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Wikipedia Encyclopedia

Yep, someone printed out all the featured articles on Wikipedia.
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why didn't divide it into volumes ?
Also, note that this is only the featured articles.
Ron Hunt
You know what would be cool.... take all that stuff and digitize it... store it online so that everybo....wait a minute!
+cocker dunn the same way you bind any other book. With traditional binding techniques, size is virtually unlimited, if a bit unwieldy.
That is pretty awesome. I thought it would be bigger. We should get one for the office. It would come in handy. 
As soon as it was printed up it was already outdated.
i wish to hit anyone who says "titanic is just a movie" with that book
Wow that is a big book good luck to the person who has to read it 😝
seriously? That's a lot of trees..
I'm pretty sure that's not quite an entire rain forest folks.
use the internet ffs.. that's sort of idiotic. A tree cleans your air, takes decades to mature.. shouldn't matter how many trees or almost trees. Why would anyone do that?????
yeah it's dumb to be Earth friendly.
That person must have internet access each other year or he/she is just stupid to be wasting such amount of paper. Global warming, remember?
That would be just the 'First' Volume..!!!
They should get the Britannica guy to cart this thing around on his back door-to-door as a gag.
nice but whi will read this and can write xams
Ah ... so ... they've never heard of splitting it into volumes? That binding will NOT fare well.
Reverse engineering. Guys created Wikipedia for having digital version of encyclopedia. This guy turned it back to hard copy version.
That's not even big enough. Wikipedia should be a lot bigger.
How many trees were turned into fossil fuel that was burned in power stations to provide the electricity to run the servers and power the computer that you're viewing this on?

I agree with +Christine nolol , that binding's not going to last.
what an epic was of paper.
Thanks, but I'll stick with the digital version.
too small considering the huge article base of wiki..
who read that ???
plz make sort foam of this book
You can make the book smaller if you only print out the actual infos. 
nice little book to carry in your pocket :)
درین کتاب قصه سرمنگسک نوشته است. هاهاهاها
i wonder how to pose the book to read it
no dear (Pravalika Londe), now i just started, for further i need your help, will you?
You know it would be much faster to open a web browser than to browse that book! :P
Omg! Did you notice how dirty his shoes are???
my god i will atleast take10 years to read dat!
if u 'll do it in 10 years,it means this 'll be a xtra ordinary work
hope ts growing could you update coz I even added some pages this week.
Holy hell, that's enough paper to break a house!
I remember reading someplace, that this was only a tiny part of the english wikipedia...
lol all these comments about trees, what do you wipe your ass with people? Whats your money printed on? How about campaigning about newspaper / magazine printers or of the printed graphics and or instruction manuals your ipod, food packaging, circular mail etc came with? AND lastly, why are there no comments about how dirty that dudes shoes are! ;D
Money isn't printed on trees. Its about 25 percent linen and 75 percent cotton.
Go on Amozon, sell that cheap and with free delivery
it must be volume 1 ..... out of 100
I was expecting something much bigger than that...
sucks because wikipedia is a website and is constantly growing... so theyd have to make another edition as soon as they finish printing one
who read that gaint!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!................................
+Christian Mejia maybe the toner from the copier exploded a few times and that's why his shoes are so dirty:p
I believe that's only A. Or maybe A-B, like a traditional encyclopedia.
good reader when one has retired or the internet failed
Rob C
How much for Shipping ?
Gym weights made of paper
I can access the ENTIRETY of Wikipedia, constantly up to date, in multiple languages, with just my spoken word, and with links to all other information referenced... from my phone... without the paper. I get the "wow" factor and all, but what a waste of time/effort/resources just to take steps backward.
ohhh my...... knowledge is light of mind= awesome way to delight ur mind..
Donnie don't be an arsehole they were proving a point, not suggesting you buy it
Vibha N
whoa that's awesome
That's gonna take yonks to read..
hey daniel then ur dad will study that till the next christmas
It's not for reading
and i think that would not scratch even the surface of what Wikipedia actually offers!
What a fooking waist of paper.
The only way I could minus one this stupidity is by plus 1ing it, so I did.
Seriously what will our kids wipe their arses with :o?
oh! I thought that finally somebody found out that what's in the heart of a woman...

sorry for my english, my english is bad but i am good
well i think if all the articles on wikipedia are printed ,than i would be thousands of such like books........:
Lol defeats wikipedia's digitized advantagw
no way! That's it? or is that just one out of the set, like a regular encyclopedia? Is that just the letter A ?
..and perhaps, 33% is accurate info
I got excited cause I thought it was the understanding women book :-( oh well......
A ridiculous novelty that isn't even practical. Some dumb f*ck will tip their money up no doubt though.
Most paper is made up of a large percentage of recycled matetial..and the trees used for making paper are grown specifically for that reason...
Umm... why? What a waste of papers!! What's he goona do? Carry that pile with him!!
Neha Pd
Or, buy a mobile which has internet facilities. -_-
such a waste of papers
Got some white-out, I want to edit something?
What about recycling, I'm all for keeping trees alive and keeping the air clean, but lots of trees have already been cut down. And they are a natural and renewable resource. Paper can be recycled into more paper. Also, trees aren't the only thing you can make paper out of either. I mean you can also make paper out of elephant dung... Lol
A bit of a bugger if the last page was lost
I want a copy just so that when teachers say we can't use the Internet as a source, I can look in there and get away with it
these are only "featured articles" :-)
to bad it will be outdated the same moment the printing is donde
Oh crap, not another Volume, I'm still recovering from Volume 1
noooooo mooooore dictionaries, i would die if that was on my desk because its bigger then my desk
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