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This guy must think he's a blogger or something.

Oh, that's me. I'm doing that again.

Blog Post! I've been busy #gg 

Blog Post! Conquistadors of Telara #gg +Grimnir's Grudge

Blog Post! Good Ol' MMO Wanderlust #gg 

Blog Post! Without A Soul... Train #gg 

Suddenly, I remember that Google+ is a thing, and I should probably be communicating on here more than I have been over the past couple of... uh, ever. Oh, and #Twitterisdown  

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Phone actually takes pretty nice pictures when it's behaving. This is from the Detroit Zoo about a month ago.

Blog Post! 68 Links of Love #gg 

Blog Post! Guilds in WvW #gg 

Blog Post! Rift: Storm Legion Expansion Announced! #gg 
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