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Maybe +Kevin Rose can fix the Android developer relations and advocacy problem. The complete lack of response to straight forward business/publishing questions doesn't inspire any confidence in the platform for me.

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Does anyone have a solid Google connection? +Paul Reynolds and I have a very simple Android business/app publishing question we've sent through the various proper channels (read: nameless/faceless support emails) and we can't get any response.

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Are you on AngelList? Let's connect!

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Much to mine and +Heather Solos surprise, SPinterest is on track to hit over 100,000 spins on it's first week of being live. If you have nothing better to do this afternoon, check it out and help us hit 100k!

Exciting times at World Headquarters today. Rather than sit around and pout about Pinterest's API server flaking out (ok... we pouted a little bit), we took a more constructive attitude. I took the time to get our code more graceful with these types of issues, +Heather Solos made our very own version of the Fail Whale, and we added support for spinning CC-licensed Flickr images. If Pinterest isn't careful, we may just iterate them right out of the core feature set! ;o)

Thanks for your patience and help, everyone.

Weeeee! Pinterest API server is down. Nothing like that test your graceful exception handling (and heart!)

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We're letting the cat out of the bag! +Heather Solos and I have developed what we believe is one of the first 3rd party Pinterest apps. It's definitely the most useful. ;o) We started just Heather's idea 3 weeks ago. Suddenly, we have this really cool thing that I'm very proud of:

If you sign up for the mailing list, we'll be sending out the details for the web app in the next day or so. The Android app is out now. I should have the iOS version done in a couple weeks.
I've been sitting on a big semi-secret, super exciting project with my good friend +***** . Today we are releasing Spinterest, an app to improve your Pinterest experience.
The web version is in Beta, but we have both a free (ad supported) and premium version in the Android Market. What do you get as a Spinterest Beta Tester (aside from our thanks)? You have all of the eye candy and pinning functionality from Pinterest, but we have added highly addictive one-click discovery. Lack of engagement isn't something you'll ever have to worry about again.

As a Spinterest beta tester, you are able to choose from 37 different categories--including Newest Pins, Popular Pins, and My Home Feed, in addition to the normal Pinterest categories. Spinterest also pulls in Instagram and Reddit Pics which gives you even more ways to find the content you want to share.

But wait, there's more. Spinterest doesn't pull pins from,,, and to help reduce the number of improperly attributed images, which helps ensure you're only adding quality pins to your collection.

Directly from Spinterest, you are able to repin, like, view the pin on Pinterest, follow the user, follow the board from which the pin came and go to the source of the pin.

Another exciting feature of Spinterest is the "Auto-spin" functionality. Pick a category, check the auto-spin box, sit back. and let Spinterest show you what awesomeness is out there.

Since Pinterest has not yet released OAuth, you still have to use your Pinterest credentials, we only send their credentials to Pinterest, we never save them. Once OAuth is available, we'll be able to connect to Pinterest without them needing to login.

Ready to give it a Spin? Visit

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Amazing how quickly the local media works when there's a burning building...
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