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Eleven Days
There were all over the place today - lots of parades from here until Fat Tuesday After a rainy Friday that extended well into the night, Saturday morning was looking pretty nice. At home, staring out the window at the slowly drying streets and blue sky, I ...

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Visit to HQ
A room full of officials. The symposium was surprisingly well attended. Most of these people are more serious about officiating as a career than I am. So it's been almost a week since my unfortunate encounter with a car, and about 24 hours since I got back ...

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Break in Training
Riding back along the Kenner bike path in the crosswind.  Last group ride for a little while for me I guess. Things had been going just fine on the training front lately. Not a single missed day since the first of the year, some good long training rides acr...

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No Winter, No Problem
Riding back uptown through the park.  Not exactly winter weather. I looked back on Strava the other day and realized I haven't missed a day of riding yet this year.  That's really pretty unusual, even down here in New Orleans where winter just stops by for ...

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Long Winter Rides
Tulane and LSU riders ready to head out for the Saturday training camp ride up in Natchez Friday evening I rushed over to the main campus to help out with the Tulane's spring activities expo where the cycling team had a table. Rather than cramming everyone ...

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The Miles in the Weather
Totally worthwhile to have waited out the rain on Sunday! Well, the power at the office went out again, so after an hour I got on the bike and rode back home. After the power went out the phones and internet went out too, of course, so sitting in a dark off...

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Winter Training Rides
Yeah, the fog was pretty thick on Saturday. The unexpected recurrence of unseasonably warm weather we've been having down here lately has been kind of a mixed bag. While I would never go so far as to complain about sustained January temperatures in the uppe...

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Southern Winds
Yeah!  Warmer weather for a while. With our weekend of freezing weather in the rear-view mirror, I woke up this morning to a relatively mild 55 degrees, rising to 61℉ a couple of hours later when I got back home.  It's 72 ℉ right now and looking like we won...

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As Cold As Advertised
Cold and Clear Sunday Morning Ride It was the coldest weekend so far this year down here on the delta. Even south of the relatively warm lake Pontchartrain waters we dipped down to 28 or so, and spent a lot of time around 32. Friday evening I sent out an em...

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