta get one of those.
wht u said send it to me n a email cuz this shit fuckin up
I want one! But would my mom let me put it on the doorstep......hmmm.....
Maya S
I thought it was spelled Neighbours..., but when i wrote this, it had a red line underneath, so i guess not...
although would be slightly strange if you didnt have a neighbour....
i pee in pools ... my neighbours have a pool .. you never know i could have urinated in your pool ... your never know
maybe this will work to get rid of neighbors u don't like?
Reminds me of a sign I saw in the window of a parked car many years ago: "Radio already stolen. Try next car."
hahaha.... ours should say that to keep old grandmas from our door.
I need to make one up which say's they have better drugs. HEE HEE
C Steen
LOL! I love this!
lol i like this...i want a not welcome door
coveting others riches?...but being content with sustenence and covering...helps.[1 timothy 6:verse8]
cool i do agree but in this case im the neighbour with rocking guitars and grand piano's
we need one of those to keep out strange people
the neighbors should should get a thing the says SO TRUE
It is rude to tell this to a guest coming to your house...but atleast they're being honest about it.....
Hehe maybe should say "this house has 6 mortgages , better lucky next door"
hey, my neighbors too ^_^

wait>..............< I wonder ???
my friend has one that says GO AWAY.
I would get one, bt I don't have neighbors!!!!! XD
That's the best doormat to get if you've got front door robbers!
Problem is you'd have to have a welcome mat near a window for burglars to read it.
Could have done with this doormat a couple days ago
Thats a funny door mat 
LOL What if everyone in the neighborhood had that matt. Robber wont know who has better stuff.
I put it at my next home door neighbor
Not always. But most of the time SO true!!!!!!
Nik S
Lmao true.
I'm going to steal that and put it in front of my door.
People always want the "secret to success". The secret is to be as kind as you can to everyone that you meet and the Universe (GOD) will reward you with whatever it takes to make you happy.
I have that doormat but I'm just saying that if I am about to get robbed. I have way better stuff then them!!!
Smart. A shield cheaper and better than Slogan's, cheaper, and doubles as a shield against telemarketers. They know a different person that would buy useless stuff.
My neighbor does have better stuff than we do.hahahahahah
That's right. Pass the problem on and hope the neighbors have guns.
I like it, mine asks if you have a warrant
Normally accomplish the same thing by leaving an empty flat screen tv box in neighbors trash.
This helped them lower the home owner's insurance premium by claiming it to be a an anti-theft measure - a cheap way to send the thieves away.
whoever thot of that is one smart bitch. just until everyone else has one. then were screwed:)
i bet the neighbors have the same mat...
If you hate your neighbor, what this doormat would do is defensive attack
GGGGiiiiivvvvvvveeeeeeeee mmmmmmmeeeeeeee ONE💩😁

sometime neighbors good in our lifeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeemem
I've seen that somewhere be for... cool! must be popular!
Thank you Joseph, I cannot believe some people are reacting as if I am actually trying to have contact with a thief.
Also people do you seriously think that a thief is coming through the front door and take time out to read a mat on the ground, lighten up please, a little humor never hurt anyone
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