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Hi all. So can I just update to the beta here or is it not released yet? I saw the post at the top says end of November but looks like there's posts with Redstone torches in them? Any help is appreciated! Thanks all!

I just started construction of a 978m long ship, which will be inspired somewhat in its design by the Destiny from Stargate Universe. It's the largest undertaking I've made in PE ams don't have anyone else who plays, so it'll probably take me a hell of a long time unless they finally add global multi player at some point! It's handy having a blank world to build in. Terrain is slow to destroy in PE, unless anyone has any app suggestions? (Like InvEditor)
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Gave me pan when I ordered Italian, no cheese on half the pizza, but worst of all BURNT my desert which was the mini doughnuts. Considering it's obvious that the doughnuts come to the store pre-made (which honestly I don't mind) it is ridiculous that they took them out of the fryer and honestly thought they were acceptable to send to a customer. I've worked in food service, and I guarantee you if I had been there getting table service, they never would have dared to send them to me. I threw them straight in the bin. Save your money and go elsewhere. They were inedible. Literally.
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