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Good morning, everyone. 
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I know you are right. Suck the java! Lots of sugar.
Good morning! I also previously thought that, but after joining G+ all days are heaven to me.
"And Denis, the last one to introduce himself at the Workaholic Anonymous meeting, suddenly stood up and shouted: TGIM!"

Have a good one +Amanda Rosenberg.
Truer words were never applied to a humorous Internet meme.
Good morning y'all and let start this all over again!! Happy Monday
Oh yeah I hear you loud and clear.   Everyday is monday until friday for me :)
sweet everything bagel of the Gods, yes!
... and then the weekend comes again after the first five days
morning and thanks for that one. good giggle to start of the week.
Wait!  Why is this funny?  Actually it's true for many people.  They work hard 5 days a week and then on the other two weekend days they do chores, still hard but perhaps not as hard as work.  Looking at it this way, the quote isn't funny.
Gee Amanda, I hope you are not half-empty kind of person. Personally, I love Mondays because it just breaks the weekend routine.
How are you Amanda? Where are you?
The sixth day FINALLY gets better though.....
nahhhhhhh but it depends on how you see it
Have you been spying on my life? This is exactly how I feel.
Mornig to your country night for my country
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ha..isnt that so true , good morning everyone :o) 
Nice to have something I've known since I was 17 put into words.
Funny...but not true, without the other 5 day weekend will not feel the same.
That has life broken down to a science...
yup especially when its going to school with mean girls  
Greetings Amanda. Yes that is a good description.
Good morning my love I know Everethy no is ok but we're coming in from
Weekends are meant to be short so that you appreciate it.
It's a jok. Hah just first day thin life is going.
This is so true!! Even worse the first five days after a two week holiday is the worst!! Can't wait till Friday! 
Everyday is a weekend its upto you what are ur prioreties
exactly!...but it depends how you want take it....
why non friends post are arriving at my home :D Google plus has some post office issue 
Good Morning.What about rest 2 days.
This person obviously has a hangover.  Drink less on the weekend and Mondays will be better.  Can't drink less?  Get help.
The first five days is a week
Last 2 days not visible in the office. u like weeping in the morning?
New on here looking to meet good people.
Man this card knows me better than my family.
A perfect picture that discribes alot of meaning with a few words <3
. . . unless google+ makes you feel great 7 days a week.
You got to live everyday like a Friday to keep the enthusiasm going all week!
not 4 me! they r usually the most interesting days
not during summer vacation yeaaaahhhh!!! whoop whoop!!!
Monday sucks.....for me things get going each day that passes,and then Friday arrives with the blessings of weekend.lolz
gD MrNg,

if u live that days with smiling & with your "rules & regulations" it makes easy to pass that 5..................
Not if the weekend builds u up for a positive attitude and happy days. Learn that highs and lows are normal transitions in our normal days. Being positive is a key driver to positive outcomes
But , I have 7 days after the weekend are always the hardest, hehe
definetly true :>
Especially the 1st is the worst... :) Have a nice week
Ur r8 Ebru... but i think... next 3 are also equaly worst..!
That Is not true it's all in your mind the mind knows. How to play tricks on people
I am on holiday ;)
Everyday is the same to me :)
Lol lol. got to shake my head for this one. hilarious. :D happy Monday ppl!
Frank M
For a moment, I began reading it as "The first 5 days of your period are always the hardest", since there's a girl sitting on her bed in dark shorts.
By the way; how can it be a good morning if you posted above? Haha!
N Smith
Not if it's the summer hols it's not :) :) :) :) :) :) :D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D 
Always like that for me too!, lol
So true. But i already past one day of week. Its now night in our part of world.
Hello jou sr you miss you good night
The first five days after the weekend are always a prep' for the next! ;)
i think its the 5 before
subah k shuruaat goods k saath. same2u
You should get children. Your whole week will be glorious relaxing -:)
The weekend wouldn't be "THE WEEKEND" without "THE WEEK".
LOL  if only sun.and  sat. were the only days of the week!!!
Love love love this . . One down four to go ;)
Sunday evenings are the hardest ... dreading the following 5 days!
Lol I didn't understand it at first, now I agree totally!
is ko chup karao nahi to india paani mai doob jayega
Isn't this the truth!? Especially after a long weekend!
been there.done that2 many times
I know the feeling, but we can make it through together.
The last 5 days after the weekend are harder still!
Good morning. So true those next five days can take forever to get through!
Hi, amanda. Good morning to you. Be cool and pray to god jesus everd day. Well whr r u from. I am vincentpaul from malaysia.
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