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Oszkár Józsa
Yep, it's me
Yep, it's me


Hi everyone!

I just moved to Tokyo (from Budapest, Hungary) a few weeks ago for a Software Engineering/Robotics job. If all goes well, I'll be halfway through with the OMSCS program at the end of this semester, I plan to complete the Perception & Robotics specialization.

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Some of you might have seen this as I posted it on reddit a few days ago but here's a table of the Fall 2015 and planned Spring 2016 course offerings w/ specialization eligibility.
Might help with planning to have an overview of all classes and specializations next to each other.
Feel free to pass it along or contact me if something is wrong with it :)

dafuq happened to g+? :D
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omfg, this is so awesome
Get your chainsaws ready, MITx goes live with 6.002x Circuits and Electronics

The course which was orginally scheduled to start on Monday March 5th, 2012 has gone live a day earlier. 2 weeks worth of Lecure videos, Homework assignments and Labs have been made availaible. The first deadline for HW1 and LAB1 is on March 16th, 2012.

MITx students have access to a digital version of Foundations of Analog and Digital Electronic circuits by Anant Agarawal and Jeffrey H. Lang. The interface also provides students with a Discussion forum and a Wiki.

The course is around 14 weeks long and will end June 8, 2012. It will consist of 12 homeworks, 12 labs, a midterm and a final. The lowest 2 homeworks and labs will be excluded while calculating the final grade.

6.002x Circuits and Electronics class page :

P.S. Look at the intro video, to understand the chainsaw reference: MITx 6002x Introduction
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Class has begun, but there is still time to enroll!
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Wild card weekend! \o/
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British television, I love you!
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Hangout with Khan, Norvig ad Thrun, starting now:
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